De-eponymising anatomical terminology

In response to a recent Twitter debate we set out to evaluate the hypothesis that ‘There is ALWAYS an alternative to the dead man’s name for body parts‘ and create an online searchable database to facilitate the de-eponymification of anatomic terminology.

We reviewed 700 normal (non-pathological) anatomical and histological eponyms and developed a searchable database modelled on the 2019 edition of Terminologia Anatomica (TA2) published by the Federative International Programme for Anatomical Terminology (FIPAT).

We highlight a handful of the myriad inconsistencies, confusion, misogyny, inaccuracy and issues pertaining to the use of anatomical eponyms in modern medical parlance.

In the vast majority of cases an internationally recognised, non-person orientated, officially sanctioned term could be used to replace an eponym without detriment to context or education.


The use of eponyms in the field of medicine has been commonplace for centuries. There is ongoing debate regarding the accuracy, effectiveness and more recently, the cultural appropriateness of the use of eponyms in anatomical terminology. 

The majority of these eponyms have an approved and accepted modern terminology, however many clinicians continue to utilize and teach eponymous terms in their daily practice. 

For the purposes of this review we used the following definitions.

  • Eponym: person after whom the anatomical entity is named e.g. Colles
  • Eponymous term: the anatomical entity which is named e.g. Colles fascia
  • Synonymy: multiple alternate names for a single entity
  • Polysemy: multiple alternate meanings for a single term

History of anatomical terminology

In 1887 the German language anatomical society (Anatomische Gesellschaft) attempted to address the problem of multiple names per anatomical structure. Wilhelm His et al defined the first rule of Anatomy Club, that each anatomical structure should only have one name. The first edition of Nomina anatomica (1895) managed to break this rule over 200 times and consolidated the use of 165 eponymous terms. In subsequent editions of Nomina Anatomica the number of eponymous terms and breaches of the one-name rule increased in frequency. 

Jeder zu benennende Theil soll nur einen Namen haben. Die Namen müssen lateinisch und sprachlich correct gebildet sein. Ferner wird von von ihnen verlangt, dass sie möglichst kurz und einfach seien. Die Namen sollen blosse Erinnerungszeichen sein, und nicht den Anspruch auf Beschreibungen oder auf speculative Interpretationen erheben. Zusammengehörige Namen sollen möglichst gleichartig zusammengesetzt sein (z. B. Femur, A. femoralis, V. femoralis, N. femoralis).

His W. Nomina anatomica. 1895: 16

Each part to be named should only have one name. The names must be correct in Latin and linguistically. They are also required to be as short and simple as possible. The names are intended to be mere reminders and not to claim descriptions or speculative interpretations. Names that belong together should be composed as similarly as possible (e.g. femur, femoral artery, femoral vein, femoral nerve).

His W. Nomina anatomica. 1895: 16

Over the last century the use of personal names in anatomical terms has been a contentious point of debate and delicate accommodation. Eponyms have generally been ‘prohibited’, but deemed ‘tolerable when necessary’. A common compromise was to append personal names to the official Latin term e.g. Calot’s triangle as Trigonum cystohepaticum [Caloti]

In 2015, FIPAT determined that the Latin term (official term) may have associated synonyms, or related terms; and that terms in other languages be classified as equivalent terms, synonyms, or related terms. In the 2019 edition of Terminologica Anatomica (TA2); Terminologica Neuroanatomica (TNA); and Terminologica Emryologica (TE2) eponyms are listed as ‘related terms’. This moves the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) one step closer to global consensus and de-eponymification


Eponymous anatomical, histological and embryological terms; their author and anatomical descriptor were reviewed from textbook and online sources (see references for full list).

Only non-pathological anatomic and histologic terms with a related eponym and documented in either Nomina Anatomica, TA2, TNA, or TE2 were highlighted for review. Eponymous terms relating to signs, syndromes, topographical landmarks and clinical anatomical areas were excluded from further evaluation.

Results were compiled in an online database allowing review of the eponymous term; the official Latin term; synonyms; English term; and related terms. The original publication (bibliographic source) as well as the country, occupation and date of birth/death of the author (biographic source) were recorded.


We identified 700 non-pathological anatomical eponymous terms attributed to 432 different eponyms.  

  • 424 of the eponyms were male physicians.
  • The 8 non-male physician eponyms included 5 gods; a king; a hero…and a woman.
  • 30 nationalities were represented. However, 57% of eponyms originated from just three countries: Germany (194 eponymous terms, 114 eponyms); France (105/67); and Italy (104/41)
  • The average date of eponymous term attribution was 1847 with 51% of eponymous physicians being born between 1800 and 1875
  • 117 authors were associated with more than one eponymous term. The most attributed authors accounted for 7% of eponymous terms: Morgagni (15), Santori (10), Haller (9), Golgi (8), and Jacobson (8)


Eponyms are dead; long live the eponym

First lets take a look at a few of the reasons we are probably unable to say that there is ALWAYS an alternative to the dead man’s name for body parts…

Eponymic misogyny

Eponyms often reflect the gender and cultural biases of an earlier age.

One woman did make the list. The only human female eponymously affiliated with a macroscopic anatomical structure was Raissa Nitabuch (Nitabuch fibrinoid or Stria fibrinoidea interna, the internal fibrinoid layer of the maturing placenta)

*The first woman to graduate medicine was Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910) in 1849. Given that the lead time to eponymic attribution was 28.5 years, and that the average date of attribution was 1847, it is not unsurprising that by the time women graduates were ‘eligible’ for attribution that over 90% of the anatomical eponyms had already been designated.

**Two other women are associated with archaic eponymous terms; and one with a pathological eponymous term


A number of anatomical terms relate to historical and mythical figures. Some have entered the vernacular more as metaphors and mythonyms rather than true anatomical eponyms. Examples include:

  • Ancient Greece: Iris, Hymenios (hymen), Atlas, Achilles
  • Ancient Egypt: Amun (Ammon’s horn)
  • Ancient Rome: Venus (mons veneris)
  • Biblical: King David (David’s lyre), Adam (Adam’s apple)

At the risk of causing more controversy…the mythological (well, now anatomically and histologically defined) Gräfenberg spot has been included in the database in it’s shortened colloquial version, the G-spot. The eponym is there, you just can’t see it any more…

When is an eponym not an eponym? When it is written in Latin, of course

Where a suitable structural term is not available, an adjectival eponym may be used if a personal name has been internationally accepted, despite the desirability of avoiding eponymsNomina Histologica 1977

Golgi (golgiensis), Paneth (panethensis), and Purkinje (purkinjense) are included in Terminologia Histologica (TH) as adjectives. Examples include: 

In 2008 Schwannocytus was added as a compound word. The term Schwann cell is now almost universally ascribed to the PNS ensheathing cell. Terms including the stem neurolemm- are now rarely used.

Eponyms are dead

However, despite the minor semantic diversion above, it is the authors belief that eponyms relating to anatomical nomenclature should be phased out. We highlight a handful of the myriad inconsistencies, confusion, misogyny, inaccuracy and issues pertaining to the use of anatomical eponyms in modern medical parlance.

Eponymic polysemy

Eponyms often enter the medical vocabulary in a haphazard and chaotic manner. It is not uncommon for them to break Neuman’s 8th rule of anatomical nomenclature ‘that each name must be unique’. Thus multiple different anatomical terms may be referred to by a single eponym (polysemy). For example:

  • Müller’s muscle. Related terms in TA2 include the Fibrae circulares (ciliary circular fibres); the Musculus orbitalis (orbitalis muscle); and the Musculus tarsalis superior (superior tarsal muscle)

Eponyms as synonyms

The medical literature is filled with a dissonant array of eponyms, scattered throughout the timeline of descriptive terminology. Not unsurprisingly this has resulted in multiple separate eponyms being promoted to describe the same anatomical structure. For example

  • The ileal orifice (ileocecal valve) is most commonly termed Bauhin’s valve, but also the valve of Tulp, Macalister, Falloppio, Morgagni, or Variolo
  • Nodules of semilunar leaflets of aortic valve have the eponymic synonyms of the bodies of Arantius, nodules of Morgagni, and the nodules of Valsalva

Vernacular duality

Eponyms can differ from country to country.

  • The ligamentum iliofemorale (iliofemoral ligament) is known as Bertin’s ligament in French and Bigelow’s ligament in English.
  • Similarly the nodus inguinalis profundus proximalis (proximal deep inguinal lymph node) is referred to as Cloquet’s ganglion/node in French and English and the Rosenmüller-Lymphknoten in German

Vernacular homophones

In particular Langerhans and Langhans: 2 eponyms which have similar spelling; sound similar when spoken aloud; and were both published in the same journal in the same year – Virchow’s Archive (1868).

  • Theodor Langhans (1839–1915) described multinucleate cells characteristic of the systemic granulomatous disorders such as tuberculosis and sarcoidosis (Langhans cell or Langhans giant cell)
  • Paul Langerhans (1847-1888) identified the antigen-presenting dendritic cells of the skin (Langerhans cells). These cells may also be found in other tissues, such as lymph nodes, in association with Langerhans cell histiocytosis

The terms are not infrequently mixed up in journal articles, textbooks, and histology reports. Worthy of note here as the eponymous resemblance between the names has led to instances of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment with serious clinical consequences [e.g. Pritchard et al 2003]

Éponymes confusionnants

In 1990 Mireille Cavalerie introduced this term relating to eponymic confusion relating to symmetrical organs sharing a common function. For example, Stensen’s and Wharton’s ducts are both devoid of clues to indicate which of them belongs to the parotid gland and which to the submandibular gland.

Tainted eponyms

Concerns have been raised regarding the use of eponyms following the Second World War, when it was revealed that some anatomical eponyms, and their discovery, were directly connected with active members of the Nazi party.

  • The Bronchiolar exocrine cell (Exocrinocytus bronchiolaris or ‘club cell’) was originally eponymously named the ‘Clara cell’ after Max Clara (1899-1965), an active supporter of Hitler’s party. In his 1937 paper, Clara acknowledges that the sample he based his work on ‘was obtained from a prisoner executed by the Nazi justice system’.
  • In 1964 Eduard Pernkopf (1888-1955) published his amazingly detailed, and ‘beautifully’ illustrated Pernkopf Atlas of Human Anatomy, which possibly included research and prosections conducted on executed civilians. After Hitler invaded Austria in 1938 Pernkopf was appointed dean of the medical school at the University of Vienna and was a major instigator in purging of Jewish staff from the medical school (153 of its 197 faculty members). In several of his public speeches he voiced support for both euthanasia and the Holocaust that was yet to come. The illustrators of the atlas were active Nazi party members who incorporated small swastikas and SS insignia into their signatures (air-brushed out in later editions).

Namesakes and dynasties

Eponymous terms usually relate to the surname of the attributed physician. Confusion arises when two eponyms have the same surname; more still when the namesakes are related and share the same given names.

  • HIS. Wilhelm His Senior (1831 – 1904) described the angle of His (cardiac notch) in 1868 whilst his son Wilhelm His Junior (1863 – 1934) described the Bundle of His (atrioventricular bundle) in 1893.
  • MECKEL. Johann Friedrich Meckel (1724– 1774) described Meckel’s ganglion (Ganglion pterygopalatinum) in 1749, and his grandson Johann Friedrich Meckel (the younger) (1781–1833) described the Meckel diverticulum (Diverticulum ilei) in 1809.

Ghost eponyms

Orly (2014) coined the term bibliographical ghosts in reference to eponymous publications which, though mentioned by historians, appear to have never existed. 

Some eponymous terms refer to prominent physicians with no recorded evidence of description or discovery. For example the dorsal tubercle of radius, is eponymously remembered as Lister’s tubercle after British surgeon Sir Joseph Lister (1827–1912), though no evidence exists that he ever described it.

Through this review we have highlighted another issue, the biographical ghost. Descriptions of eponymous terms cite real publications, however there is little or no biographical information about the author. For example:

  • EHRENRITTER, Johann ( – | – ); Ganglion of Ehrenritter (1790)
  • GANTZER, Karl Friedrich Ludwig  ( – | – ); Gantzer’s muscle (1813)
  • LECOMTE, Onésime ( – | – ); Lecomte’s pronator of ulna (1863)
  • NITABUCH, Raissa ( 1854 | – ); Nitabuch membrane (1877)
  • ROLLER, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (1802–1878 or 1844-1884); Roller’s nucleus (1881)
  • SCHÜTZ, Hugo ( – | – ); Fasciculus of Schütz (1891)
  • BERNASCONI, V ( – | – ); artery of Bernasconi and Cassinari (1957)

The De-eponymification table

Search by eponym, synonym, Latin term, German term, English term, or related terms…should work!

