Managing Complications of Chronic Spinal Cord Injury

20 million people around the world are living with a spinal cord injury (SCI). The medical issues they develop over the years differ to any other patient cohort. 

These complications include autonomic dysreflexia, management of pressure areas, specific infections, nuanced peri-operative care and highly specific issues such as baclofen pump management and syringomyelia.

Do look at the NeuroResus section on this and listen to Spinal Rehab Specialist Bonne Lee talk about this side of SCI care.

This podcast was recorded at the Brain Symposium which took place in March 2023.



This blog originally appeared on neuroresus.com and has been republished here with permission.

Dr Oliver Flower LITFL Author BW

Oliver Flower, staff specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney | NeuroResus |

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