Seraphina Schachowa

Seraphima Schachowa (1854 – ? ) was a Russian physician and histologist.

  • Born 1854
  • 1871-1873 Medical studies University of Zürich. Graduated MB 1873
  • 1877 – Returned to Russia
  • 1878 – Passed Russian state medical examinations
  • 1900 – Practising physician in Charkov, Russia

Medical Eponyms
Schachowa spiral tubulues (1876) [renal tubuli]

According to Seraphina Schachowa (1876), the convoluted tubule of the first order is connected to Henle’s loop by a spiral tubule, while the ascending portion of the loop exhibits an expanded part immediately above the loop, and a spiral part, which latter becomes continuous with the ascending limb of the loop. Between the ascending part of the loop and the intercalated portion Schachowa describes a new tubule, which she calls the “irregular tubule.” The spiral tubule is lined with an epithelium which has a striated appearance in its first portion. The expanded part of the ascending loop is lined with cells having very thick prominent rods, and whose lumen is exceedingly small. The irregular tubule has an angular, irregular outline, is of very varying diameter, in some portions two, three, or four times as broad as in other portions, a condition due to its peculiar lining epithelia, which are angular and present numerous processes; the rods are exceedingly thick and prominent. As yet I have been unable to confirm Schachowa’s researches.

Thomas Dwight (1843-1911) A Manual of Histology. 1881: 212-213

Major Publications
  • Schachowa S. Ueber intercellulares Knochenwachsthum. Centralblatt für die medicinischen Wissenschaften. 1873; 11: 900-902
  • Schachowa S. Untersuchungen über die Niere. Dissertation, Bern. 1876

  • Name: Seraphina / Seraphima / Serafina
  • Surname: Schachowa / Schackowa


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