Eponymous termLatin termEnglish termEponym
Wood's muscleMusculus abductor metatarsi quintiAbductor of fifth metatarsalWOOD, JohnAbductor metatarsi quintiSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
von Monakow's nucleusNucleus cuneatus accessoriusAccessory cuneate nucleusMONAKOW, Constantin vonLateral cuneate nucleus, external cuneate nucleus, nucleus of von Monakow, Monakow-KernneuroanatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland, Russian
Willis nerveNervus accessorius [XI]Accessory nerveWILLIS, ThomasCranial nerve XI, nervus cranialis XINeuroanatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Glands of KrauseGlandulae lacrimales accessoriaeAccessory lacrimal glandsKRAUSE, WilhelmGlands of Wolfring, Krause's glands, Krause-DrüsenAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Ansa of VieussensAnsa subclaviaAnsa subclaviade VIEUSSENS, RaymondAnsa VieusseniiAnatomistFrance, French, français
Glands of WolfringGlandulae lacrimales accessoriaeAccessory lacrimal glandsWOLFRING, Emilij Franzevic vonGlands of KrausOphthalmologistPoland, Polish, Polskie
Tract of DejerineTractus spinothalamicus anteriorAnterior spinothalamic tractDEJERINE, Joseph JulesVentral spinothalamic tractNeurologistFrance, French, français
Sinuses of MorgagniSinus analesAnal sinusesMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaRectal sinuses, anal cryptsPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Edinger-Westphal nucleusNucleus accessorius nervi oculomotoriiAccessory nucleus of oculomotor nucleusEDINGER, LudwigAccessory oculomotor nucleus, Nucleus oculomotorius accessorius, Nucleus oculomotorius autonomicus, Edinger-Westphal nucleus, Anatomist, neurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Os vesalianumOs vesalianumAccessory ossicle of the footVESALIUS, AndreasAnatomist, physicianFlemish
Duct of SantoriniDuctus pancreaticus accessoriusAccessory pancreatic ductSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoDuctus pancreaticus minor, Ductus Santorini, Duct of SantoriniAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Hunter canalCanalis adductoriusAdductor canalHUNTER, JohnHunter's canal, Canalis Hunteri, Subsartorial canalSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Rathke pouchSaccus adenohypophysialisAdenohypophysial pouchRATHKE, Martin HeinrichRathke-Tasche, Adenohypophyseal pouchAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Peyer's patchesNoduli lymphoidei aggregati (intestini tenuis)Aggregated lymphoid nodules of appendixPEYER, Johan ConradFolliculi lymphatici aggregati appendicis vermiformis, Peyer-PlaquesPhysicianSwiss, Switzerland
Mauchart ligamentsLigamenta alaria Alar ligamentsMAUCHART, Burkhard DavidSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Edinger-Westphal nucleusNucleus accessorius nervi oculomotoriiAccessory nucleus of oculomotor nucleusWESTPHAL, Karl Friedrich OttoAccessory oculomotor nucleus, Nucleus oculomotorius accessorius, Nucleus oculomotorius autonomicus, Edinger-Westphal nucleus, Neurologist, psychiatristGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tomes processProcessus enameloblastiAmeloblast processTOMES, JohnTomes-Fortsatz, Tomes processusDental surgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Stroud pectenPecten analisAnal pectenSTROUD, Bert BrenetteZona transitionalis analis, anal transitional zonePhysiologistUSA, America, American
Ball's valvesValvulae analesAnal valvesBALL, Charles BentSurgeonIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Bühler anastomotic arteryAnastomosis of the superior mesenteric artery and the celiac trunk in vertical orientationBÜHLER, AntonBühler-Anastomose, arc of Bühler, unobliterated remnant of the ventral longitudinal anastomosis present during embryological developmentPhysicianSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
White line of HiltonLinea anocutaneaAnocutaneous lineHILTON, JohnLinea alba HiltoniSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Gantzer muscleCaput accessorius m. flexoris pollicis longianomalous head of the flexor pollicis longusGANTZER, Karl Friedrich LudwigAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Carabelli formationTuberculum anomaleanomalous tubercleCARABELLI, GeorgCusp of CarabelliDental surgeonHungary, Hungarian, Magyar
Tract of TürckTractus corticospinalis anterior funiculi anteriorisAnterior corticospinal tractTÜRCK, LudwigTractus pyramidalis anteriorNeurologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Oval Bundle of FlechsigFasciculus proprius anteriorAnterior fasciculus propriusFLECHSIG, Paul Emil Fasciculus septomarginalis funiculi posterioris, Ventral fasciculus proprius, Fasciculus anterior Flechsigipsychiatry, neurologyGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Gowers tractTractus spinocerebellaris anteriorAnterior spinocerebellar tractGOWERS, William RichardVentral spinocerebellar tract, Gowers-BündelPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Kiesselbach's areaAnterior inferior part of the nasal septumKIESSELBACH, WilhelmKiesselbach's plexus, Little's area, epistaxis, Locus KiesselbachiiOtorhinolaryngologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Artery of CharcotArteriae centrales anterolateralesAnterolateral central arteriesCHARCOT, Jean-MartinArteriae lenticulostriatae, Rami centrales anterolaterales arteriae mediae cerebri, Lenticulostriate arteries, Arteriae thalamostriatae anterolateralesNeurologistFrance, French, français
Little's areaAnterior inferior part of the nasal septumLITTLE, James LawrenceKiesselbach's plexus, Little's area, epistaxis, vascular network of the five arteries supplying the anterior inferior part of the nasal septumSurgeonUSA, America, American
Casserio ligamentLigamentum mallei anteriusAnterior ligament of the malleusCASSERI, Giulio CesareLigamentum processus longi mallei, Giulio Casser, Iulius Casserius, Giulio Casserio, Giulio Casserio of PiacenzaAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Bowman's membrane (layer)Lamina limitans anterior corneaeAnterior limiting lamina, anterior elastic laminaBOWMAN, WilliamAnterior elastic lamina, Bowman-MembranSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Bauhin glandGlandula lingualis anteriorAnterior lingual glandBAUHIN, GaspardNuhn gland, Blandin gland, Glandulae linguales apicalesBotanist, anatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Ligament of HumphryLigamentum meniscofemorale anteriusAnterior meniscofemoral ligamentHUMPHRY, George MurraySurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Latarjet anterior nerveNervus anterior curvaturae minorisAnterior nerve of lesser curvatureLATARJET, AndréAnterior nerve of Latarjet, Greater anterior gastric nerve, latarget, AnatomistFrance, French, français
Folian processProcessus anterior malleiAnterior process of malleusFOLLI, CecilioRau's process, Folian process, Processus Folii, Processus longus, Folli-Fortsatz, Folli, Folius, Follius, FuoliAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Rau processProcessus anterior malleiAnterior process of malleusRAU, Johannes JakobusFolian process, processus folii, processus longus, Rau-FortsatzPhysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Gerota fasciaFascia renalisAnterior renal fasciaGEROTA, DimitrieAnterior perirenal fascia, Gerota's capsule, Gerota-Faszie, Димитрие Геротаsurgeon, anatomistRomanian, Romania, România, Roumanie
Decussation of ForelDecussatio tegmentalis anteriorAnterior tegmental decussationFOREL, Auguste-HenriVentral tegmental decussation, Forel-HaubenkreuzungPsychiatrist, neuroanatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Von Guden nucleusNucleus tegmentalis anteriorAnterior tegmental nucleusGUDDEN, Bernhard Aloys von Nucleus tegmentalis ventralis, Ventral tegmental nuclue, Ventral tegmental nucleus of GuddenPsychiatrist, neuroanatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Sinus of ValsalvaSinus aortaeAortic sinusesVALSALVA, Antonio MariaSinuses of Valsalva, Sinus Valsalvae, Sinus valsalvaeAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Valve of GerlachPlica appendicularisAppendicular foldGERLACH, Joseph vonValvula appendicis vermiformis, Valve of vermiform appendix, Valvula processus vermiformis, Gerlach-KlappePhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Hydatid of MorgagniAppendix testisAppendix of testesMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaAppendix Morgagnii, Appendix of Morgagni, Morgagni-HydatidePhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Appendix of MorgagniAppendix testisAppendix of testesMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaHydatid of MorgagniPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Aqueduct of SylviusAquaeductus mesencephaliAqueduct of midbrainSYLVIUS, Franciscus Aquaeductus cerebri, François de la BoëPhysicianDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Pacchionian granulationsGranulationes arachnoideaeArachnoid granulationsPACCHIONI, AntoineGranulationes Pacchioni, Pacchioni-GranulationenPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Arched testicular artery of LuschkaInferior curvata in gonadalArched gonadal arteryLUSCHKA, HubertAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Semicircular line of DouglasLinea arcuataArcuate line of rectus sheathDOUGLAS, JamesSemicircular line of Douglas, linea semicircularis vaginae musculi recti, AnatomistScottish, Scotland
Chopart ligamentLigamentum bifurcatumBifurcate ligamentCHOPART, FrançoisLigamentum bipartitum, Chopart's ligament, Chopart-BandSurgeonFrance, French, français
Montgomery glandGlandula areolarisAreolar glandsMONTGOMERY, William FetherstoneGlandulae montgomerii, Montgomery-DrüseObstetricianIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Montgomery's tuberclesTubercula areolae mammaeAreolar tuberclesMONTGOMERY, William FetherstoneTubercles of Montgomery, tubercles of the areola of the breastObstetricianIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Kiesselbach plexusArterial anastomosis on the inferior part of the nasal septumKIESSELBACH, WilhelmKiesselbach's plexus, Little's area, epistaxis, vascular network of the five arteries supplying the anterior inferior part of the nasal septumOtorhinolaryngologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Rolandic arteryArteria sulci centralisArtery of central sulcusROLANDO, LuigiAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Vidian arteryArteria canalis pterygoideiArtery of pterygoid canalVIDIUS, VidusVidian artery, Arteria Vidii, GUIDI, GuidoAnatomistFrance, French, français
Lecomte pronator of ulnaMusculus articularis cubitiArticularis cubiti muscleLECOMTE, OnésimeMusculus subaconeus, Subanconeus muscleSurgeonFrance, French, français
Rindfleisch foldCrista aortae ascendentisAscending aortic foldRINDFLEISCH, Georg Eduard vonRindfleisch-Faltepathologist, histologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Gray type II synapseSynapsis asymmetricaAsymmetrical synapseGRAY, Edward GeorgeType 2 synapseanatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Aschoff-Tawara nodeNodus atrioventricularisAtrioventricular (AV) nodeASCHOFF, Carl Albert LudwigNodus fasciculi atrioventricularis, Aschoff-Tawara-Knoten, Tawara nodePathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tawara nodeNodus atrioventricularisAtrioventricular (AV) nodeTAWARA, SunaoNodus fasciculi atrioventricularisAnatomist, pathologistJapanese, Japan, 日本語
Bundle of HisFasciculus atrioventricularisAtrioventricular bundleHIS, Wilhelm JrTruncus fasciculi atrioventricularis, Bundle of His, Kent's bundle, His-BündelAnatomist, cardiologistSwiss, Swtizerland
Eustachian tubeTuba auditivaAuditory tubeEUSTACHI, BartolomeoPharyngotympanic tube, Tuba pharyngotympanica, Tuba Eustachii, Eustachian tube, Eustachische RöhreAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Branch of ArnoldRamus auricularis nervi vagiAuricular branch of vagus nerveARNOLD, FriedrichAlderman's nerveAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Darwin's tubercleTuberculum auriculareAuricular tubercleDARWIN, Charles RobertTubercle of Darwin, Tuberculum Darwini, Darwin-HöckerNatural ScientistEngland, English, UK, British
Brödel's lineAvascular plane of Brodel of the renal parenchymaBRÖDEL, MaxBloodless line of Brödel, Brödel-Linie, Avascular plane of BrodelPhysicianUSA, America, American
Tail of SpenceProcesses axillarisAxillary processSPENCE, JamesProcessus lateralisSurgeonScottish, Scotland
Schaffer collateralCollaterales axonales (stratum moleculare)Axon projection from CA3 to CA1 neurons in hippocampusSCHAFFER, KárolySchaffer axon, Schaffer-KollateralenNeurologist, anatomistHungary, Hungarian, Magyar
Band of GiacominiLimbus fasciae dentataeBand of dentate gyrusGIACOMINI, CarloLimbus Giacomini, tail of the dentate gyrus, anteromedial continuation of the dentate gyrusanatomist, neuroscientistItalian, Italy, italiano
Bruch's membraneLamina basalis choroideaeBasal complex of choroidBRUCH, Karl Wilhelm LudwigBruchsche MembranAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Boettcher cellEpitheliozytus glandularis externus basalisBasal external glandular cell (basilar membrane of the cochlea)BÖTTCHER, ArthurBöttcher cellPathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Cowper glandGlandula bulbourethralisBulbourethral glandCOWPER, WilliamBulbo-urethral gland, Glandula Cowperi, Cowper's gland, Glands of Mery, Cowpersche DrüseAnatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Achilles tendonTendo calcaneusCalcaneal tendonACHILLESAchillessehne, Greek warriors, HomerGreek heroAncient Greece
Rosenthal veinVena basalisBasal veinROSENTHAL, Friedrich ChristianVena Rosenthali, Vena basialis, Rosenthal-VeneAnatomist, physiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Descemet membraneLamina limitans posterior corneaeBasement membrane of the corneal endotheliumDESCEMET, JeanDescemet-Membran, posterior limiting membrane of the corneaPhysician, anatomistFrance, French, français
Pirogov aponeurosisAponeurosis bicipitalisBicipital aponeurosisPIROGOV, Nikolay IvanovichAponeurosis musculi bicipitis brachii, Lacertus fibrosus, Pirogoff's aponeurosis, Pirogoff-Aponeurose, Никола́й Ива́нович Пирого́вSurgeonRussia, Russian, Россия
Bindearm of BurdachBrachium conjunctivumBrachium conjunctivum (of superior cerebellar peduncle)BURDACH, Karl FriedrichPhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Clara cellExocrinocytus bronchiolarisBronchiolar exocrine cellsCLARA, MaxClara-Zellen, Club cellsAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bichat fat padCorpus adiposum buccaeBuccal fat padBICHAT, XavierBichat-FettpfropfPhysician, pathologistFrance, French, français
Glands of MeryGlandula bulbourethralisBulbourethral glandMERY, JeanCowper's glandsSurgeon, anatomistFrance, French, français
Ruffini corpuscleCorpusculum sensorium fusiformeBulbous corpuscleRUFFINI, AngeloRuffini-KörperchenHistologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Malphigian vesselsSanguis vasorum capillariumCapillariesMALPHIGI, MarcelloBlood capillariesAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Ganglion of WrisbergGanglia cardiacaCardiac gangliaWRISBERG, Heinrich AugustGanglion WrisbergiGynaecologist and anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Angle of HisIncisura cardialisCardiac notchHIS, Wilhelm SrIncisura cardiaca, Cardial notch, His-WinkelAnatomistSwiss, Swtizerland
Mackenrodt's ligamentLigamentum cardinale uteriCardinal ligamentMACKENRODT, AlwinTransverse cervical ligament, ligamentum transversum cervicis, Mackenrodt-BandGynaecologist, pathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Hering's nerveNervus sinus caroticiCarotid sinus nerveHERING, Heinrich EwaldNervus sinocaroticus, sinus nerve of Hering, nerve of HeringPhysiologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Chassaignac tubercleTuberculum caroticumCarotid tubercle on the sixth cervical vertebraCHASSAIGNAC, ÉdouardVertebrae VISurgeonFrance, French, français
Spiegelian lobeLobus caudatus hepatisCaudate lobeSPIEGEL, Adriaan van denLobus Spigeli, Spiegel's lobe, Spiegelian lobeAnatomistFlemish
Dorello's canalRamus canalis abducentisCavernous branch to abducens canalDORELLO, PrimoDorello-KanalAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Central caudal nucleus of TsuchidaNucleus caudalis centralisCentral caudal nucleus of somatomotor nucleiTSUCHIDA, UsabroOculomotor nucleiAnatomistJapanese, Japan, 日本語
Zinn's arteryArteria centralis retinaeCentral retinal arteryZINN, Johann GottfriedBotanist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Fissure of RolandoSulcus centralisCentral sulcusROLANDO, LuigiSulcus Rolandi, Sulcus of Rolando, Rolando-Furche/SpalteAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Vein of RolandoVena centralis Central veinROLANDO, LuigiAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Centromedian nucleus of LuysNucleus centromedianusCentromedian nucleus of thalamusLUYS, Jules BernardCentre médianNeurologistFrance, French, français
