Idarucizumab is the antidote to dabigatran. Perhaps the hardest thing about it is saying its name. Eye-da-roo-ciz-oo-mab or praxbind until to comes off label. It is a humanised monoclonal antibody fragment (Fab) that binds to dabigatran with very high affinity (340x fold more than dabigatran binds to thrombin).

Reversal of patients on Dabigatran (pradaxa):

  • Dose = 5 grams as a bolus injection
  • Comes as 2 vials of 2.5 grams

Adverse reactions:

  • Nil significant
  • Patients may have hypersensitivity
  • Caution if the patient has hereditary fructose intolerance (contains sorbitol)
  • Proteinuria lasts for 24 hours post dosing

Length of action

  • Immediately effective and lasts for 12 hours
  • Half life is 47 minutes
  • Eliminated in the urine and therefore reduced if renal impairment is present
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