Jean-Baptiste Octave Landry

Jean-Baptiste Octave Landry de Thézillat (1826 – 1865) was a French physician and neurologist.

Nephew of Dr. de Thézillat a Limoges psychiatrist and neurologist specialising in nervous disease. Landry is often regarded as the first to describe an ascending paralysis. In 1859 he documented 10 cases (5 he had treated and 5 he had read about) and described three manifestations (1) ascending paralysis without sensory signs/symptoms, (2) ascending paralysis with anaesthesia and analgesia and, (3) a progressive generalised disorder with paralysis and sensory signs.

Landry volunteered his work on multiple cholera epidemics and was distinguished for this during his working life.


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Physician in training. German translator and lover of medical history.

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