Circle of WillisCirculus arteriosus cerebriCerebral arterial circleWILLIS, ThomasCirculus Willisi, Circulus arteriosus WillisiiNeuroanatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Master Knot of HenryChiasma plantareChiasma plantareHENRY, Arnold KirkpatrickHenry's knot, knot of HenrySurgeonIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Muscle of RiolanFasciculus ciliaris musculi orbicularis oculiCiliary bundle of orbicularis oculiRIOLAN, Jean IIBotanist, anatomistFrance, French, français
Moll's glandsGlandulae cillaresCiliary glandsMOLL, Jacob AntoniusGlandulae Molli, Moll-Drüsen, Gland of Moll, palebral sweat glandsOphthalmologistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Glands of ZeisGlandulae sebaceae ciliaris palpebraeCiliary sebaceous glandsZEIS, EduardZeis-DrüsenSurgeon, ophthalmologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Zinn's zonuleZonula ciliarisCiliary zonuleZINN, Johann GottfriedApparatus suspensorius lentis, Zonula Zinni, Zonule of Zinn, Zinn-ZoneBotanist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Budge's centreCentrum ciliospinaleCiliospinal centreBUDGE, Ludwig JuliusCentre of BudgePhysiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Müller muscleFibrae circulares musculi ciliarisCircular fibersMÜLLER, HeinrichFibrae Muelleri, Müller-MuskelAnatomist, physiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Kerckring valvesPlicae circularesCircular foldsKERCKRING, TheodorPilcae Kerckringi, Valves of Kerckring, Kerckring-FaltenAnatomistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Sulcus of ReilSulcus circularis insulaeCircular sulcus of insulaREIL, Johann ChristianPhysicianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Cistern of PecquetCisterna chyliCisterna chyliPECQUET, JeanChyle cistern, receptaculum chyliScientistFrance, French, français
Langer's linesLineae distractionis (cutis)Cleavage linesLANGER, Karl Ritter von EdenbergLanger-Linien, Tension linesAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Clivus of BlumenbachClivusClivusBLUMENBACH, Johann FriedrichBlumenbachsche NeigungAnthropologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
cell of KoganeiCellula congregata (stromae iridis)Clump cellKOGANEI, Yoshikiyo小金井良精anatomist, anthropologistJapanese. Japan, 日本語
Gland of LuschkaGlomus coccygeum, Corpus coccygeum, Coccygeal glomusCoccygeal bodyLUSCHKA, HubertAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Anastomosis of OortRamus communicans cochlearis nervi vestibularisCochlear communicating branch of vestibular nerveOORT, HenricusAnastomosis of Oort, Fila anastomotica, Oort-Anastomose, vestibulocochlear anastomosisOtologistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Reissner's canalDuctus cochlearisCochlear ductREISSNER, ErnstCochlear labyrinth, pars auditiva labyrinthi membranaceiAnatomistLatvia, Latvian
Ganglion of CortiGanglion cochleareCochlear ganglionCORTI, AlfonsoGanglion spirale cochleae, Ganglion of Corti, Spiral ganglion, Ganglion spirale, AnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Haller's tripusTruncus coeliacusCoeliac trunkHALLER, Albrecht vonCeliac trunk, Arteria coelica, Arteria celiaca, Haller's tripus, , Tripus Hallerianatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Cajal bodyCorpusculum convolutumCoiled bodyCAJAL, Santiago Ramón y Spherical nuclear bodiesAnatomistSpain, Spanish, Español, España
Hensen cellEpitheliocytus columnaris sustenans externusColumnar external supporting cell of cochlear ductHENSEN, ViktorHensen-ZelleEmbryologist, physiologist, zoologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Anulus of ZinnAnulus tendineus communis [orbitae]Common tendinous ringZINN, Johann GottfriedCommon anular tendon, Zinn-SehnenringBotanist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Torcular of HerophilusConfluens sinuumConfluence of sinusesHerophilusTorcular Herophili, torcula, Torcular herophiliPhysician, anatomistGreece, Greek, Ελληνικά
Casserio's muscleMusculus coracobrachialisCoracobrachialis muscleCASSERI, Giulio CesareGiulio Casser, Iulius Casserius, Giulio Casserio, Giulio Casserio of PiacenzaAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Santorini's cartilageCartilago corniculataCorniculate cartilageSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoCartilago Santorini, Santorini-KnorpelAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Tuberculum SantoriniTuberculum corniculatumCorniculate tubercleSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Triangle of Phillippe-GombaultFasciculus cornucommissuralisCornucommissural fasciculusGOMBAULT, François Alexis AlbertGombault–Philippe triangleNeurologistFrance, French, français
Triangle of Philippe-GombaultFasciculus cornucommissuralisCornucommissural fasciculusPHILIPPE, ClaudienGombault–Philippe trianglePathologistFrance, French, français
Koyter's muscleCorrugator superciliiCorrugator superciliiKOYTER, VolcherCorrugator supercilii muscle, musculus corrugator glabellae, Muscle of Koyter, CoiterSurgeon, anatomistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Pick bundleFibrae corticobulbaresCorticonuclear fibres recurring rostralward from the pyramidal tract in the medulla oblongataPICK, ArnoldPsychiatristCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Muscle of RiolanMusculus cremasterCremaster muscleRIOLAN, Jean IICremasterBotanist, anatomistFrance, French, français
Cooper's fasciaFascia cremastericaCremasteric fasciaCOOPER, Astley PastonFascia CooperiSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Hesselbach's fasciaFascia cribrosaCribriform fasciaHESSELBACH, Franz KasperFascia cribrosa hiatus sapheni, Lamina cribriformis fossae ovalis, Hesselbach-FaszieSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Crypt of FuchsCrypta iridisCrypt of irisFUCHS, ErnstIris cryptsOphthalmologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Crypts of LieberkühnCryptae intestini crassiCrypts of large intestineLIEBERKUHN, Johann NathanielCryptae Lieberkühni, Crypts of Lieberkühn, Intestinal crypts of large intestine, Intestinal glands of large intestine, Cryptae intestinales intestini crassi, Glandulae intestinales intestini crassiPhysicianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Crypts of LieberkühnCryptae intestini tenuisCrypts of small intestineLIEBERKUHN, Johann NathanielCryptae intestinales intestini tenuis, Glandulae intestinales intestini tenuis, Intestinal crypts of small intestine, Intestinal glands of small intestine, Cryptae Lieberkühni, Crypts of LieberkühnPhysicianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Claudius cellEpitheliocytus cuboideus sustenans externusCuboid external supporting cellCLAUDIUS, Friedrich MatthiasClaudius-ZelleAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Burdach's tractFasciculus cuneatusCuneate fasciculusBURDACH, Karl FriedrichTract of Burdach, Funiculus cuneatus, Fasciculus Burdachi, Burdach-StrangPhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Burdach's nucleusNucleus cuneatusCuneate nucleusBURDACH, Karl FriedrichNucleus of Burdach, Nucleus funiculi cuneati, Burdach-KernPhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Cartilage of MorgagniCartilago cuneiformisCuneiform cartilageMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaCartilage of Wrisberg, Cartilago WrisbergiPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Cartilage of WrisbergCartilago cuneiformisCuneiform cartilageWRISBERG, Heinrich AugustCartilage of Morgagni, Cartilago Wrisbergi, Wrisberg-KnorpelGynaecologist and anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tubercle of WrsibergTuberculum cuneiformeCuneiform tubercleWRISBERG, Heinrich AugustGynaecologist and anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Lisfranc ligamentLigamentum cuneometatarsalium interosseum [medialis]Cuneometatarsal interosseous ligamentsLISFRANC, JacquesLisfranc's ligament medial, Ligamenta cuneometatarsalia interosseaSurgeonFrance, French, français
Calot's triangleTrigonum cystohepaticum (peritonei)Cystohepatic triangleCALOT, Jean FrançoisCystohepatic trigone, Triangle of CalotSurgeonFrance, French, français
layer of LanghansLamina cytotrophoblasticaCytotrophoblast layerLANGHANS, TheodorInner layer of the trophoblastPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Langhans cellCellula trophoblasticaCytotrophoblastic cellLANGHANS, TheodorPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Hunter–Schreger bandsStria transversa obscuraDark transverse striationHUNTER, JohnSchreger-Hunter-StreifenSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Schreger-HunterStria transversa obscuraDark transverse striationSCHREGER, Christian Heinrich TheodorSchreger-Hunter-Streifenphysician, chemistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Colles fasciaTunica darta scrotiDartos fascia of scrotumCOLLES, AbrahamTunica dartos, superficial fascia of scrotumSurgeon and anatomistIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Commissure of ProbstDecussatio lemniscorum lateraliumDecussation of lateral lemniscusPROBST, MorizPsychiatristAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Wernekinck's decussationDecussation of superior cerebellar peduncleDecussation of superior cerebellar peduncleWERNEKINCK, Friedrich Christian GregorDecussation of WenekinckPhysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Buck's fasciaFascia penisDeep fascia of penisBUCK, GordonBuck's fascia, Fascia profunda penis, Deep fascia of penis, Deep penile fasciaSurgeon, plastic surgeonUSA, America, American
Space of ParonaPars profunda compartimenti anterioris antebrachiiDeep intermuscular space of forearmPARONA, FrancescoParona's space, deep part of anterior compartmnet of forearmSurgeonItalian, Italy, italiano
Horner's musclePars profunda partis palpebralis musculi orbicularis obuliDeep palpebral part of orbicularis oculi muscleHORNER, William EdmondsPars lacrimalis, Horner-MuskelAnatomistUSA, America, American
Mohrenheim's triangleTrigonum deltopectoraleDeltopectoral triangleMOHRENHEIM, Joseph Jacob FreiherrTrigonum clavipectorale, Clavipectoral triangleSurgeonAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Langerhans cellsDendrocytus (epidermis)Dendritic skin cellsLANGERHANS, PaulLangerhans-ZellePathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tomes' granular layerStratum granulosum dentini radicisDentin layer adjacent to the cementumTOMES, JohnTomes-KörnerschichtDental surgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Neumann sheathDentinum peritubulareDentinum peritubulareNEUMANN, Franz Ernst ChristianNeumann-ScheidePathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Muscle of AebyMusculus depressor labii inferioris Depressor labii inferioris muscleAEBY, Christoph Theodoranatomist, anthropologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
gyrus of EckerGyrus occipitalis descendensDescending occipital gyrusECKER, AlexanderEcker's gyrusAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Broca's diagonal bandStria diagonalisDiagonal bandBROCA, Pierre PaulBroca-BandPhysician, anthropologistFrance, French, français
Sulcus of EberstallerSulcus diagonalisDiagonal sulcus of the inferior frontal gyrusEBERSTALLER, OscarEberstaller's sulcus, sulcus intermedius secundusAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Breschet's canalsCanales diploiciDiploic canalsBRESCHET, GilbertDiploid canals, Canales diploici BreschettiAnatomistFrance, French, français
Breschet's veinsVenae diploicaeDiploic veinsBRESCHET, GilbertVeins of Breschet, Breschet-VenenAnatomistFrance, French, français
Haller's arteryArteria pancreatica dorsalisDorsal pancreatic arteryHALLER, Albrecht vonHaller-Arterieanatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Ganser's commissureCommissura supraoptica dorsalisDorsal supra-optic commissureGANSER, Sigbert Josef MariaMeynert's commissure, Commissura MeynertiPsychiatristGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Meynert's commissureCommissura supraoptica dorsalisDorsal supraoptic commissureMEYNERT, Theodor HermannGanser's commissure, Commissura Meynerti, Dorsal supra-optic commissure, Meynert-Kommissurpsychiatrist, neuropathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Lister's tubercleTuberculum dorsale radiiDorsal tubercle of radiusLISTER, JosephLister-Höcker, Dorsal radial tubercleSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Duct of Cowper's glandDuctus glandulae bulbourethralisDuct of bulbo-urethral glandCOWPER, WilliamDuct of bulbourethral gland, Ductus excretorius, Duct of Cowper's gland, AnatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Botallo's ductductus arteriosusductus arteriosusBOTALLO, Leonardoductus Botalli, Ligamentum BotalliPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
canal of HensenDuctus reuniensDuctus reuniensHENSEN, ViktorDuctus Hensenii, canalis reuniens, Hensen-ZelleEmbryologist, physiologist, zoologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Nucleus of DarkschewitschNucleus ellipticusElliptic nucleusDARKSCHEWITSCH, Liverij OsipovichNucleus commissurae posterioris, Darkschewitsch-Kern, Ливерий Осипович ДаркшевичNeurologistRussia, Russian, Россия
Scarpa's fluidEndolymphaEndolymphSCARPA, AntonioAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Weibel-Palade bodyCorpus multitubulare (endotheliocyti)Endothelial cell secretory organellesPALADE, George EmilWeibel-Palade-KörperchenCell BiologistUSA, America, American
Weibel-Palade bodyCorpus multitubulare (endotheliocyti)Endothelial cell secretory organellesWEIBEL, Ewald R. Weibel-Palade-KörperchenAnatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Troisier nodeEnlarged supraclavicular lymph nodeTROISIER, Charles ÉmileTroisier-Lymphknoten, Virchow-LymphknotenSurgeonFrance, French, français
Interstitial cells of CajalCellula enterica interstitialis stimulansEnteric interstitial cellCAJAL, Santiago Ramón y Enteric pacemaker cell, Cajal-ZelleAnatomistSpain, Spanish, Español, España
Kulchitsky cellNeuroendocrinocytus respiratoriusEnterochromaffin cellsKULCHITSKY, NikolaiНиколай Константинович КульчицкийHistologistRussia, Russian, Россия
Call-Exner bodyCorpusculum intercellulare (granulosae)Eosinophilic fluid-filled spaces between granulosa cellsCALL, Emma LouiseCall-Exner-KörperchenPhysician, anatomist, woman, femaleUSA, America, American
Call-Exner bodyCorpusculum intercellulare (granulosae)Eosinophilic fluid-filled spaces between granulosa cellsEXNER, SigmundCall-Exner-KörperchenPhysiologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Foramen of WinslowForamen epiploicumEpilploic foramenWINSLOW, Jacob BenignusWinslow-Foramen, OmentalAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Kolmer cellCellula epiplexalis (plexus choroidei)Epiplexus cellKOLMER, WalterKolmer-Agduhr cells, Kolmer-ZellePhysiologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Tenon's spaceLamina episcleralisEpiscleral layerTENON, Jaques RenéSpatium episclerale, Episcleral space, Spatium interfasciale, Spatium Tenoni, Spatium circumbulbareSurgeonFrance, French, français
Sertoli cellSustentocytusEpithelial supporting cells of the seminiferous tubulesSERTOLI, EnricoSertoli-ZellePhysiologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Merkel cell-neurite complexComplexus epithelialis tactusEpithelial tactile complexMERKEL, Friedrich SigmundAnatomist, histopathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Organ of RosenmüllerEpoophoronEpoophoronROSENMULLER, Johann ChristianOrgan of Rosenmuller, parovarium, EpoöphoronSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
G-spotErogenous zone of the vaginaGRÄFENBERG, ErnstGrafenberg spot, Gräfenberg spot, Regnier de GraafGynecologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Laimer's areaExposed circular muscle in posterior upper oesophagusLAIMER, EduardLaimer's triangle, Laimer-DreieckAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Buadelocque's diameterConjugata externaExternal conjugateBAUDELOCQUE, Jean-LouisBaudelocque-DurchmesserGynaecologistFrance, French, français
Deiters cellEpitheliocytus phalangeus externusExternal phalangeal epithelial cell of cochlear ductDEITERS, Otto Friedrich KarlExternal phalangeal epithelial cell, Deiters-ZelleAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Muscle of WilsonMusculus sphincter urethrae externusExternal urethral sphincter muscleWILSON, Samuel Alexander KinnierGuthrie's muscleNeurologistUSA, America, American
Batson's plexusPlexus venosi vertebrales externiExternal vertebral venous plexusesBATSON, Osca VivianBatson’s veinsSurgeon, anatomistUSA, America, American
Goormaghtigh cellsMesangiocytus extraglomerularisExtraglomerular mesangium cellsGOORMAGHTIGH, NorbertLacis cells, Goormaghtigh-ZellenPathologistBelgium, Belgian, Belgen, Belges, Belgier
