Mastering Intensive Care 080 with Tub Worthley

Tub Worthley – A pioneering “Grand Master” of intensive care

Dr. Lindsay Ian Grant “Tub” Worthley worked as an intensive care medical specialist at the Royal Adelaide hospital ICU between 1971 and 1991, before moving to the Flinders Medical Centre ICU, where he worked until 2007. He retired from active clinical intensive care practice in 2009 although his legacy remains through his prolific writing (of scientific papers, editorials and books).

Tub has been a passionate and highly respected postgraduate teacher in intensive care medicine, establishing and running the Adelaide Short Course on Intensive Care Medicine (known colloquially as “Tub’s course) from 1983 – 2005. The course continues today and is now known as the South Australian CICM Fellowship Exam Course.

He created the journal “Critical Care and Resuscitation” and was the inaugural Editor-In-Chief for 6 years. He has also served as President of ANZICS, as an examiner for several Colleges and as a convener of many conferences.

Tub is married to Janice and has 3 sons and 8 grandchildren, all of who he loves dearly. In 2010 he was appointed as a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM) for “Service to medical education, particularly in the area of intensive care medicine, as a clinician, mentor and educator, and through contributions to professional associations”.

This episode features the memories, experiences and wisdom of Dr Lindsay ‘Tub’ Worthley, AM. The discussion covers the following:

  • Tub’s training to become an intensivist when no specific training existed
  • His experience at a time when Australian ICUs were in their infancy
  • The difference between the beginning and the end of his clinical career
  • His eventual transition to retirement
  • His writing of textbooks, scientific papers, editorials and a memoir
  • What he learned about humanity in the ICU
  • Working and communicating with various team members
  • Enthusiastic leadership and the importance of a smooth-running team
  • How he maintained his wellbeing
  • His potential concern for the future of intensive care
  • Some long-lasting career advice

The podcast aims to inspire and empower you, through conversations about the human side of Intensive Care, to bring your best self to the Intensive Care bedside, with a focus on compassion, collaboration and personal wellbeing.

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