Leopold Von Schrötter

Leopold Von Schrötter Ritter von Kristelli (1837 – 1908)

Leopold Schrötter Ritter von Kristelli (1837 – 1908) an Austrian internal physician.

His primary interest was in laryngology, but later went on to research cardiovascular medicine and tuberculosis.

He is known for his description of effort thrombosis (upper limb DVT) eponymously termed Paget-Shroetter syndrome in 1884.


  • Born 5 February 1837
  • 1861 – Graduated MD, University of Vienna
  • 1875 – Professor of Diseases of the Larynx and Chest, University of Vienna
  • 1890 – Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Vienna
  • Died 22 April 1908, died hours after addressing the Larygo-Rhinological congress as Honorary President

Medical Eponyms

Paget-Schroetter Syndrome

Axillo-subclavian vein thrombosis due to endothelial trauma, as a result of repetitive activity of the upper limbs. [Paget 1858; 1875 and Schrötter 1884. Attribution by ESR Hughes 1948]


  • Alternative names: Schroetter, Schrotter, Schrötter

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