John Blease

John H. Blease (1906 – 1985)

John H. Blease (1906 – 1985) British inventor and anaesthetic technician.

Between 1939 and 1960 Blease invented and successfully applied for 19 anaesthetic equipment patents.


  • Born 1906, Moreton, Wirral UK
  • Butcher assistant, clock repairer, tractor mechanic and finally set up car maintenance garage with his younger brother
  • 1985 – Honorary Member of Liverpool Society of Anaesthetists
  • Died 1985

Medical Eponyms

  • Alfo-Blease anaesthetic machine
  • Blease ‘Pulmoflator’ – first British positive-pressure ventilator in commercial production
  • Blease-Manley ventilator

Major Publications

  • Blease JH, Fowler G. Improvements in Anaesthetic Apparatus. British Patent 519,203, 1940
  • Blease JH, Fowler G. Improvements in Anaesthetising Apparatus. British Patent 535,447, 1941
  • Blease JH, Fowler G. Improvements in Anaesthetizing Apparatus. British Patent 548,617, 1942
  • Blease JH, Alexander & Fowler Ltd. Improvements in Anaesthetizing Apparatus. British Patent 562,887, 1944
  • Blease JH. Improvements in Apparatus for the Control of Respiration and Anaesthesia. British Patent 695,586, 1953
  • Blease JH. Improvements in or relating to Needles for Use in Intravenous Injection. British Patent 689,131, 1953
  • Blease JH. An improved Endotracheal Tube. British Patent 693,510, 1953
  • Blease JH. Improved human respiration control valve. British Patent 750,152, 1956


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