Jellybean 071 with Charlie Corke

CICM x JELLYBEAN The College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand has an Annual Scientific Meeting every year.

This year the title was “A Gut Reaction; ICU Gastroenterology from beginning to end.” The CICM organising committee have embraced #FOAMed. The best lectures will be made available for FREE on the Intensive Care Network and on the CICM-ASM site. They invited Doug Lynch to come along and have a Jellybean style chat with the international speakers and Mr President Himself; it’s Charlie Corke.

The CICM is the worlds first stand alone College of Intensive Care Medicine. A/Prof Charlie Corke is the President. It is not an easy job to do. It is not an easy job to get. Charlie got there by a path less traveled and he talks about that path, among many other things, in this short interview recorded at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the College.

The CICM ASM Jellybean series each start with a biographical component and then the conversation follows its own path. The subject matter is usually that which dwells upon the fringes of intensive care medicine; human factors, education, ethics, equality, gender, personal histories, possible futures and all the other challenges that we so often face. Being so they compliment the lectures but do not attempt to repeat them.

We hope you enjoy finding out a little more about the people behind the CICM Annual Scientific Meeting. The four CICM x Jellybean co-branded recordings are part of a larger collection. It is only these four that are formally associated with the College and include A/Prof Charlie Corke; Prof Jules Wendon; Prof John Marshall; and Prof Lars Lundell.

Doug Lynch is not a representative of the college and any views expressed are his own…

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