Fallopian canalCanalis facialisFacial canalFALLOPPIO, GabrieleCanalis nervi facialis, Canalis facialis Falloppii, Fallopian canalBotanist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Burns ligamentMargo falciformis hiatus sapheniFalciform margin of saphenous hiatusBURNS, AllanMargo arcuatus hiatus sapheni, Falciform margin of saphenous opening, Burns' ligament, Hey's ligamentAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Hey's ligamentMargo falciformis hiatus sapheniFalciform margin of saphenous hiatusHEY, WilliamMargo arcuatus hiatus sapheni, Falciform margin of saphenous opening, Burns ligament, Hey ligamentSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Denonvilliers fasciaFascia propria organiFascia of individual organDENONVILLIERS, Charles-Pierreanatomist, plastic surgeonFrance, French, français
Tyrrell's fasciaFascia propria organiFascia of individual organTYRRELL, FrederickSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Tenon's capsuleVagina bulbiFascial sheath of eyeballTENON, Jaques RenéFascia bulbi, Capsula bulbi, Fascia Tenoni, Tenon’s capsule, Tenon-KapselSurgeonFrance, French, français
Camper's fasciaStratum adiposum superficialisFatty layer of abdominal subcutaneous tissueCAMPER, PetrusFasciae investientes intermediae (fasciae investientis abdominis), Fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen, Camper-FaszieAnatomistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Fañanás cellAstrocytus pennatus (cerebelli)Feathered astrocyteFAÑANÁS, Jorge RamónFañanás-Glia, Feather cell of FañanasPhysicianSpain, Spanish, España, Español
Guthrie's muscleSphincter externus urethrae femininaeFemale external urethral sphincterGUTHRIE, George JamesMusculus sphincter urethrae externus, Female external urethral sphincter muscle, External sphincter of female urethra, Muscle of Wilson, Guthrie's muscleSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Cloquet's septumSeptum femoraleFemoral septumCLOQUET, Jules GermainCloquet's septum, Septum anuli femoralis, Septum CloquetiSurgeonFrance, French, français
Scarpa's triangleTrigonum femoraleFemoral triangleSCARPA, AntonioFossa majoe scarpae, Scarpa-DreieckAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Sharpey fibresFasciculus collageni perforans (periostei)Fibrae perforantesSHARPEY, WilliamSharpey-Fasern, cementoalveolar fibers, fibrae perforantes cementalesAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Langhans fibrinoidSubstantia fibrinoideaFibrinoid substanceLANGHANS, TheodorLanghans-FibrinoidPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Struther's ligamentFibrous band of the supratrochlear spur of the humerusSTRUTHERS, JohnAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Glisson's capsuleTunica fibrosa hepatisFibrous capsule of liverGLISSON, FrancisFibrous coat of liver, Capsula Glissoni, Glisson-DreieckanatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Malpighian capsuleCapsula splenisFibrous capsule of spleenMALPIGHI, MarcelloTunica fibrosa splenis, Tunica fibrosa linealis, Tunica albuginea lienisPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Sulcus of JensenSulcus intermedius primus lobus parietalisFirst intermediate sulcus of parietal lobeJENSEN, JuliusJensen's sulcusPsychiatristGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Morand's foramenForamen caecum linguaeForamen caecum of tongueMORAND, Sauveur FrançoisForamen Morgagnii, Foramen of MorgagniSurgeonFrance, French, français
Foramen of MorgagniForamen caecum linguaeForamen caecum of tongueMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaMorand's foramenPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Pacchionian foramenForamen diaphragmatis sellaeForamen of diaphragma sellaePACCHIONI, AntoinePhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Botallo's foramenForamen ovale cordisForamen ovale of heartBOTALLO, LeonardoPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
foramen of ArnoldCanaliculus innominatusForamen petrosumARNOLD, FriedrichPetrosal foramenAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Sinus of MaierFornix sacci lacrimalisFornix of lacrimal sacMAIER, RudolfPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Frontosylvian veinsVenae frontalesFrontal veinsSYLVIUS, Franciscus Venae prefrontales, prefrontal veins, François de la BoëPhysicianDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
sulcus of WernickeSulcus frontomarginalisFrontomarginal sulcusWERNICKE, KarlSulcus frontomarginalis of WernickeNeurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Cell of LugaroNeuron fusiforme horizontale (corticis cerebelli)Fusiform horizontal cellLUGARO, ErnestoLugaro-ZellePsychiatristItalian, Italy, italiano
Rokitansky-Aschoff sinusCrypta mucosaeGallbladder pseudodiverticulaASCHOFF, Carl Albert LudwigRokitansky-Aschoff-KryptenPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Rokitansky-Aschoff sinusCrypta mucosaeGallbladder pseudodiverticulaROKITANSKY, Karel Freiherr vonRokitansky-Aschoff-KryptenPathologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Betz cellNeuron pyramidale giganteum (isocorticis)Giant pyramidal cells (neurons) located within the fifth layer of the grey matter in the primary motor cortexBETZ, Vladimir AlexandrowitschBetzsche Riesenzellen, Володи́мир Олексійович БецAnatomist, histologistUkrainian, Ukraine, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
Flood's ligamentLigamenta glenohumeraliaGlenohumeral ligamentsFLOOD, ValentineGlenohumeral bands, Ligamenta labiohumeralia, Ligamentum glenohumerale, Flood's ligamentSurgeon, anatomistIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Ligament of MacalisterLabrum glenoidaleGlenoid labrumMACALISTER, AlexanderAnatomistIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Bowman capsuleCapsula glomerularisGlomerular capsuleBOWMAN, WilliamBowman-KapselSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Golgi apparatusComplexus golgiensisGolgi apparatusGOLGI, CamilloGolgi complex, Apparatus golgiensis, Golgi-Apparat, Dictyosomes, Golgi body, Astrocytus epithelialis cerebelli, Complexus sacculorumAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Large Golgi cellNeuron golgiense magnumLarge Golgi cellGOLGI, CamilloGolgi-ZelleAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Small Golgi cellNeuron golgiense parvumSmall Golgi cellGOLGI, CamilloGolgi-ZelleAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Golgi cell axonAxon neuri golgiensisGolgi cell axonGOLGI, CamilloAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscleCorpusculum ovoideumTactile corpusculeGOLGI, CamilloGolgi-Mazzoni-Körperchen, mechanoreceptor, finger, tips, Golgi-Mazzoni-Körperchen, mechanoreceptor, finger, tips, Encapsulated tactile corpuscles (sensory nerve endings) in the skin of the finger tipsAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscleCorpusculum ovoideumTactile corpusculeMAZZONI, Vittorio Golgi-Mazzoni-Körperchen, mechanoreceptor, finger, tips, Encapsulated tactile corpuscles (sensory nerve endings) in the skin of the finger tipsphysiologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Goll's tractFasciculus gracilisGracile fasciculusGOLL, FriedrichPars medialis fasciculi dorsalis, Funiculus gracilis, Fasciculus Golli, Goll-StrangneuroanatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Goll's nucleusNucleus gracilisGracile nucleusGOLL, FriedrichNucleus of Goll, Nucleus funiculi gracilis, Goll-KernneuroanatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Vein of GalenVena magna cerebriGreat cerebral veinGALEN of PergamonVena cerebralis magna, Vena cerebri magna, Vena Galeni, Claudius Galenus, Galen-VenePhysicianGreece, Greek, Ελληνικά
Artery of AdamkiewiczArteria radicularis magnaGreat radicular arteryADAMKIEWICZ, Albert WojciechGreat segmental medullary artery, Adamkiewicz-ArteriePathologistPoland, Polish, Polskie
Arnold's nerveNervus occipitalis majorGreater occipital nerveARNOLD, FriedrichMedial branch of posterior ramus of second cervical nerveAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bartholin's glandGlandula vestibularis majorGreater vestibular glandsBARTHOLIN, CasparGlandulae Bartholini, Duverney's gland, Tiedemann's gland, Bartholin-DrüsePhysician, anatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Duverney's glandGlandula vestibularis majorGreater vestibular glandsDUVERNEY, Joseph GuichardBartholin's gland, Tiedemann's glandOtologist, anatomistFrance, French, français
Tiedemann's glandGlandula vestibularis majorGreater vestibular glandsTIEDEMANN, FriedrichDuverney's gland, Bartholin's glandAnatomist, pathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Ebner glandGlandula gustatoriusGustatory glandEBNER, Viktor Ritter von RosensteinPars profunda glandulae lingualis posterior, Glandula gustatoria, Von Ebner’s gland, Ebner’s glandHistologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Meynert's retroflex bundleTractus habenulointerpeduncularisHabenulo-interpeduncular tractMEYNERT, Theodor HermannHabenulointerpeduncular tract, Fasciculus retroflexus, Fasciculus Meynerti, Meynert-Bündelpsychiatrist, neuropathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Scarpa's orificeHelicotremaHelicotremaSCARPA, AntonioAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Ampulla of VaterAmpulla hepatopancreaticaHepatopancreatic ampullaVATER, AbrahamBiliaropancreatic ampulla, Ampulla biliaropancreaticaAnatomist, botanistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Morison's pouchRecessus hepatorenalisHepatorenal recessMORISON, James RutherfordPouch of Morison, Hepatorenal pouch of peritoneumSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Torin's holeHiatus canalis nervi petrosis majoris ossis temporalisHiatus for greater petrosal nerveTORIN, BenjaminHiatus canalis facialis, Torin-Öffnung
Concha SantoriniConcha suprema nasiHighest nasal conchaSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoConcha nasi suprema, Highest nasal turbinateAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
David’s lyreCommissura hippocampiHippocampal commissureDAVID, King of IsraelFornix transversus, Psaltarium, Lyre of David, Commissure of fornix, Commissura fornicis, Davids Lyra, Lyra Davidis, Psalterium DavidisKingHebrew
Ammon's hornCornu ammonis Hippocampus properAMUNAmmonshorn, cornu ammonis, Egyptian god of the sun and air, Amon, Ammon, Amen, Hippocampus propriusGod of the sun and airAncient Egypt
Cajal-Retzius cellNeuron horizontaleHorizontal neuron of axodendritic cellCAJAL, Santiago Ramón y Horizontal cells of Cajal, Cajal-Zelle, Cajal-Retzius-Zelle, Cajal-Zelle, transient class of neurons found in the surface of the developing cerebral cortex of mammalsAnatomistSpain, Spanish, Español, España
Cajal-Retzius cellNeuron horizontaleHorizontal neuron of axodendritic cellRETZIUS, Magnus GustavHorizontal cells of Cajal, Cajal-Zelle, Cajal-Retzius-Zelle, Cajal-Zelle, transient class of neurons found in the surface of the developing cerebral cortex of mammalsAnatomistSweden, Swedish, svenska
Malassez epithelial restFragmentum epitheliale (periodontii)Human odontogenic epithelial cellsMALASSEZ, Louis CharlesEpithelial cell rests of Malassez, epithelial rests of Malassex, pax epithelialis pediodontii, Malassez-EpithelzellenAnatomist, histologistFrance, French, français
Cloquet's canalCanalis hyaloideusHyaloid canalCLOQUET, Jules GermainCorporis vitrei, canal of Cloquet, Stilling’s canalSurgeonFrance, French, français
Stilling's canalCanalis hyaloideusHyaloid canalSTILLING, BenedictCanal of Cloquet, Stilling’s canalSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
HymenHymen vaginaeHymenHYMENAIOSGod of weddings, reception, marriage, Hymenaeus, wedding hymn, Ὑμεναιος ὙμηνGod of matrimonyAncient Greece
Hymenal carunclesCarunculae hymenalesHymenal carunclesHYMENAIOSGod of weddings, reception, marriage, Hymenaeus, wedding hymn, Ὑμεναιος ὙμηνGod of matrimonyAncient Greece
Sulcus of MonroSulcus hypothalamicusHypothalamic sulcusMONRO, Alexander (II)Hypothalamic sulcus of MonroAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Meckel's diverticulumDiverticulum ileiIleal diverticulumMECKEL, Johann Friedrich JrMeckel-DivertikelSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bauhin valveOstium ilealeIleal orificeBAUHIN, GaspardOrifice of ileal papilla, Valvula coli, Valvula ileocaecalis, Valva ileocaecalis, Ileocecal valve, Ostium ileocaecale, Ostium iliocaecocolicum, Bauhinsche Klappe, Tulp’s, Macalister’s, Falloppio’s, Morgagni’s, Varolio’sBotanist, anatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Bloodless fold of TrevesPlica ileocaecalisIleocaecal fold (of peritoneum)TREVES, FrederickInferior ileocaecal valve, Plica iliocaecalis caudalisSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Abernethy's fasciaFascia iliacaIliac fasciaABERNETHY, JohnSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Ligament of BertinLigamentum iliofemoraleIliofemoral ligamentBERTIN, Exupère JosephY ligament of Bigelow, Bertin's LigamentAnatomistFrance, French, français
Bigelow's ligamentLigamentum iliofemoraleIliofemoral ligamentBIGELOW, Henry JacobY ligament of Bigelow, Bertin's LigamentSurgeonUSA, America, American
Hyrtl's muscleIliopsoasIliopsoas muscleHYRTL, JosephMusculus iliopsoae, Musculus iliopsoasAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Bandelette of MaissiatTractus iliotibialisIliotibial bandMAISSIAT, Jacques HenriTractus Maissiati, Iliotibial band, Maissiat-BandeletteAnatomistFrance, French, français
Stensen's canalCanales incisiviIncisive canalsSTENSEN, NielsCanals of StensenAnatomist, Geologist, BishopDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Stensen's foramenForamina incisivaIncisive foraminaSTENSEN, NielsAnatomist, Geologist, BishopDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Biondi bodyPsammomaInclusion body (of pia mater)BIONDI, AdolfoInclusion body, Biondi-KörperPathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Haller's aberrant ductuleDuctulus aberrans inferiorInferior aberrant ductuleHALLER, Albrecht vonanatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Labbé's veinVena anastomotica inferiorInferior anastomotic veinLABBÉ, CharlesVein of Labbé, Labbé-VeneSurgeonFrance, French, français
Pavlov's nerveNervus cardiacus cervicalis inferiorInferior cervical cardiac nervePAVLOV, IvanPawlow's nervePhysiologistRussia, Russian, Россия
Waldeyer's fasciaFascia inferior diaphragmatis pelvisInferior fascia of pelvic diaphragmWALDEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm GottfriedFascia externa diaphragmatis pelvis, fascia between rectum and sacrumAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
ganglion of AnderschGanglion inferius nervi glossopharyngeiInferior ganglion of glossopharyngeal nerve ANDERSCH, Carl SamuelInferior petrosal ganglionAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Triangle of PetitTrigonum lumbale inferiusInferior lumbar trianglePETIT, Jean LouisInferior lumbar triangle, Petit-DreieckSurgeon, anatomistFrance, French, français
Testut's arteryArteria pancreatica inferiorInferior pancreatic arteryTESTUT, Jean LéonAnatomistFrance, French, français
Jacobson's canaliculusCanaliculus tympanicus inferiorInferior tympanic canaliculusJACOBSON, Ludwig LevinCanaliculus tympanicus, Tympanic canaliculus, Jacobson's canaliculus, Jacobson-KanalAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Jacobson's canaliculus Canaliculus tympanicus inferiorInferior tympanic canaliculus JACOBSON, Ludwig LevinTympanic canaliculus AnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Mohrenheim's fossaFossa infraclavicularisInfraclavicular fossaMOHRENHEIM, Joseph Jacob FreiherrSurgeonAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Haller cellsCellulae ossis ethmoideiinfraorbital ethmoidal air cellsHALLER, Albrecht vonEthmoid air cells, Cells of ethmoid bone, Cellulae ethmoideae osseae, Bony ethmoidal cells, Sinus ethmoidei, Bony ethmoidal air cells, Cellulae ethmoidales osseae, Haller-Zelleanatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Hoffa's fat padCorpus adiposum infrapatellareInfrapatellar fat padHOFFA, AlbertCorpus adiposum genus, Fat pad of Hoffa, Hoffa-FettkörperOrthopaedic SurgeonGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Henle's ligamentFalx inguinalisInguinal falxHENLE, Friedrich Gustav JakobTendo conjunctivus, Conjoint tendon, Falx aponeurotica inguinalis, Henle's ligament, Aponeurosis falciformis musculi recti abdominisphysician, pathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Henle's ligamentTendo conjunctivusInguinal falxHENLE, Friedrich Gustav JakobConjoint tendon, falx aponeurotica inguinalis, aponeurosis falciformis musculi recti abdominisphysician, pathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Fallopian ligamentLigamentum inguinaleInguinal ligamentFALLOPPIO, GabrieleArcus inguinalis, Poupart's ligament, Lateral ligament of Vesalius, Vesalius' ligament, Fallopian ligamentBotanist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Poupart ligamentLigamentum inguinaleInguinal ligamentPOUPART, FrançoisArcus inguinalis, Poupart's ligament, Lateral ligament of Vesalius, Vesalius' ligament, Fallopian ligamentSurgeonFrance, French, français
