Jellybean 072 with Jules Wendon

Professor Jules Wendon is one of the leading lights in ICU medicine. This week we have a Wendon Double Bill here on LITFL; first Mastering Intensive Care 012 with Andrew Davies and now a Jellybean with Doug Lynch.

Prof Wendon traveled round the world to share her knowledge with the CICM ASM crowd. Share is the operative word, for she was here to teach, to listen and to learn. It was a pleasure to sit down and talk with Jules about positivity, collaboration and being a bit of a night owl in King’s College London.

Jules Wendon is the Professor of Hepatology and Executive Medical Director at Kings College London.

When it comes to the intensive care hepatology there are few people that have done more to shape our knowledge and practice than Jules Wendon. Jules travelled to Australia to share her knowledge at the CICM Annual Scientific Meeting.

Sharing is a key theme in this interview as Jules insists on crediting her team, all of her team, for their part in the success of Kings. Humble yet inspirational, modest yet brilliant. Have a listen to this short conversation recorded in between her lectures at the CICM ASM in Sydney 2017.

The other jellybeans referred to in this interview are Sarah Yong (JellyBean 062) and Penny Stewart (JellyBean 013)

The CICM ASM Jellybean series each start with a biographical component and then the conversation follows its own path. The subject matter is usually that which dwells upon the fringes of intensive care medicine; human factors, education, ethics, equality, gender, personal histories, possible futures and all the other challenges that we so often face. Being so they compliment the lectures but do not attempt to repeat them.

We hope you enjoy finding out a little more about the people behind the CICM Annual Scientific Meeting. The four CICM x Jellybean co-branded recordings are part of a larger collection. It is only these four that are formally associated with the College and include A/Prof Charlie Corke; Prof Jules Wendon; Prof John Marshall; and Prof Lars Lundell.

Doug Lynch is not a representative of the college and any views expressed are his own…

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