Penetrating Neurotrauma

Penetrating Neurotrauma – Implications of USA vs world with Wendy Chang

Energy = mass x velocity2, something that travels fast has twice the fatality of potential injury.

In the US firearm injuries are unfortunately common and this is a public health crisis.

We need to learn how to best treat patients with penetrating neurotrauma injuries.

Wendy Chang takes us through methods to best treat these patients.

The podcast

Dr. Wendy Chang (@em_ncc) is an alumna of University of Maryland, College Park, where she was a Banneker/Key scholar and graduated cum laude. During her undergraduate years, she worked on DNA mutagenesis research at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development under the direction of Dr. Roger Woodgate. She was also a volunteer emergency medical technician.

Dr. Chang received her medical degree from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, then completed her emergency medicine residency and chief residency at University of Cincinnati. She was a flight physician with UC Health Air Care during her time in Cincinnati.

Dr. Chang completed her training with a 2-year neurocritical care fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, making her 1 of 12 EM/NCC trained physicians in the country at that time. Dr. Chang is interested in neurological emergencies and neuro-resuscitation. She is also interested in medical and interprofessional education using simulation. She has lectured internationally on the topics of neurological emergencies.

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