Julius Arnold

Julius Arnold (1835 – 1915)

Julius Arnold (1835-1915) was a German pathologist.

Eponymously affiliated with Type II Chiari malformation (Arnold–Chiari malformation)

With a primary interest in pathology and anatomy, Arnold made contributions in a number of areas, including the anatomy associated with gunshot wounds (1870)


  • Born 19 August 1835 Zurich, Germany
  • Son to German anatomist Freidrich Arnold (1803-1890)
  • Studied under Rudolf Virchow and Nikolaus Freidrich in Heidelberg
  • Later became Professor of Anatomy at Heidelberg
  • Died 3 February 1915

Medical Eponyms

  • Arnold–Chiari malformation (1894) – Type II Chiari malformation associated with myelomeningocele
  • Friedrich-Erb-Arnold syndrome [aka Uehlinger syndrome; Pachydermoperiostosis or primary hypertropic osteoarthropathy] Characterized by pachydermia (thickening of the facial skin and/or scalp); digital clubbing; and periostosis (swelling of periarticular tissue)

Key Medical Attributions:

  • In 1894 Arnold described his pathological post-mortem findings of an infant with herniation of the cerebellar tonsils and 4th ventricle through the foramen magnum. The infant also had spina bifida. The similarities between this and the findings of Hans Chiari lead to this being named the ‘Arnold-Chiari Malformation‘. Alternatively known as Chiari malformation II.
  • The findings Chiari had previously described involved brainstem herniation with associated spina bifida. However, the infant in that case had associated hydrocephalus, which was not the case with Arnold’s findings

Major Publications


  • Gardner, W. J., & Goodall, R. J. (1950). The Surgical Treatment of Arnold-Chiari Malformation in Adults. Journal of Neurosurgery, 7(3), 199–206. [PMID: 15415776]
  • Pearce. J. Historical note. Arnold Chiari, or “Cruvilhier Cleland Chiari” malformation. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2000 Jan; 68(1):13 [PMID: 10671138]


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