JellyBean 056 with Doc Tor Ercleve

Tor Ercleve is an arty farty kind of guy. It’s ok. He knows it.You could call him a frustrated artist but it turns out he is not really very frustrated. He is just an artist. Anyone can be an artist. I recommend you try it. Tor did and he is a happy guy now.

He may have already touched your life by creating educational gold dust that you can sprinkle on your ECGs or your neuro examination. Maybe art is the way to approach these things because they both initially feel as intuitive as an interpretive dance performance.

Being a doctor is all well and good but Jellybeans are partly about keeping dreams alive. If your dream is being the Special Effects Guy that builds the Death Star then the doctoring might feel a little less than creative. Or you could cross germinate wildly.

That immediately makes me think of a Health Service with a Death Star feel to it. In fact I think I used to work in a service with all the warmth and caring of your average planet destroying Space Station.

In Tor’s case he has brought the art to work. He has deconstructed it and reconstructed it and now people like me and you can benefit from it. He spends hours perfecting an image that saves you hours of headaches. It is a neurological therapy in itself. There is a place in our weird Critical Care world for the arty farty types. In fact there is a need for art and beauty even in “Death Star Health”. There is a need for Gin and Tonics too. And Penne a la Arrabbiata.

Language warning on this one. (As if I had to tell you.)

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