I See, I Do, iSimulate

It is not a secret that most of us at LITFL are big appleophiles. We love apple products and we love their user friendly platforms and we love finding new ways to use our apple devices in our day to day lives and clinical practice.

 iSimulate is an organisation that utilises a team of the nations leading medical specialists. iSimulate is connecting with the world through its interactive, adaptable and universal products available to its members.

This is an yet another exciting way to stimulate learning through simulation. Through the use of two iPad devices linked via bluetooth, a facilitator and a student can interact over a simulated scenarios. The facilitator is able to alter the clinical parameters and the student witnesses the changes real time.

ALSi provides cost effective, flexible and high-fidelity simulation utilising the iPad as a host device. ALSi allows facilitators to set complex physiological parameters, arrhythmias and waveforms from a separate iPad and make changes on based on the students actions.

I See, I Do, iSimulate

Emergency Physician, FACEM. Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital |@JmsWntn | Linkedin

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