Vesalius ligamentLigamentum inguinaleInguinal ligamentVESALIUS, AndreasPoupart's ligament, Lateral ligament of Vesalius, Vesalius' ligament, Fallopian ligamentAnatomist, physicianFlemish
Hesselbach's triangleTrigonum inguinale (peritonei)Inguinal triangleHESSELBACH, Franz KasperHesselbach-DreieckSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tunnel of CortiCuniculus internusInner tunnel of cochlear ductCORTI, AlfonsoAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Insula of ReilInsulaInsulaREIL, Johann ChristianLobus insularis, insular lobe,PhysicianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bachmann's bundleFasciculus interatrialisInteratrial bandBACHMANN, Jean GeorgeBachmann-BündelPhysiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Lower's tuberclePlica interatrialis venae cavae inferiorisInteratrial fold of inferior vena cavaLOWER, RichardTubercle of LowerAnatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Nucleus of StaderiniNucleus subhypoglossalisIntercalated nucleusSTADERINI, RutilioStaderini's nucleusNeuroanatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Haller’s anastomosisArteria anastomotica intercolicaIntercolic anastomotic arteryHALLER, Albrecht vonIntercolic anastomic artery, Central anastomotic mesenteric artery, Arcade of Riolan, Arc of Riolan, Haller’s anastomosis, Meandering mesenteric artery of Moskowitzanatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Arcade of RiolanArteria anastomotica intercolicaIntercolic anastomotic arteryRIOLAN, Jean IIRiolan-Arkaden, Riolan-Anastomose, Arcade of Riolan, Arc of Riolan, Haller’s anastomosis, Meandering mesenteric artery of Moskowitz, Central anastomotic mesenteric artery, Intercolic anastomic artery, Botanist and anatomistFrance, French, français
Comma tract of SchultzeFasciculus interfascicularis (funiculi posterioris)Interfascicular fasciculusSCHULTZE, Max Schultze-Komma, Fasciculus semilunarisAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Hesselbach's ligamentLigamentum interfoveolareInterfoveolar ligamentHESSELBACH, Franz KasperHesselbach-BandSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Canals of HeringDuctus biliferi interlobularesInterlobular bile ductsHERING, Karl E.K.Hering-KanälchenPhysiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Purkinje cell layerStratum purkinjensePurkinje cell layerPURKINJE, Jan EvangelistaPurkinje-Zellschicht, Intermediate discharge layer of the cerebellar cortexAnatomist, PhysiologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Purkinje cellNeuron purkinjensePurkinje cellPURKINJE, Jan EvangelistaAnatomist, PhysiologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Exner's plexusSublamina intermediaIntermediate sublayer of cerebral cortexEXNER, SigmundIntermediate sublayer, Sublamina 1b of Stria laminae molecularis, band of ExnerPhysiologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Nitabuch membraneStria fibrinoidea internaInternal fibrinoid layer of the placentaNITABUCH, RaissaNitabuch’s stria, Nitabuch’s layer, Nitabuch fibrinoidPhysician, anatomist, woman, female, Russia, Russian, Россия
Baillarger's internal bandStria laminae pyramidalis internae [V]internal granular layer (layer IV) of cerebral cortexBAILLARGER, Jules François GabrielInnerer Baillarger-StreifenNeurologistFrance, French, français
Baillarger's external bandStria laminae granularis internaeinternal pyramidal layer (layer V) of cerebral cortexBAILLARGER, Jules François GabrielStria of external pyramidal layer, Äußerer Baillarger-StreifenNeurologistFrance, French, français
Golgi-type I neuronNeuron multipolare longiaxonicumInterneuron with long axonGOLGI, CamilloGolgi-Type I Neuron, Multipolar neuron with short axonAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Golgi-type II neuronNeuron multipolare breviaxonicumInterneuron with short axonGOLGI, CamilloGolgi-Type II Neuron, Interneuron breviaxonicumAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Perlia nucleusNucleus (caudalis) centralis (nuclei nervi oculomotorii)Interoculomotor nucleusPERLIA, Richard Spitzka nucleus, Perlia-Kern, nucleus of PerliaOphthalmologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Spitzka nucleusNucleus (caudalis) centralis (nuclei nervi oculomotorii)Interoculomotor nucleusSPITZKA, Edward CharlesPerlia nucleusNeurologist, anatomistUSA, America, American
Rotter lymph nodesNodi interpectoralesInterpectoral nodesROTTER, JosefRotter-LymphknotenSurgeonGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Fossa of TariniFossa interpeduncularisInterpeduncular fossaTARIN, PierreFossa intercruralis, Fossa TariniAnatomistFrance, French, français
Von Gudden's ganglionNucleus interpeduncularisInterpeduncular nucleusGUDDEN, Bernhard Aloys von Ganglion of Von GuddenPsychiatrist, neuroanatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Ganglion of von GuddenNucleus interpeduncularisInterpeduncular nucleusGUDDEN, Bernhard Aloys von Psychiatrist, neuroanatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Leydig cellsEndocrinocytus interstitialis (testis)Interstitial endocrine cell (of testis)LEYDIG, Franz vonLeydig-ZwischenzelleHistologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Cajal's interstitial nucleusNucleus interstitialisInterstitial nucleus of vestibular nerveCAJAL, Santiago Ramón y Interstitial nucleus of Cajal, accessory oculomotor (preoculomotor), Cajal-KernAnatomistSpain, Spanish, Español, España
Mercier's barPlica interuretericaInterureteric crestMERCIER, Louis AugustePlia ureterica, interureteric foldUrologistFrance, French, français
Foramen of MonroForamen interventriculareInterventricular foramenMONRO, Alexander (II)Foramen MonroiAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Nerve of KuntzRamus communicans nervi lumbales primum et secundumIntrathoracic ramus of the first intercostal spaceKUNTZ, AlbertCommunicating branch between L1 and L2AnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
IrisIrisIrisIRISGreek Goddess of the rainbow, ΙριςGoddess of the rainbowAncient Greece
organ of ChievitzOrganum juxtaoraleJuxta-oral organCHIEVITZ, Johan HenrikBuccae, Juxtaoral organ, Chievitz-OrganAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Hasner's valvePlica lacrimalisLacrimal foldHASNER, Joseph Ritter von ArthaHasner-Klappe, ductus nasolarimalis, Plica Hasneri, Plica ductus nasolacrimalis, Hasner’s valve, Hasner-FalteOphthalmologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Gimbernat's ligamentLigamentum lacunareLacunar ligamentGIMBERNAT, Don Manuel Louise Antonio de Ligamenti inguinalisSurgeon, anatomistSpain, Spanish, Español, España
Odland bodyGranulum lamellosum (keratinocyti)Lamellar bodiesODLAND, George F. Odland-Körperchen, lamellar granules, membrane-coating granules (MCGs), keratinosomesDermatologistUSA, America, American
Pacinian corpusclecorpusculum PacinianLamellar corpusclePACINI, FilippoCorpusculum lamellosum, Vater-Pacini-KörperchenPhysiologist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Adam's appleProminentia laryngeaLaryngeal prominenceADAM first manHebrew
Ventricle of MorgagniVentriculus laryngisLaryngeal ventricleMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaVentriculus Morgagnii, Sinus of Morgagni, Morgagni-TaschePhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Foramen of LuschkaApertura lateralis ventriculi quartiLateral aperture of the fourth ventricleLUSCHKA, HubertLuschka-Foramen, Luschka-ForamenAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Haller's archLigamentum arcuatum lateraleLateral arcuate ligamentHALLER, Albrecht vonLumbocostal arch, Arcus lumbocostalis lateralis Halleri, Haller's arch, anatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Ligament of KrauseLigamentum costotransversariumLateral costotransverse ligamentKRAUSE, WilhelmLigamentum costotransversarium posterius, Ligamentum costotransversarium externum, Krause-KörperchenAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Stria of LancisiStria longitudinalis lateralislateral longitudinal stria, inner ring of limbic lobeLANCISI, Giovanni MariaNerves of Lancisi, Lancisi's nerves, seat of the soul, taenia tectaphysician, epidemiologist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Denonvilliers ligamentLigamentum laterale puboprostaticumLateral puboprostatic ligamentDENONVILLIERS, Charles-PierreLigamentum puboprostaticum, Puboprostatic ligament, anatomist, plastic surgeonFrance, French, français
Edinger's tractTractus spinothalamicus lateralisLateral spinothalamic tractEDINGER, LudwigAnatomist, neurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Sylvian fissure/sulcusSulcus lateralisLateral sulcus of cerebral hemisphereSYLVIUS, Franciscus Sylvische Furche/Spalte, François de la BoëPhysicianDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
nucleus of DeitersNucleus vestibularis lateralislateral vestibular nucleusDEITERS, Otto Friedrich KarlDeiter’s nucleus, Deiters-KernAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tubercle of WeberTuberculum minusLesser tubercle of humerusWEBER, Ernst HeinrichPhysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Glandele lui SkeneGlandulae vestibulares minoresLesser vestibular glandsSKENE, AlexanderGynaecologistUSA, America, American
Ingrassia processAla minorLesser wingINGRASSIA, Giovanni FilippoProcess of Ingrassia, Ala orbitalis, Ala parva, Ioannis Philippi IngrassiaePhysician and anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Ligamenta ValsalvaeLigamenta auriculariaLigaments of auricleVALSALVA, Antonio MariaAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Botallo's ligamentLigamentum arteriosumLigamentum arteriosumBOTALLO, LeonardoChorda ductus arteriosi, Harvey's ligamentPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Harvey's ligamentLigamentum arteriosumLigamentum arteriosumHARVEY, WilliamChorda ductus arteriosi, Botallo's ligamentPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
venous ligament of ArantiusLigamentum venosumLigamentum venosumARANTIUS, Julius CaesarLigamentum Arantii, Chorda ductus venosiSurgeon, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Limbus VieussensiLimbus fossae ovalisLimbus fossae ovalisde VIEUSSENS, RaymondBorder of oval fossa, Limbus of fossa ovalisAnatomistFrance, French, français
Branch of CruveilhierRamus lingualis nervi facialisLingual branch of facial nerveCRUVEILHIER, Jean CruveilhierBranch of CruveilhierPathologistFrance, French, français
Blandin glandGlandulae lingualesLingual glandBLANDIN, Philippe FrédéricNuhn gland, Glandulae linguales apicalesSurgeon, anatomistFrance, French, français
Gland of NuhnGlandulae lingualesLingual glandNUHN, AntonBlandin gland, Glandulae linguales apicalesAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bell’s external respiratory nerveNervus thoracicus longusLong thoracic nerveBELL, CharlesLong thoracic nerve of Bell, Bell's nerve, external respiratory nerve of BellPhysician, anatomistScottish, Scotland
Malpighian canalDuctus longitudinalisLongitudinal ductMALPIGHI, MarcelloGartner's duct, Gärtner's ductPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Gartner's ductDuctus longitudinalis epoophoriLongitudinal duct of epoophoronGARTNER, Hermann TreschowDuctus Gartneri, Gärtner's duct, Malpighian canal, Gartner-GangAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Bochdalek's triangle (gap)Trigonum lumbocostaleLumbocostal triangleBOCHDALEK, Vincent Alexandervertebrocostal triangle, Bochdaleksches DreieckAnatomistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Tubercle of VaterPapilla major duodeniMajor duodenal papillaVATER, AbrahamGreater duodenal papilla, Vater-PapilleAnatomist, botanistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bartholin's ductDuctus sublingualis majorMajor sublingual ductBARTHOLIN, CasparPhysician, anatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Guthrie's muscleSphincter externus urethrae masculinaeMale external urethral sphincterGUTHRIE, George JamesMusculus sphincter urethrae externus, Male external urethral sphincter muscle, External sphincter of male urethra, Muscle of Wilson, Guthrie's muscle, Musculus sphincter urethrae membranaceaeSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Von Gudden's tractFasciculus mammillotegmentalisMamillotegmental fasciculus GUDDEN, Bernhard Aloys von [von] Gudden-BündelPsychiatrist, neuroanatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Vicq d'Azur's bundleFasciculus mammillothalamicusMamillothalamic fasciculusVICQ d'AZUR, FelixMamillothalamic tract, Mamillothalamic fasciculus, Vicq d'Azur-BündelPhysician, anatomistFrance, French, français
Marginal artery of DrummondArteria marginalis coliMarginal arteryDRUMMOND, DavidArteria juxtacolica, Arcus marginalis coli, Juxtacolic artery, Marginal arcade, PhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
artery of Bernasconi and CassinariRamus marginalis tentoriiMarginal tentorial arteryBERNASCONI, VItalian artery, Medial tentorial artery, marginal tentorial artery of Bernasconi and Cassinari, tentorial marginal branch of cavernous part of internal carotid arteryItalian, Italy, italiano
artery of Bernasconi and CassinariRamus marginalis tentoriiMarginal tentorial arteryCASSINARI, ValentinoItalian artery, Medial tentorial artery, marginal tentorial artery of Bernasconi and Cassinari, tentorial marginal branch of cavernous part of internal carotid arteryNeurosurgeonItalian, Italy, italiano
Whitnall's tubercleTuberculum marginale ossis zygomaticiMarginal tubercle of zygomatic boneWHITNALL, Samuel ErnestProcessus marginalisphysician, anatomist, humoristEngland, English, UK, British
Antrum of HighmoreSinus maxillarisMaxillary sinusHIGHMORE, NathanielSinus Highmori, Sinus paranasalis maxillaris, Maxillary paranasal sinus, Highmore-HöhlePhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Haller's archLigamentum arcuatum medialeMedial arcuate ligamentHALLER, Albrecht vonArcus lumbocostalis medialis Halleri, Haller's archanatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Nerve of WrisbergNervus cutaneus brachii medialisMedial brachial cutaneous nerveWRISBERG, Heinrich AugustMedial cutaneous nerve of armGynaecologist and anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Papez circuitCircuit et papežMedial limbic circuitPAPEZ, James WenceslasPapez-KreisAnatomistUSA, America, American
Stria of LancisiStria longitudinalis medialismedial longitudinal stria, inner ring of limbic lobeLANCISI, Giovanni MariaNerves of Lancisi, Lancisi's nerves, seat of the soul, taenia liberaphysician, epidemiologist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
recurrent artery of HeubnerArteria striata medialis distalismedial striate arteryHEUBNER, OttoHeubner's artery, long central artery, Heubner-Arterie, recurrent branch of the anterior cerebral arteryPaediatricianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Schwalbe's nucleusNucleus vestibularis medialisMedial vestibular nucleusSCHWALBE, Gustav AlbertSchwalbe-Kernanatomist, anthropologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Foramen of MagendieApertura mediana ventriculi quartiMedian aperture of fourth ventricleMAGENDIE, FrançoisForamen of Magendie, Magendie-ForamenPhysiologistFrance, French, français
Martin-Gruber AnastomosisRamus communicans ulnarisMedian-ulnar anastomosisGRUBER, Wenzel LeopoldCommunicating ramus from median nerve to ulnar nerve in the forearmAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Martin-Gruber AnastomosisRamus communicans ulnarisMedian-ulnar anastomosisMARTIN, RolandCommunicating ramus from median nerve to ulnar nerve in the forearmAnatomistSweden, Swedish, svenska
Body of HighmoreMediastinum testisMediastinum of testisHIGHMORE, NathanielCorpus Highmori, Highmore-KörperPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Ferrein's pyramidsRadii medullares Medullary raysFERREIN, AntoineCorticis renalis, Ferrein-FortsätzeAnatomist, surgeonFrance, French, français
