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Peter Kerley

Sir Peter James Kerley (1900-1979) was an Irish radiologist. Kerley was widely published including describing (but not naming) his eponymous lines firstly in 1933 and then in again his textbook in 1950, and widely about TB diagnosis. Kerley lines A, B and C
Henry Harrington Janeway (1873-1921) 680

Henry Janeway

Henry Harrington Janeway (1873-1921) was an American physician and pioneer for radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer. Janeway Gastrostomy, Janeway Laryngoscope
Cotton fracture 340

Cotton fracture

Cotton fracture (trimalleolar fracture) described in 1915 by Frederic Jay Cotton (1869-1939); fracture of the ankle that involving the lateral malleolus, medial malleolus and distal posterior aspect of the tibia (posterior malleolus).