Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Just finished reading an amazing manuscript…’Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Guide to Recovery‘. It was a real eye opener!

The book examines the fundamental determinants of ‘stress’ and critically evaluates the evidence associated with both the ‘prevention of’ and ‘recovery from’ illness – in particular multiple sclerosis (MS). It is available in Kindle version and paperback version.

Work + Expectation + Lifestyle = Stress

With this manuscript Professor Jelinek has completely revamped and overhauled his classic ‘Taking control of multiple sclerosis’ book. The myriad of references combined with a clear, concise and passionate writing style and easy to digest sections allows the reader far greater insight into the disease process and potential for a sustainable recovery.

We subject our bodies to physical, emotional and mental stress every day – with the hours we work; the targets we set; our fear of failure and ultimately we compound this critical situation by lifestyle choices we make to help ‘relieve the stress’…This noxious and precipitous combination increases our chances of developing significant physical and mental illness – unless we take time to smell the roses and recognize the early warning systems our body has in place…

Professor Jelinek demonstrates that MS is a disease largely determined by lifestyle factors and that people with MS who modify their diet, exercise habits, and other aspects of lifestyle can stabilise the illness, and potentially recover. Professor Jelinek’s experience with his mother’s death from MS, and his own diagnosis in 1999, lend an urgency and compassion to this meticulous work. Endorsed by leading experts in the field, this book will change the way MS is managed.

The book is due for general release by will be released by Allen and Unwin on 1 February 2010. You can follow the progress of the book, read current articles and join the forums at Prof Jelineks website – Taking Control of Multiple Sclerosis

There have already been a large number of responses following the limited manuscript release from medical practitioners, people with multiple sclerosis (MS), and professionals who work with people with MS:

‘Dr. George Jelinek’s book is a source of great wisdom because he is a wounded healer who knows what it is like to experience MS. Bringing together the experience and wisdom of a health professional and a patient with a survivor personality offers all those with MS an excellent resource which can empower them and help them to survive. I know from my wife’s experience with MS for decades how important it is to heal your life and at the same time utilize all the medical knowledge which is available to us. This book does it all and I found it very helpful.

Bernie Siegel MD, author of Faith, Hope & Healing and Help Me To Heal (senior US clinician and author)

‘Through George Jelinek’s advice I have learned how to take my vulnerable nervous system and nurture it back to a life free from MS. Jelinek’s work has given me back my health and my confidence to live my life to the full again. I am a busy General Practitioner, mother of four, hiker, equestrian, gardener, with a zest for life and thrilled to have it back again. As a doctor I am grateful to have Jelinek’s expert review of the research around MS. There is so much information and mis-information that one gets lost in the mire. To be able to say to the newly diagnosed or the gradually more debilitated, ‘yes we can help’ is medically exciting and such a relief.

I have had MS for 10 years now, the first four in denial with episodes every one or two years, the last six years since starting the Jelinek diet and lifestyle plan have become rapidly episode free, with my health and energy restored. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone whose life is affected by multiple sclerosis.

Dr Heather King MBCHB Dip Obs

‘Professor Jelinek is inspirational in empowering patients to take responsibility for the management of their disease. His holistic approach encouraging patients to consider more than just pharmaceutical treatment for the disease has proven itself as the modern approach to the management of multiple sclerosis.

Clinical Professor Peter Silbert MBBS FRACP, State Director of Neurology in Western Australia

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