fibers of Piccoloministriae medullares ventriculi quartiMedullary stria of fourth ventriclePICCOLOMINI, ArchangeloAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Scarpa's fasciaStratum membranosum telae subcutanei abdominisMembranous layer of abdominal subcutaneous tissueSCARPA, AntonioMembranous layer of subcutaneous tissue of abdomen, Scarpa-Faszie, Fibrous layer of superficial fascia of abdomenAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Colles fasciaStratum membranosum telae subcutanei perineiMembranous layer of perineal subcutaneous tissueCOLLES, AbrahamMembranous layer of subcutaneous tissue of perineumSurgeon and anatomistIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Schneiderian membraneTunica maxillary sinus cavitatisMembranous lining of the maxillary sinus cavitySCHNEIDER, Konrad ViktorMembrane of Schneider, Schneider-Membranphysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Recurrent nerve of LuschkaRamus meningeus nervi spinalisMeningeal branch of spinal nerveLUSCHKA, HubertRamus recurrens nervi spinalis, Recurrent branch of spinal nerve, Sinuvertebral nerve, Luschka-NervAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Brücke's muscleFibrae meridionales musculi ciliarisMeridional fibresBRÜCKE, Ernst Wilhelm Ritter vonFibrae meridionales, Fibrae longitudinales, Longitudinal fibres, Longitudinal fibers, Fibrae Brueckei, Brücke's muscle, Brücke-MuskelPhysician, physiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Wolffian ductDuctus mesonephricusMesonephric ductWOLFF, Kaspar FriedrichWolff-GangPhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Hortega cellMicrogliocytusMicrogliaHORTEGA, Pío del RíoHortega-ZelleneuroscientistSpain, Spanish, Español, España
Howell-Jolly bodyResiduum chromatiniMicronucleiHOWELL, William HenryHowell-Jolly-KörperchenPhysiologistUSA, America, American
Howell-Jolly bodyResiduum chromatiniMicronucleiJOLLY, Justin MarieHowell-Jolly-KörperchenHaematologist, histologistFrance, French, français
Sylvian arteryArteria cerebri mediaMiddle cerebral arterySYLVIUS, Franciscus Arteria cerebralis media, Arteria media cerebri, François de la BoëPhysicianDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Huxley layerStratum internum vaginae radicularisMiddle layer of inner root sheath of hair follicleHUXLEY, Thomas HenryHuxley-Schichtbiologist, anthropologistEngland, English, UK, British
Albarrán's glandLobus medius prostataeMiddle lobe of prostateALBARRÁN, JoaquínGland of AlbarranUrologistCuba, Cuban,
Vein of KocherVena thyreoidea mediaMiddle thyroid veinKOCHER, Emil TheodorVena thyroidea media, Kocher's vein, posterior external jugular veinSurgeonSwiss, Switzerland
Santorini's carunclePapilla duodeni minorMinor duodenal papillaSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoPapilla minor duodeni, Papilla Santorini, Santorini-PapilleAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Weber glandGlandula radicis linguaeMinor salivary gland at the superior pole of the peritonsillar spaceWEBER, Moritz IgnazWeber-Drüsen, Pars superficialis (gl. lingualis post.), salivary glandSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Ducts of RivinusDuctus sublinguales minoresMinor sublingual ductRINVUS, Augustus QuirinusPhysiologist, botanistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Mons pubisMons pubis, mons venerisMons pubisVENUSmons Venus, mons veneris, Mount of Venus, love, AphroditeGoddess of love, beauty, desire, fertility and prosperityAncient Rome
Wharton's jellySubstantia gelatinea funiculi umbilicalisMucous connective tissue of the umbilical cord located between the amniotic epithelium and the umbilical vesselsWHARTON, ThomasWharton-SulzePhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Nabothian cystGlandula cervicalis dilatataMucous retention cyst of the cervixNABOTH, MartinNaboth-Zyste, folliclePhysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Martinotti's cellNeuron multiplumosumMultitufted isocortical neuronMARTINOTTI, CarloAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Santorini's muscleMusculus incisurae terminalis auris externaeMuscle of terminal notchSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Ligament of ParksMusculus submucosae aniMuscular fibroplastic tissue located around the glands of the anusPARKS, Sir Alan GuyattTrietz muscleSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Casserio's nerveNervus musculocutaneusMusculocutaneous nerveCASSERI, Giulio CesareNerve of Casserio, Giulio Casser, Iulius Casserius, Giulio Casserio, Giulio Casserio of PiacenzaAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Schmidt-Lanterman incisureIncisura myeliniMyelin incisureLANTERMAN, A.J.Schmidt-Lanterman-Kerben, Schmidt-Lanterman clefts, Schmidt-Lanterman incisures, clefts of Schmidt-Lanterman, segments of Lanterman, medullary segmentsAnatomistUSA, America, American
Schmidt-Lanterman incisureIncisura myeliniMyelin incisureSCHMIDT, Henry D.Schmidt-Lanterman-Kerben, Schmidt-Lanterman clefts, Schmidt-Lanterman incisures, clefts of Schmidt-Lanterman, segments of Lanterman, medullary segmentsAnatomistUSA, America, American
Ranvier's nodeNodus interruptionis myeliniMyelin sheath gap RANVIER, Louis AntoineNodes of Ranvier, Ranvier-Schnürring, Unmyelinated axonal membrane regions, Nodes of myelinated nervesPhysician, histologistFrance, French, français
Auerbach's plexusPlexus myentericusMyenteric plexusAUERBACH, LeopoldAuerbach-PlexusAnatomist, neuropathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Scarpa's nerveNervus nasopalatinusNasopalatine nerveSCARPA, AntonioNerve of Cotugno, Nerve of Scarpa, Nervus ScarpaeAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Fossa of MorgagniFossa navicularis urethraeNavicular fossaMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaFossa Morgagnii, femalePhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Henle's loopAnsa nephroniNephron loopHENLE, Friedrich Gustav JakobLoop of Henle, Henle loop, nephronic loop, Henle-Schleifephysician, pathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Remak's ganglionNerve ganglion in the coronary sinus at its entry into the right atriumREMAK, RobertPathologistPoland, Polish, Polskie
Vidian nerveNervus canalis pterygoideiNerve of pterygoid canalVIDIUS, VidusNervus Vidii, Nerve of Vidius, Parasympathetic and sympathetic roots of pterygopalatine ganglion, GUIDI, GuidoAnatomistFrance, French, français
Raschkow plexusNerve plexus of dental pulpRASCHKOW, IsacusRaschkow-PlexusPhysicianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Schwann cellSchwannocytusSchwann cellSCHWANN, TheodorSchwann-Zelle, Neurolemmocytus, Neurilemmal cells of peripheral nervesAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Herring bodyCorpusculum neurosecretorium (neurohypophysis)Neurosecretory bodyHERRING, PercyHerring-KörperPhysician, physiologistEngland, English, UK, British
Botallo's nodeNodus ligamenti arteriosiNode of ligamentum arteriosumBOTALLO, LeonardoPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
bodies of ArantiusNoduli valvularum semilunarium valvae aortaeNodules of semilunar leaflets (cusps) of aortic valveARANTIUS, Julius CaesarGiulio Cesare Aranzio, ArantiusSurgeon, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Nodules of MorgagniNoduli valvularum semilunarium valvae aortaeNodules of semilunar leaflets (cusps) of aortic valveMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaValsalva-Knötchen, Nodules of semilunar cusps of aortic valve, Bodies of Arantius, Nodules of Morgagni, Nodules of Valsalva, Noduli velorum semilunariumPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Nodules of ValsalvaNoduli valvularum semilunarium valvae aortaeNodules of semilunar leaflets (cusps) of aortic valveVALSALVA, Antonio MariaValsalva-Knötchen, Nodules of semilunar cusps of aortic valve, Bodies of Arantius, Nodules of Morgagni, Nodules of Valsalva, Noduli velorum semilunariumAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
bodies (nodules) of ArantiusNoduli valvularum semilunarium valvae trunci pulmonalisNodules of semilunar leaflets of pulmonary valveARANTIUS, Julius CaesarValsalva-Knötchen, Nodules of semilunar cusps of aortic valve, Bodies of Arantius, Nodules of Morgagni, Nodules of Valsalva, Noduli velorum semilunariumSurgeon, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Nodules of MorgagniNoduli valvularum semilunarium valvae trunci pulmonalisNodules of semilunar leaflets of pulmonary valveMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaBodies of Arantius, Nodules of Arantius, Nodules of Morgagni, Nodules of Valsalva, Noduli velorum semilunariumPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Nodules of ValsalvaNoduli valvularum semilunarium valvae trunci pulmonalisNodules of semilunar leaflets of pulmonary valveVALSALVA, Antonio MariaValsalva-Knötchen, Bodies of Arantius, Nodules of Arantius, Nodules of Morgagni, Nodules of Valsalva, Noduli velorum semilunariumAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Santorini's notchIncisura cartilaginis meatus acustici externiNotch in cartilage of external acoustic meatusSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoIncisura Santorini, Foramina cartilaginis meatus acustici externiAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Fields of ForelNuclei campi perizonalisNuclei of perizonal fieldsFOREL, Auguste-HenriFields of Forel, Nuclei of fields H, H1 and H2, Nuclei areae H, H1, H2, Forel-KernePsychiatrist, neuroanatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Meynert's nucleusNucleus basalisNucleus basalisMEYNERT, Theodor HermannGanglion of Meynert, Nucleus of Meynert, Cholinergic cell group Ch4, Nucleus basalis Meynertpsychiatrist, neuropathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Onuf's nucleusNucleus nervi pudendiNucleus of pudendal nerveONUFROWICZ, WladislausNucleus of Onufrowicz, Onuf-KernanatomistSwiss, Switzerland
Bourgery's ligamentLigamentum popliteum obliquumOblique popliteal ligamentBOURGERY, Marc Jeanligament of Bourgery, ligament of WinslowPhysician, anatomistFrance, French, français
Winslow's ligamentLigamentum popliteum obliquumOblique popliteal ligamentWINSLOW, Jacob BenignusLigament of Bourgery, ligament of WinslowAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Marshall's veinVena obliqua atrii sinistriOblique vein of left atriumMARSHALL, JohnVena Marshalli, Marshall-Vene, Vein of MarhsallSurgeon, AnatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Band of GennariStria occipitalisOccipital stripeGENNARI, FrancescoGennari-Streifen, Gennari stria, Gennari stripe, Gennari line, Vicq d'Azur-StreifenAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Vicq d'Azur's striaStria occipitalisOccipital stripeVICQ d'AZUR, FelixGennari-Streifen, Gennari stria, Gennari stripe, Gennari line, Vicq d'Azur-StreifenPhysician, anatomistFrance, French, français
Curve of SpeeCurvatura occlusalisOcclusal curvature of the mandibular dentitionSPEE, Ferdinand Graf vonSpee's curvature, Von Spee's curveEmbryologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bowman's glandsGlandulae olfactoriaeOlfactory glandsBOWMAN, WilliamBowman-DrüsenSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
olfactory islets of CallejaInsulae olfactoriaeOlfactory IsletsCALLEJA y Sanchez, JuliánCalleja island, Terminal islands, Insulae terminalesAnatomistSpain, Spanish, Español, España
Bundle of RasmussenTractus olivocochlearisOlivocochlear tractRASMUSSEN, GrantOlivocochlear bundle, Rasmussen-BündelneuroanatomistUSA, America, American
Brodmann areaPars opercularisOpercular part of inferior frontal gyrusBRODMANN, KorbinianBA 44, area 44 Brodmann-AreaPsychiatrist, neurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Gratiolet's radiationRadiatio opticaOptic radiationGRATIOLET, Louis PierreFibrae geniculocalcarinae, Geniculocalcarine fibres, Radiatio Gratioleti, Gratiolet-Sehstrahlung, optic radiaton of GratioletAnatomist, zoologiostFrance, French, français
Müller's muscleMusculus orbitalisOrbitalis muscleMÜLLER, HeinrichOrbital muscle, Müller-MuskelAnatomist, physiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Birbeck granuleVesicula lageniformis striata (dendrocyti)Organelles of dendritic skin cellsBIRBECK, MichaelBirbeck-Granula, langerhans, Tennis racket vesicle, Flask shaped vesicle (of skin dendritic cell)Electron microscopistEngland, English, UK, British
Haversian systemOsteonOsteonHAVERS, Cloptonfundamental functional unit of compact bonePhysician, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
canal of Havers Canalis centralis osteoniOsteonic canalHAVERS, CloptonZentralkanäle, Canalis centralis, Havers-Kanäle, Leeuwenhoek's canals, haversian canalPhysician, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Leeuwenhoek's canalCanalis centralis osteoniOsteonic canalLEEUWENHOEK, Antony vanZentralkanäle, Canalis centralis, Havers-Kanäle, Leeuwenhoek's canals, haversian canalMicrobiologistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Arnold's ganglionGanglion oticumOtic ganglionARNOLD, FriedrichGanglion of ArnoldAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Schabadasch plexusPlexus nervosus submucosus externusOuter submucosal enteric plexusSCHABADASCH, Arnold LeonowitschNeurohistologistRussia, Russian, Россия
Henle layerStratum externum vaginae radicularisOutermost layer of inner root sheath of hair follicleHENLE, Friedrich Gustav JakobHenle-Schichtphysician, pathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Passavant's ridgeCrista palatopharyngeaPalatopharyngeal ridgePASSAVANT, Phillip GustavPassavant's bar, Passavant's pad, Passavant-WulstSurgeonGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Wirsung's ductDuctus pancreaticusPancreatic ductWIRSUNG, Johann Georg WolffDuctus pancreaticus major, Ductus Wirsungi, Duct of Wirsung, Ductus wirsungianusAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Islets of LangerhansInsulae pancreaticaePancreatic isletsLANGERHANS, PaulEndocrine pancreas, Pars endocrina pancreatis, Langerhans-InselnPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Paneth cellsCellula panethensisPaneth cellsPANETH, JosephLarge secretory cells containing coarse granules, found at the blind end of the crypts of Lieberkühn (the intestinal glands). Cells at base of intestinal crypts, Exocrinocytus cum granulis acidophilisPhysiologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
ducts of BelliniDuctus colligensPapillary ductsBELLINI, LorenzoRenal collecting ductsPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Bodies of ZuckerkandlGlomus paraaorticum abdominalePara-aortic paragangliaZUCKERKANDL, EmilParaaortic paraganglia, Corpora paraaortica, Glomera aortica abdominalia, Paraaortic bodies, Abdominal aortic glomera, AnatomistHungary, Hungarian, Magyar
Burow's veinsVenae paraumbilicalesPara-umbilical veinsBUROW, Karl August vonParaumbilical veins, Venae parumbilicales, Venae Sappeyi, Venae adumbilicales, Sappey's veins, Burow's veinsSurgeonRussia, Russian, Россия
Veins of SappeyVenae paraumbilicalesPara-umbilical veinsSAPPEY, Marie Philibert ConstantParaumbilical veins, Venae parumbilicales, Venae Sappeyi, Venae adumbilicales, Sappey's veins, Veins of Burow veinsAnatomistFrance, French, français
Skene's ductsDuctus paraurethrales femininiPara-urethral ducts of female urethraSKENE, AlexanderParaurethral ducts of female urethraGynaecologistUSA, America, American
Skene's ductsDuctus paraurethrales masculiniPara-urethral ducts of male urethraSKENE, AlexanderParaurethral ducts of male urethra, Canales paraurethralesGynaecologistUSA, America, American
Skene's glandGlandulae paraurethrales femininaePara-urethral glands of female urethraSKENE, AlexanderGuérin's gland, Glandula paraurethralis; paraurethral glands of female, Prostata femininaGynaecologistUSA, America, American
Skene's glandGlandulae paraurethrales masculinaePara-urethral glands of male urethraSKENE, AlexanderParaurethral glands of male urethraGynaecologistUSA, America, American
Kölliker-Fuse nucleusNuclei parabrachialisParabrachial nucleiFUSE, GennosukeSuprabrachial nucleus, nucleus subparabrachialis, Kölliker-Fuse-Kern, 布施 現之助EmbryologistJapanese. Japan, 日本語
Kölliker-Fuse nucleusNuclei parabrachialisParabrachial nucleiKÖLLIKER, Rudolf Albert vonSuprabrachial nucleus, nucleus subparabrachialis, Kölliker-Fuse-Kernanatomist, physiologist, histologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Organ of GiraldèsParadidymisParadidymisGIRALDES, JoaquimOrgan of Giraldès, Organ of Giraldes, Waldeyer's organSurgeon, anatomistPortuguese, português, portuguesa, Portugal, Lusófonos
Waldeyer's organParadidymisParadidymisWALDEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm GottfriedOrgan of Giraldès, Organ of Giraldes, Waldeyer's organAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Müllerian ductDuctus paramesonephricusParamesonephric ductMULLER, Johannes PeterMüller-GangPhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Glands of MorgagniGlandulae paraurethralesParaurethral glandsMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaSkene's glands, Glands of Littré, Glands of LittrePhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Sulcus of GratioletSulcus parietooccipitalisParieto-occipital sulcusGRATIOLET, Louis PierreParietooccipital sulcus, sulcus parietooccipitalis of GratioletAnatomistFrance, French, français
passage of GratioletArcus parietooccipitalisParietooccipital arcGRATIOLET, Louis Pierrefirst parietooccipital passage of GratioletAnatomist, zoologiostFrance, French, français
