Mastering Intensive Care

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The Mastering Intensive Care podcast was created to help and inspire intensive care clinicians to improve the care we give to our patients by providing interesting and thought-provoking conversations with highly respected and experienced clinicians.

The Concept

In each episode, Andrew Davies, an intensivist from Frankston Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, speaks with a guest for the purpose of hearing their perspectives on the habits and behaviours that they believe are the most important for improving the outcomes of our patients. Things like bringing our best selves to work each day, optimal communication, coping with stress and preventing burn out, working well in a team, and interacting with patient’s families and the many other health professionals we deal with on a daily basis.

The podcast is less about the drugs, devices and procedures that can be administered and more about the habits, behaviours and philosophies that can help intensive care clinicians to master the craft of intensive care.

The Podcasts

Podcast 031-040

034 – Marianne Chapman
033 – Wes Ely
032 – Kate Harding
031 – Jean-Louis Vincent

Podcast 011-020

020 – Jack Iwashyna
019 – Alex Psirides
018 – John Marshall
017 – Flavia Machado
016 – Charles Gomersall
015 – Peter Brindley
014 – Brian Cuthbertson
013 – Sara Gray
012 – Julia Wendon
011 – Colin McArthur

Podcast 001-010

010 – Imogen Mitchell
009 – John Myburgh
008 – Dianne Stephens
007 – Charlie Corke
006 – Craig French
005 – Jamie Cooper
004 – Neil Orford
003 – Rinaldo Bellomo
002 – John Botha
001 – Andrew Davies

Mastering Intensive Care Podcast