Little White Slips of Inspiration

I always seem to be in a mad rush to remove myself from the actively doing zone to enter the inactively waiting zone or the intemperate between things zone. These rapid inter-zonal oscillations appear to exemplify my semblance of adrenaline driven efficiency…when in fact, they are anything but.

To be fair, my current state of suppuration has yielded some newfound efficiencies:

  • I am able to write, re-write, revise and misplace three lengthy and grammatically correct ‘To Do’ lists per hour
  • I have learned to maximise my accounting efficiency by recycling bank statements and bills before reading
  • I am now able to subconsciously and seamlessly drift through the states of actively working, actively listening, inactively listening and mindlessly hovering all in the blink of an eye

These inaugural talents afford me more time to spend finding things to do to inhibit my ability to do the things I actually need to do…leaving me melancholic, introspective and one small step away from mental catatonia.

This evening, however, a transient burst of audio displacement therapy (Richard Fidler) provided the spoonful of inspiration I have been seeking.

Dr Karen Hitchcock is a senior medical registrar at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. Dr Hitchcock is a true multi-tasker – she is a physician, a mother of twins, a triathlete and an excellent writer to boot. Dr Hitchcock’s first book is a collection of short stories called “Little White Slips“.

The 13 stories in this debut collection showcase a writing that is deeply personal, strikingly feminine, heartbreakingly beautiful, at times fearless and confronting, and frequently hilarious.

I had already read the book and been impressed by the grounded observational writing and lyrical effervescence. Indeed it is these qualities that were most apparent in the excellent interview by Richard Fidler (ABC) with the newly acclaimed author. [Listen to the full Interview]. My favorite stories so far are Fat Arse, In Formation and Drinking When We Are Not Thirsty…have a read, I think you will enjoy!

Karen Hitchcock’s often painfully honest observations are balanced by a wry humour and sharp wit. And with stories encompassing growing up, love, betrayal, sex, marriage, self-image, and our relationships with family, friends and food, there are few women (and the odd man) who will not recognise themselves in these tales.

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