John (Jack) Handyside Barnes (1922-1985) small

John (Jack) Handyside Barnes (1922-1985) was an Australian medical practitioner and toxinologist.

1964 the first specimens of the small stinger Carukia barnesi

1967 – Ronald V. Southcott declared Carukia barnesi the cause of the “Irukandji syndrome” – (named after the Irukandji tribe of the Aboriginal people)

  • Born on April 2, 1922 Charleville, Australia
  • 1940-1946 Medical Degree, University of Queensland
  • 1941-1943 Served in the Australian Imperial Force, East Timor
  • 1947-1953 Medical superintendent of Thursday Island Hospital
  • 1953 – Private Practice, Cairns, Queensland
  • 1961 – Collected the unique specimen of ‘Carukia barnesi’
  • 1970 – MBE, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
  • Died on August 11, 1985 Cairns, Australia

Medical Eponyms
Carukia barnesi and the Irukandji Syndrome

In 1961, Jack Barnes, his nine year-old son, and a local surf lifesaver were rushed to Cairns Base Hospital after developing Irukandji syndrome. Thus the riddle of what caused Irukandji Syndrome was solved; years of detective work had reached its climax in a dramatic and decisive episode of self-experimentation.

Major Publications
  • Barnes JH. Cause and Effect in Irukandji Stingings. Med J Aust. 1964 Jun 13;1:897-904. [Irukandji Syndrome]
  • Barnes JH. Siphonophores, Part 1 of a Series. The North Queensland Naturalist 1962;30:131
  • Barnes JH. Siphonophores, Part 2 of a series. The North Queensland Naturalist 1964;32:135.
  • Barnes JH. The Crown of Thorns Starfish as a Destroyer of Coral. Aust. Natural History. 1966
  • Barnes JH. Endean R. A dangerous starfish. Acanthaster planci (Linne). Med J Aust. 1964;1: 592



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