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Adult Abdominal imaging cases 025 and interpretation with Kylee Brooks, Parker Hambright, Alexis Holland, William Lorenz, Brent Mathews and Kyle Cunningham

Abdominal CT pathology – Section 6 in the Medmastery series with 7 new chapters evaluating solid organ and Vascular pathology

Norman Jefferis ‘Jeff’ Holter (1914-1983) was an American chemist, physicist and biophysicist, Holter developed ambulatory electrocardiography and electroencephalogram in 1947 – the Holter monitor 

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

Want the latest in RCT research from around the world. The Bottom Line has provided a compact collection of the latest studies published to guide our critical care practice.

Dr Natalie May from Sydney HEMS teaches about the various approaches to post intubation sedation in children. Making this often challenging & overwhelming process simple with some help from Bluey.

The ALiEM team are back with another sound trick of the trade. How do you inflate an oesophageal tamponade tube when you can’t find the manometer?

Airway Management during Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation, is still an area that we need to get right – but what should our priorities be? RESUS.com dives deeps into this area for us in this review.


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