Mastering Intensive Care 023 Best of 2017 (Part 1)

The best of Mastering Intensive Care 2017 (Part 1)

A year ago there was no such thing as the Mastering Intensive Care podcast. Now there are 21 separate interviews, each of which have helped me and seem to have helped many of you to make improvements at delivering more compassionate, thoughtful and patient-centered intensive care.

Without fail my guests throughout 2017 were excellent and I really enjoyed doing the interviews. And I promise to bring you the best content I can over 2018 too.

Here are the final five of the best 2017 guests, to follow on from the first five in the last episode. This has been difficult as I have seriously enjoyed every one of my guests. I will upset some guests by not including them and I will upset some of you for not including your favourite guest. But nevertheless, I have taken the five most downloaded episodes and mixed them with the five I enjoyed the most. Then I took what I considered the best excerpt of the conversation and put them in no particular order over two episodes.

So enjoy listening to the best excerpts of the best episodes over the first year of Mastering Intensive Care. I hope it will inspire you to a fresh start in 2018 with some great perspectives for bringing your best self to work. If you’ve missed a few episodes over the year here is a chance to catch up with them and if you are totally new to the podcast here is a glimpse of what Mastering Intensive Care is all about.

Show notes

Please take the very best care of your patients, their families, and your colleagues. And above all, consider that taking care of yourself might actually be the best thing you can do for your patients.

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