Leland G Hawkins

Leland Greene Hawkins (1933-1991)

Leland Greene Hawkins (1933 – 1991) was an American orthopedic surgeon.

Hawkins established a classification system for talar neck fractures which revolutionized management and helped quantify the risk of progression to avascular necrosis


  • Born 11 October 1933 Los Angeles, California
  • 1956 – Bachelor’s degreeBeloit College , Wisconsin
  • 1960 – Graduated medicine from the University of Chicago, School of Medicine
  • 1961-1965 Orthopaedic surgery residency, University of Iowa
  • 1965 – Masters thesis “A pathological and physiological investigation into a series of rabbits with fat embolism created by the intravenous administration of homogenized rabbit morrow.”
  • 1965 – Initial 13 case review of lateral process fractures of the talus
  • 1967 – Review of all talus fracture 1943-1967 at the University of Iowa leading to his seminal paper in 1970
  • 1971 – Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Colorado
  • 1973 – Private practice Cedar Rapids, Iowa. President of the Iowa Medical Clinic  and member of St. Luke’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital Medical staff
  • Died 12 November 1991 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Medical Eponyms

Hawkins Classification of Talus fractures (1970)

Classification system for talar neck fractures. Hawkins originally described Types I-III in 1970 with Canale and Kelly adding Type IV in 1978

  • Hawkins Type I: Nondisplaced talar neck fracture
  • Hawkins Type II: Talar neck fracture with subtalar dislocation
  • Hawkins Type III: Talar neck fracture with subtalar and tibiotalar dislocation
  • Hawkins Type IV: Talar neck fracture with subtalar and tibiotalar and talonavicular dislocation

Major Publications


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