Kobelt's tubulesParoophoronParoophoronKOBELT, Georg LudwigParoöphoronAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Stensen's ductDuctus parotideusParotid ductSTENSEN, NielsStensen-GangAnatomist, Geologist, BishopDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Shrapnell's membranePars flaccida membranae tympanicaePars flaccida of tympanic membraneSHRAPNELL, Henry JonesShrapnell-MembranSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Broca's areaGyrus triangularisPars triangularis and pars opercularis of the inferior frontal gyrusBROCA, Pierre PaulPars opercularis, pars triangularis, area 44, area 45Physician, anthropologistFrance, French, français
Cooper's ligamentLigamentum pectineumPectineal ligamentCOOPER, Astley PastonLigamentum pectineale, Cooper's ligamentSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Bundle of LoewyPedunculus flocculiPeduncle of flocculusLOEWY, Arthur DeCostaLoewy's bundleAnatomist, neuroscientistUSA, America, American
Boyd's veinVena perforansPerforating veinBOYD, Alexander MichaelBoyd-VenenVascular surgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Cockett's veinsPerforator VeinsCOCKETT, Frank BernardCockett-VenenSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Dodd's veinsPerforator VeinsDODD, William Harold AlfredDodd-VenenSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Buck's fasciaFascia perineiPerineal fasciaBUCK, GordonFascia investiens superficialis perinei, Superficial investing fascia of perineum, Deep perineal fascia, Fascia superficialis perinei, Gallaudet's fasciaSurgeon, plastic surgeonUSA, America, American
Space of MallSpatium periportalePeriportal spaceMALL, Franklin PainePeriportal space of MallPathologistUSA, America, American
Ito cellCellula perisinusoidalis; Cellula accumulans adipemPerisinusoidal cellITO, ToshioFat storing cell; Hepatic stellate cell, Ito-ZelleanatomistJapanese. Japan, 日本語, 日本
Space of DisseSpatium perisinusoideumPerisinusoidal spaceDISSE, JosephDisse-RaumAnatomist, histologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Glisson's capsuleCapsula fibrosa perivascularisPerivascular fibrous capsuleGLISSON, FrancisCapsula Glissoni, Glisson-KapselanatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Virchow-Robin spacesPerivascular spacesROBIN, Charles-PhilippeVirchow-Robin-Räume, pial-lined interstitial fluid-filled spaces in the brain that surround perforating vesselsAnatomist, histologistFrance, French, français
Virchow-Robin spacesPerivascular spacesVIRCHOW, Rudolf Ludwig KarlVirchow-Robin-Räume, pial-lined interstitial fluid-filled spaces in the brain that surround perforating vesselsPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Vein of DandyVena petrosaPetrosal vein (of cerebellum)DANDY, Walter EdwardneurosurgeonUSA, America, American
Gruber's ligamentLigamentum sphenopetrosum superiusPetrosphenoidal ligamentGRUBER, Wenzel LeopoldLigamentum petroclinoideum, Petroclinoid ligamentAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Glaserian fissureFissura petrotympanicaPetrotympanic fissureGLASER, Johann HeinrichFissura Glasseri, Canal Huguier, Glaser-SpalteBotanist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Waldeyer's ringAnulus lymphoideus pharyngisPharyngeal lymphoid ringWALDEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm GottfriedWaldeyer-RachenringAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Fossa of RosenmüllerRecessus pharyngeusPharyngeal recessROSENMULLER, Johann ChristianFossa of Rosenmuller, recessus pharyngialis, recessus pharyngicus, recessus rosenmulleri, Rosenmüller-GrubeSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tonsil of LuschkaTonsilla pharyngeaPharyngeal tonsilLUSCHKA, HubertTonsilla pharyngealis, Tonsilla pharyngica, Luschka-MandelAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Mouth of KillianConstrictio pharyngooesophageaPharyngo-oesophageal constrictionKILLIAN, GustavPharyngoesophageal constriction, Constrictio pharyngooesophagealis, Introitus oesophageiGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bell’s internal respiratory nerveNervus phrenicusPhrenic nerveBELL, CharlesInternal respiratory nerve of BellPhysician, anatomistScottish, Scotland
Nuel spaceCuniculus intermediusPilar-hair cell spaceNUEL, Jean-PierreSpace of Nuel, intermediate tunnelPhysiologistBelgium, Belgian, Belgen, Belges, Belgier
Ligament of BarkowLigamentum pisohamatumPisohamate ligamentBARKOW, HansanatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
pons VaroliiPonsPonsVAROLIO, CostanzoVarolio-Brücke, bridge of VaroliusAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Barrington's nucleusCentrum micturitionisPontine micturition centreBARRINGTON, Frederick James FitzmauriceM-region, Regio MUrologistEngland, English, UK, British
Waterbed of HiltonCisterna pontocerebellarisPontocerebellar cisternHILTON, JohnSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Cruveilhier's plexusPlexus cervicalis posteriorPosterior cervical plexusCRUVEILHIER, Jean CruveilhierPathologistFrance, French, français
Fascia of ZuckerkandlLamina posterior fasciae renalisPosterior layer of renal fasciaZUCKERKANDL, EmilPosterior perirenal fascia, Toldt's fascia, Zuckerkandl-FaszieAnatomistHungary, Hungarian, Magyar
Fasciculus of SchützFasciculus longitudinalis posteriorPosterior longitudinal fasciculusSCHÜTZ, HugoBundle of Schütz, Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus, Schütz-BündelPsychiatrist, neurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Ligament of RobertLigamentum meniscofemorale posteriusPosterior meniscofemoral ligamentROBERT, César AlphonseRobert's ligament, Ligament of WrisbergSurgeonFrance, French, français
Ligament of WrisbergLigamentum meniscofemorale posteriusPosterior meniscofemoral ligamentWRISBERG, Heinrich AugustRobert's ligamentGynaecologist and anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Latarjet's posterior nerveNervus posterior curvaturae minorisPosterior nerve of lesser curvatureLATARJET, AndréPosterior nerve of Latarjet, Greater posterior gastric nerve, latargetAnatomistFrance, French, français
area of WernickePosterior part of the superior temporal gyrusWERNICKE, KarlReceptive language area of Wernicke, Wernicke-SprachzentrumNeurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tract of FlechsigTractus spinocerebellaris posteriorPosterior spinocerebellar tractFLECHSIG, Paul Emil Dorsal spinocerebellar tractpsychiatry, neurologyGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Walther's oblique ligamentLigamentum talofibulare posteriusPosterior talofibular ligamentWALTHER, Augustin FriedrichAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Meynert's decussationDecussatio tegmentalis posteriorPosterior tegmental decussationMEYNERT, Theodor HermannDorsal tegmental decussation, Meynert-Haubenkreuzung, Decussation of tectobulbospinal tractpsychiatrist, neuropathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Von Gudden’s nucleusNucleus tegmentalis posteriorPosterior tegmental nucleusGUDDEN, Bernhard Aloys von Nucleus tegmentalis dorsalis, Dorsal tegmental nucleus, Dorsal tegmental nucleus of Gudden, Psychiatrist, neuroanatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Clarke's nucleusNucleus thoracicus posteriorPosterior thoracic nucleusCLARKE, Jacob August LockhartNucleus dorsalis, Dorsal thoracic nucleus, Clarke’s column, Nucleus of Stilling-Clarke, Nucleus dorsalis, Nucleus thoracicus, Columna thoracica, Nucleus Stillingi, Nucleus ClarkiNeurologist, physiologistEngland, English, UK, British
Nucleus of Stilling-ClarkeNucleus thoracicus posteriorPosterior thoracic nucleusSTILLING, BenedictNucleus dorsalis, Dorsal thoracic nucleus, Clarke’s column, Nucleus of Stilling-Clarke, Nucleus dorsalis, Nucleus thoracicus, Columna thoracica, Nucleus Stillingi, Nucleus ClarkiSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Zuckerkandl tuberclePosterior thyroid tubercleZUCKERKANDL, EmilAnatomistHungary, Hungarian, Magyar
Lissauer's tractFasciculus posterolateralisPosterolateral tractLISSAUER, HeinrichTractus dorsolateralis, Lissauer’s tract, Zone of Lissauer, Dorsolateral tractNeurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
marginal tract of SpitzkaFasciculus posterolateralisPosterolateral tractSPITZKA, Edward CharlesTractus dorsolateralis, Lissauer’s tract, Zone of Lissauer, Dorsolateral tractNeurologist, anatomistUSA, America, American
Kager's fat padPre-Achilles fat padKAGER, Hansorthopedic surgeonGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Kager's trianglePre-Achilles triangleKAGER, HansKager-Dreieckorthopedic surgeonGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Meynert's notchIncisura preoccipitalisPre-occipital notchMEYNERT, Theodor HermanPreoccipital notch, incisure of Meynertpsychiatrist, neuropathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Jackson's membrane/veilFascia precaecocolicaPrecaecocolic fasciaJACKSON, Jabez NorthJackson's veil, Prececocolic fascia, Jackson's membrane, Fascia praecaecocolicaSurgeon, anatomistUSA, America, American
Marburg's nucleusNucleus prepositusPrepositus nucleusMARBURG, OttoNucleus of Marburg, nucleus propositus hypoglossineurologist, neuropathologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Tyson's glandsGlandulae preputialesPreputial glandsTYSON, EdwardPhysician, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Mayo's veinVena prepyloricaPrepyloric veinMAYO, William JamesVena praepylorica, Vein of MayoSurgeonUSA, America, American
Nasmyth's membraneCuticula dentisPrimary enamel cuticleNASMYTH, AlexanderNasmyth-MembranDentistEngland, English, UK, British
Santorini's muscleMusculus procerusProcerus muscleSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoDepressor glabellae, musculus depressor glabellaeAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Denonvilliers fasciaFascia prostatoseminalisProstato-seminal fasciaDENONVILLIERS, Charles-PierreProstatoseminal fascia, Fascia prostatoseminovesicularis, Prostato-seminal vesicular fascia, anatomist, plastic surgeonFrance, French, français
Bochdalek's (flower) basketProtrusion of the choroid plexus through the foramina of LuschkaBOCHDALEK, Vincent AlexanderBochdaleksches BlumenkörbchenAnatomistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Cloquet's nodeNodus inguinalis profundus proximalisProximal deep inguinal nodeCLOQUET, Jules GermainGland of Rosenmüller, Node of Rosenmüller, Node of Rosenmuller, Node of Cloquet, Cloquet's gland, Cloquet’s ganglionSurgeonFrance, French, français
Node of RosenmüllerNodus inguinalis profundus proximalisProximal deep inguinal nodeROSENMULLER, Johann ChristianGland of Rosenmüller, Node of Rosenmüller, Node of Rosenmuller, Node of Cloquet, Cloquet's gland, Rosenmüller-LymphknotenSurgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Vidian canalCanalis pterygoideusPterygoid canalVIDIUS, VidusVidian canal, Canalis Vidii, GUIDI, GuidoAnatomistFrance, French, français
Meckel's ganglionGanglion pterygopalatinumPterygopalatine ganglionMECKEL, Johann FriedrichGanglion of Meckel, ganglion sphenopalatinum, Meckel-GanglionAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Civinini processProcessus pterygospinosusPterygospinous processCIVININI, FilippoAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Alcock's canalCanalis pudendalisPudendal canalALCOCK, BenjaminAlcockscher KanalAnatomistIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Lallouette's pyramidLobus pyramidalisPyramidal lobeLALOUETTE, PierreAnatomistFrance, French, français
Bergmann gliaAstrocytus radians cerebelliRadial astrocyte of cerebellumBERGMANN, Gottlieb HeinrichRadial astrocytes, Bergmann-GliaPsychiatristGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Bergmann fibreProcessus radians astrocyti epithelialis cerebelliRadial fibre of cerebellar astrocyteBERGMANN, Gottlieb HeinrichPsychiatristGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Rouget's muscleFibrae radiales musculi ciliarisRadial fibres of the Ciliary muscleROUGET, Charles Marie BenjaminphysiologistFrance, French, français
Müller radial cellGliocytus radialisRadial glial cellMÜLLER, HeinrichMüller-StützzelleAnatomist, physiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Columns of MorgagniColumnae analesRectal columnsMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaAnal columns, columnae rectales, columnae morgagnii, Morgagni-SäulenPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Fold of DouglasPlica rectouterinaRecto-uterine foldDOUGLAS, JamesRectouterine fold, Plica Douglasi, Fold of Douglas, Douglas-FalteAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Pouch of DouglasExcavatio rectouterinaRecto-uterine pouchDOUGLAS, JamesRectouterine pouch, Cavum Douglasi, Pouch of Douglas, Douglas-RaumAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Denonvilliers fasciaFascia rectoprostaticaRectoprostatic fasciaDENONVILLIERS, Charles-PierreSeptum rectovesicale, Rectovesical septum, Fascia peritoneoperinealis, Denonvillier-Faszie, Rectovesical fasciaanatomist, plastic surgeonFrance, French, français
Tyrrell's fasciaFascia rectoprostaticarectoprostatic fasciaTYRRELL, FrederickSeptum rectovesicale, Rectovesical septum, Fascia peritoneoperinealisSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Renshaw cellInterneuron inhibitorium recurrens laminae spinalis VIIRecurrent inhibitory interneuron of spinal lamina VIIRENSHAW, Birdsey Renshaw-ZelleNeurophysiologistUSA, America, American
Colles ligamentLigamentum inguinale reflexumReflected inguinal ligamentCOLLES, AbrahamLigamentum reflexum, Colles' ligament, ligamenti inguinalisSurgeon and anatomistIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Bertin's columnsColumnae renalesRenal columnsBERTIN, Exupère JosephCortical columns, Bertini-SäulenAnatomistFrance, French, français
Toldt's fasciaFascia renalisRenal fasciaTOLDT, KarlGerota's fascia (anterior layer), Fascia of (posterior layer) Anatomist Austria, Österreicher, Austrian
Malphigian pyramidPyramis renalisRenal pyramidMALPIGHI, MarcelloPyramis Malphigii, Malpighi-SchichtPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Hallers reteRete testisRete testisHALLER, Albrecht vonRete Halleri, Haller's reteanatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Lenhossek's processProcessus reticularisReticular processLENHOSSÉK, Joseph vonAnatomistHungary, Hungarian, Magyar
Michel's arteriesArteriae retroduodenalesRetroduodenal arteriesMICHEL, GastonSurgeonFrance, French, français
Boyer's bursaBursa retrohyoideaRetrohyoid bursaBOYER, AlexisBursa musculi thyreohyoideiSurgeonFrance, French, français
Space of BogrosSpatium retroinguinaleRetroinguinal spaceBOGROS, Annet JeanRetro-inguinal spaceAnatomistFrance, French, français
Nodes of RouvièreNodi retropharyngeiRetropharyngeal lymph nodesROUVIERE, HenriRouvière-LymphknotenAnatomistFrance, French, français
Cave of RetziusSpatium retropubicumRetropubic spaceRETZIUS, AndersSpatium praevesicale, Cave of Retzius, Retzius-RaumAnatomistSweden, Swedish, svenska
Santorini's muscleMusculus risoriusRisorius muscleSANTORINI, Giovanni DomenicoMuscle of AlbinusAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Hunter's ligamentLigamentum teres uteriRound ligament of uterusHUNTER, WilliamLigament of HunterAnatomistEngland, English, UK, British
von Monakow's tractTractus rubrospinalisRubrospinal tractMONAKOW, Constantin vonTract of von Monakow, Monakow-BahnneuroanatomistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland, Russian
Sibson's fascia Fascia scalenaScalene fasciaSIBSON, FrancisPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Lisfranc tubercleTuberculum musculi scaleni anterioris costae primaeScalene tubercleLISFRANC, JacquesTuberculum scalenum, Tuberculum scaleni LisfranciSurgeonFrance, French, français
Sibson's muscleMusculus scalenus minimusScalenus minimus muscleSIBSON, FrancisPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Schlemm's canalSinus venosus scleraeScleral venous sinusSCHLEMM, FriedrichSchlemm-Kanal, Canal at junction of cornea and scleraAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Sulcus of EberstallerSulcus intermedius secundusSecond intermediate sulcus EBERSTALLER, OscarEberstaller's sulcus, Diagonal sulcus of frontal lobe, sulcus intermedius secundusAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Reichert cartilageCartilago arcus pharyngei primiSecond pharyngeal arch cartilageREICHERT, Karl BogislausReichert-KnorpelAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Spiegelian lineLinea semilunarisSemilunar lineSPIEGEL, Adriaan van denSpieghel-Linie, Van den Spieghel's line, Spighel's line, Linea SpigeliAnatomistFlemish
Brodie's bursaBursa musculi semimembranosiSemimembranosus bursaBRODIE, Benjamin CollinsBursa fibularis musculus semimembranaceSurgeon, physiologistEngland, English, UK, British
