Mastering Intensive Care 082 with Will Bonavia

Will Bonavia An ICU trainee’s perspective on learning, culture and wellbeing

This episode features the wise perspectives of an Advanced Trainee in Intensive Care Medicine, Dr William Bonavia.

Will Bonavia is an Intensive Care Trainee at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and has previously worked at Peninsula Health ICU. He has an interest in teaching, having previously played a role in tutorial, simulation and workshop environments, as well as coordinating a training program for ICU trainees sitting the CICM first part examination. He is also interested in staff welfare and has worked as a trainee representative within his intensive care department at Peninsula Health.  

Will has an interest in the long term outcomes of ICU patients and has published research in the area of delirium prediction models. He is currently working on research in the area of persistent critical illness and long term outcomes of critically ill ICU patients with COVID-19. Outside of work, Will enjoys a rotating roster of hobbies but is currently an avid squash enthusiast. 

The discussion covers:

  • Why he chose medicine and Intensive Care
  • His training journey and his learning strategy
  • What makes a good ward round
  • Learning from colleagues
  • The principles of good communication and collaboration
  • The value of work being fun
  • Making mistakes
  • Dealing with the pressures of the job
  • His thoughts on sleep, exercise, resilience and burnout
  • Gender inequity in training
  • The future of his career
  • Tips for fellow trainees

Will has a highly compassionate and careful communication-focused approach. Whether you are a trainee, a fully fledged consultant or someone else involved in the practice of Intensive Care, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr Will Bonavia.

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