Pierre-Joseph Desault

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Pierre-Joseph Desault (1738 – 1795) was a French surgeon and anatomist.

  • Born February 6, 1738 in Vouhenans, France
  • Died June 1, 1795 in Paris, France

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Key Medical Contributions

Colles fracture: Desault is often quoted as defining the distal radius fracture prior to Colles description in 1814. Desault alluded to the combination of a fracture and dislocation but did little to shed light on distinguishing between the two or to suggest any alteration in treatment.

“Il est une circonstance dependant, où voisine de l’articulation du carpe, la division peut donner à des apparences qui mentent une luxation de cette partie. Alors en effet, comme dans celle-ci, quelquefois une convexité en arrière, une dépression en devant, ou réciproquement se font àppercevoir; effet du déplacement des fragment.”

Desault P-J 1801

“There is a circumstance, however, where a fracture near to the joint of the wrist, may give rise to appearances similar to a luxation of that part. In both cases, indeed, a convexity behind, and a depression before, or the reverse, are perceived, and are the effect of a displacement of the fragments.”

Desault P-J 1801

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