Pablo Mirizzi

Pablo Luis Mirizzi (1893 - 1964)

Pablo Luis Mirizzi (1893-1964) was an Argentinian surgeon.

Conceived intraoperative cholangiography or mirizzigraphy. Performed the first transoperative cholangiography in Córdoba, in 1931. Eponymously associated with Mirizzi Syndrome (1948)

Authored over 200 works

  • Born on January 25, 1893 Cordoba, Argentina
  • Died on August 18, 1964 Cordoba, Argentina

Medical Eponyms

Mirizzi Syndrome (1948)

Mirizzi sign (1942)

Mirizzi test – fistulography

Mirizzigraphy – intraoperative cholangiography

Major Publications
  • Mirizzi PL. Sindrome del conducto hepatico. J Int Chir. 1948;8:731–777. [Mirizzi Syndrome]

  • Leopardi LN, Maddern GJ. Pablo Luis Mirizzi: the man behind the syndrome. ANZ J Surg. 2007 Dec;77(12):1062-4. [PMID 17973667]
  • Beltrán MA. Mirizzi syndrome: history, current knowledge and proposal of a simplified classification. World J Gastroenterol. 2012 Sep 14;18(34):4639-50. [PMC3442202]
  • Ibrarullah Md, Mishra T, Das AP. Mirizzi syndrome. Indian J Surg. 2008 Dec; 70(6): 281–287.[PMC3452351]

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