Lobulus ansiformis of BolkLobuli semilunaresSeminlunar lobules of posterior part of cerebellar hemisphereBOLK, LodewijkLobulus HVIIA, Lobulus ansiformisAnatomistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Nerve of WrisbergNervus intermedius nervi facialisSensory root of facial nerveWRISBERG, Heinrich AugustIntermediate nerveGynaecologist and anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Muscle of LancisiMusculus papillaris septalis ventriculi dextriSeptal papillary muscle of right ventricleLANCISI, Giovanni MariaSeptal papillary muscle of the infundibulum, Medial papillary muscle, Conal papillary muscle, Muscle of Lancisiphysician, epidemiologist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Leonardo's cordTrabecula septomarginalisSeptomarginal trabeculada VINCI, LeonardoModerator band, Leonardo's cord, Da Vinci's cord, Leonardo-MuskelbalkenPolymathItalian, Italy, italiano
Ebner crescentSemiluna serosaSerous demiluneEBNER, Viktor Ritter von RosensteinEbner-Halbmonde, Seröser Halbmond; Serous crescent, demilune of Gianuzzi, Gianuzzi-Halbmonde, Demilunes of Heidenhain, Ebner crescentHistologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
crescent of GiannuzziSemiluna serosaSerous demiluneGIANNUZZI, Giuseppe OronzoSeröser Halbmond; Serous crescent, demilune of Gianuzzi, Gianuzzi-Halbmonde, Demilunes of Heidenhain, Ebner crescentPhysiologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Demilunes of HeidenhainSemiluna serosaSerous demiluneHEIDENHAIN, Rudolf Peter HeinrichSeröser Halbmond; Serous crescent, demilune of Gianuzzi, Gianuzzi-Halbmonde, Demilunes of Heidenhain, Ebner crescentPhysiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Flack nodeNodus sinuatrialisSinoatrial nodeFLACK, MartinSA node, Sinu-atrial node, Sinuatrial nodePhysiologistEngland, English, UK, British
Node of Keith-FlackNodus sinuatrialisSinoatrial nodeKEITH, ArthurSA node, Sinu-atrial node, Sinuatrial node, scientific racismAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Koch's nodeNodus sinuatrialisSinoatrial nodeKOCH, WalterSA node, Sinu-atrial node, Sinuatrial nodePathologist, cardiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Antrum of HighmoreSinus maxillaeSinus of maxillaHIGHMORE, NathanielBony maxillary sinus, Sinus maxillaris osseusPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Ventricle of VergaVentriculus VergaeSixth ventricleVERGA, AndreaVentriculus Vergae, Cavum psalterii, cavum psalterii, cavum vergae, sixth ventriclePsychiatrist, neurologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Thebesian veinsVenae cardiacae minimaeSmallest cardiac veinsTHEBESIUS, Adam ChristianCardiac venae minimae, venae cordis minimae, Thebesische VenenAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Respiratory bundle of GierkeTractus solitariusSollitary tractGIERKE, Hans Paul BernhardAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Spaces of FontanaSpatia anguli iridocornealisSpaces of iridocorneal angleFONTANA, Abbé FeliceFontana-RaumPhilosopher, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Ónodi cellCellula sphenoethmoidalisSphenoethmoidal air cellÓNODI, AdolfÓnodi-Grünwald-Zelle, air cell, ENT surgeon, laryngologistHungary, Hungarian, Magyar
Bertin's boneConcha sphenoidalisSphenoidal conchaBERTIN, Exupère JosephSphenoidal turbinate, Concha ossis sphenoidisAnatomistFrance, French, français
Foramen of VesaliusForamen venosumSphenoidal emissary foramenVESALIUS, AndreasForamen of Vesalius, Foramen VesaliiAnatomist, physicianFlemish
sinus of BreschetSinus sphenoparietalisSphenoparietal sinusBRESCHET, GilbertVeins of BreschetAnatomistFrance, French, français
Canal of HyrtlForamen sphenotemporaleSphenotemporal foramenHYRTL, JosephCanal of Hyrtl, Porus crotaphyticobuccinatorius, Orbitomeningeal foramenAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Sphincter of OddiSphincter ampullaeSphincter of ampullaODDI, RuggeroMusculus sphincter ampullae (hepatopancreaticae), Sphincter of the hepatopancreatic ampullaPhysiologist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
sphincter of BoydenSphincter ductus biliarisSphincter of bile ductBOYDEN, Edward AllenMusculus sphincter ductus choledochi, Four-part sphincter of BoydenAnatomistUSA, America, American
Substance of RolandoSubstantia gelatinosaSpinal lamina IIROLANDO, LuigiLamina spinalis II, Gelatinous substance of posterior horn, Substance of Rolando, Substantia RolandiAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Rexed's laminaeLaminae spinales ISpinal laminaeREXED, Bror AndersLaminae of the spinal cord, Rexed-Schema, Zona marginalisAnatomistSweden, Swedish, svenska
Bechterew's bundleTractus spinoolivarisSpino-olivary tractBEKHTEREV, Vladimir Michalovich vonSpinoolivary tract, fibrae spinoolivares, Bekhterev, Влади́мир Миха́йлович Бе́хтеревPsychiatrist, neurologistRussia, Russian, Россия
Tract of HelwegTractus spinoolivarisSpino-olivary tractHELWEG, Hans Kristian SaxtrophSpinoolivary tract, Fibrae spinoolivares, Spinoolivary fibers, Helweg's tractpsychiatristDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Bundle of HeldTractus tectospinalisSpinotectal tractHELD, HansHeld's bundlephysicianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Spiral valves of HeisterPlica spiralisSpiral mucosal fold of the cystic ductHEISTER, LorenzHeister's valve, Valvula spiralis, Valvula Heisteri, Spiral valve of Heister, Heister's valve, ductus cystici vesicae biliaris, Heister-KlappeSurgeon, botanistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
organ of CortiOrganum spiraleSpiral organCORTI, AlfonsoOrganum Cortii, Organon spirale, Organon Cortii, Organ of CortiAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Schweigger-Seidel sheathVagina periarteriolaris macrophagocyticaSplenic ellipsoidSCHWEIGGER-SEIDEL, FranzSchweigger-Seidel-HülsenPhysiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Malpighian corpusclesPulpa splenis Splenic pulpMALPIGHI, MarcelloPulpa splenica, Pulpa lienalis, Pulpa lienis, Malpighi-KörperchenPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Criminal fold of MorgensternPlica splenomentalisSplenomental ligamentMORGENSTERN, LeonSplenomental fold, criminal foldSurgeonUSA, America, American
Kupffer cellMacrophagocytus stellatusStellate macrophageKUPFFER, Karl Wilhelm von[von] Kupffer-Sternzelle, Kupffer–Browicz cellsAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Verheyen starsVenae stellataeStellate venulesVERHEYEN, PhilipeVerheyen-Venen, stellate veins, stellate venules, stellulae verheyenii, Verheyen starsSurgeon, anatomistFlemish
Angle of LouisAngulus sterniSternal angleLOUIS, Pierre Charles AlexandreAngle of Ludwig, Angle of Ludovicus, Angulus sternalis, Angulus LudoviciPhysicianFrance, French, français
Larrey's triangleTrigonum sternocostaleSternocostal triangleLARREY, Jean Dominique deSternocostal hiatus, Larrey-SpalteSurgeonFrance, French, français
Triangle of MorgagniTrigonum sternocostaleSternocostal triangleMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaSternocostal hiatusPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Foramina of MorgagniSternocostalis triangulorumSternocostal trianglesMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaCongentinal hiatus between sternal and costal parts of diaphragmPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Edinger's Comb SystemFibrae striatonigralesStriatonigral fibresEDINGER, LudwigEdinger's KammsystemAnatomist, neurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Pencil bundles of WilsonFibrae striatopallidalesStriatopallidal fibersWILSON, Samuel Alexander KinnierNeurologistUSA, America, American
Paraolfactory area of BrocaArea subcallosaSubcallosal areaBROCA, Pierre PaulArea parolfactoria Brocae, Adolfactory area, Paraolfactory area of Broca, Area paraolfactoriusPhysician, anthropologistFrance, French, français
Bundle of MuratovFasciculus subcallosusSubcallosal bundleMURATOV, Vladimir AleksandrovichSubcallosal fasciculus, MuratoffNeurologistRussia, Russian, Россия
Colles fasciaFascia superficialis penisSubcutaneous tissue of penisCOLLES, AbrahamColles' fascia, Superficial penile fascia, Superficial fascia of penis, Tela subcutanea penisSurgeon and anatomistIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Purkinje fiberMyofibra conducens purkinjiensis Subendocardiac conductive networkPURKINJE, Jan EvangelistaPurkinje-Fasern, Myofibra cardiaca conducensAnatomist, PhysiologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Purkinje fibresReticulum conducens subendocardiacumSubendocardiac conductive networkPURKINJE, Jan EvangelistaPurkinje-FasernAnatomist, PhysiologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Roller's nucleusNucleus subhypoglossalisSubhypoglossal nucleusROLLER, Christian Friedrich WilhelmNucleus of RollerNeurologist, psychiatristGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Gland of RivinusGlandula sublingualisSublingual glandRINVUS, Augustus QuirinusRivinus glandPhysiologist, botanistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Wharton's ductDuctus submandibularisSubmandibular ductWHARTON, ThomasDuctus submaxillaris, Ductus WhartoniPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Brunner's glandsGlandulae duodenalesSubmucosal glands of the duodenumBRUNNER, Johann KonradGlandulae Brunneri, Brunner's glands, Duodenal submucosal glands, Glandulae submucosae duodenales, Brunner-Drüsen, AnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Meissner's plexusPlexus submucosusSubmucosal plexusMEISSNER, GeorgSubmucous plexus, Remak's plexus, Meissner-PlexusAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Remak's plexusPlexus submucosusSubmucosal plexusREMAK, RobertMeissner's plexus, submucous plexus, Remak-PlexusPathologistPoland, Polish, Polskie
Soemmerring's substanceSubstantia nigraSubstantia nigraSOEMMERRING, Samuel ThomasSoemmering, Sömmerringphysician, anatomist, anthropologist, paleontologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Nucleus of LuysNucleus subthalamicusSubthalamic nucleusLUYS, Jules BernardCorpus of Luys, Corpus Luysii, Nucleus hypothalamicus, Corpus luysiiNeurologistFrance, French, français
Subthalamic nucleus of LuysNucleus subthalamicusSubthalamic nucleusLUYS, Jules BernardLuys' bodyNeurologistFrance, French, français
Tract of MarieFasciculus sulcomarginalis funiculi anteriorisSulcomarginal fasciculusMARIE, PierreNeurologistFrance, French, français
Gallaudet's fasciaFascia investiens superficialisSuperficial investing fascia of perineumGALLAUDET, Bern BuddFascia investiens superficialis perinei, Superficial investing fascia of perineum, Deep perineal fascia, Fascia superficialis perinei, Gallaudet's fasciaSurgeon, anatomistUSA, America, American
Van Gehuchten cellNeuron juxtaglomerulareSuperficial short axon cellsGEHUCHTEN, Arthur van van Gehuchten-Zelle, VG cellAnatomistBelgium, Belgian, Belgen, Belges, Belgier
Stripe of Kaes-BechterewSublamina superficialias 3a, Kaes-Bechterew-StreifenSuperficial sublayer 3a of cerebral cortexBEKHTEREV, Vladimir Michalovich vonBekhterevneurologist, psychiatristRussia, Russian, Россия
Stripe of Kaes-BechterewSublamina superficialias 3a, Kaes-Bechterew-StreifenSuperficial sublayer 3a of cerebral cortexKAES, TheodorAnatomist, neurologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Theile's muscleMusculus transversus perinei superficialisSuperficial transverse perineal muscleTHEILE, Friedrich WilliamThielePhysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Trolard's veinVena anastomotica superiorSuperior anastomotic veinTROLARD, PaulinVein of Trolard, Trolard-VeneAnatomistFrance, French, français
Denonvilliers fasciaFascia superior diaphragmatis pelvisSuperior fascia of pelvic diaphragmDENONVILLIERS, Charles-PierreFascia interna diaphragmatis pelvis, Pars diaphragmatica fasciae pelvis,anatomist, plastic surgeonFrance, French, français
Ganglion of EhrenritterGanglion superius nervi glossopharyngeiSuperior ganglion of glossopharyngeal nerveEHRENRITTER, JohannGanglion intracraniale nervi glossopharyngei, Ganglion rostralis nervi glossopharyngei, Ehrenritter's Ganglion, AnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Lesshaft's triangleTrigonum lumbale superiusSuperior lumbar triangeLEESHAFT, Pjotr F.Grynfeltt triangle, Lesshaft's space, Lesshaft-Dreieck, ЛесгафтPhysicianRussia, Russian, Россия
Grynfeltt triangleTrigonum lumbale superiusSuperior lumbar triangleGRYNFELTT, Joseph CasimirGrynfelt-DreieckGynaecologistFrance, French, français
Valve of VieussensVelum medullare superiusSuperior medullary velum of fourth ventriclede VIEUSSENS, RaymondSuperior boundary of fourth ventricleAnatomistFrance, French, français
Prussak's spaceRecessus superiorSuperior recess of the middle earPRUSSAK, AlexanderOtologistRussia, Russian, Россия
Kohnstamm's nucleusNucleus salivatorius superiorSuperior salivatory nucleusKOHNSTAMM, OskarNucleos of KohnstammNeurologist, psychiatristGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Müller's muscleMusculus tarsalis superiorSuperior tarsal muscleMÜLLER, HeinrichLamina profunda levatoris palpebrae superioris, Müller-MuskelAnatomist, physiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Angular nucleus of BechterewNucleus vestibularis superiorSuperior vestibular nucleusBEKHTEREV, Vladimir Michalovich vonBechterew's nucleus, Bekhterev, Nucleus vestibularis cranialis, Nucleus vestibularis rostralis, Bechterew-Kern, Bekhterev, Влади́мир Миха́йлович Бе́хтеревneurologist, psychiatristRussia, Russian, Россия
Wilkie's arteryArteria supraduodenalisSupraduodenal arteryWILKIE, David Percival DalbreckSurgeonScottish, Scotland
Macewen's triangleFoveola suprameatalisSuprameatal foveaMACEWEN, WilliamFoveola suprameaticusSurgeonScottish, Scotland
Henle's spineSpina suprameatalisSuprameatal spineHENLE, Friedrich Gustav JakobSpina suprameatica, spina supra meatumphysician, pathologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Sibson's fasciaMembrana suprapleuralisSuprapleural membraneSIBSON, FrancisPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Space of BurnsSpatium suprasternaleSuprasternal spaceBURNS, AllanBurns spaceAnatomistScottish, Scotland
Campbell's ligamentLigamentum suspensorium axillaeSuspensory ligament of axillaCAMPBELL, William Francis Gerdy's ligamentSurgeonUSA, America, American
Gerdy's ligament Ligamentum suspensorium axillaeSuspensory ligament of axillaGERDY, Pierre NicolasCampbell's ligamentphysicianFrance, French, français
Lockwood's ligamentLigamentum suspensorium bulbi oculiSuspensory ligament of eyeballLOCKWOOD, Charles BarrettLockwood’s ligamentSurgeon, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Ligament of Treitzligament suspensorium duodeniSuspensory ligament of the duodenumTREITZ, WenzelTreitz-BandPathologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Berry's ligamentLigamentum suspensorium glandulae thyreoideaeSuspensory ligament of thyroid glandBERRY, JamesSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Cooper's ligamentsLigamenta suspensoria mammariaSuspensory ligaments of breastCOOPER, Astley PastonRetinaculum cutis mammae, Suspensory retinaculum of breast, ligamenta suspensoria mammae, Cooper’s ligamentsSurgeonEngland, English, UK, British
Muscle of TreitzMusculus suspensorius duodeniSuspensory muscle of duodenumTREITZ, WenzelTreitz-MuskelPathologistCzech, čeština, Tschechisch
Wormian boneOs suturaleSutural boneWORM, OleSutural bone of skull, Olaus Wormiusphysician, anatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Gray's type I synapseSynapsis symmetricaSymmetrical synapseGRAY, Edward GeorgeType 1 synapseanatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Haversian foldPlicae synovialesSynovial foldHAVERS, CloptonPlice articularis, Haversian foldPhysician, anatomistEngland, English, UK, British
Meissne's corpuscleCorpusculum ovoideumTactile corpusculeMEISSNER, GeorgMeißner-TastkörperchenAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Merkel cellEpitheliocytus tactilisTactile epithelial cellMERKEL, Friedrich SigmundMerkel-Zellen, Merkel-Ranvier cellsAnatomist, histopathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Merkel's tactile discMeniscus tactilisTactile meniscusMERKEL, Friedrich SigmundCup-shaped expansion of nerve endingAnatomist, histopathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Meibomian glandsGlandulae tarsalesTarsal glandsMEIBOM, HeinrichGlandulae tarseae, glandulae meibomi, Meibom-DrüsenPhysicianGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Lisfranc jointArticulationes tarsometatarsalesTarsometatarsal jointsLISFRANC, JacquesArticulationes tarsometatarsales, Articuli tarsometatarsseae, Lisfranc-GelenklinieSurgeonFrance, French, français
Bundle of TürckFibrae temporopontinae (capsulae internae)Temporopontine fibresTÜRCK, LudwigTürck-BündelNeurologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Camper's chiasmaChiasma tendinumTendinous chiasmCAMPER, PetrusAnatomistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Todaro's tendonTendo valvulae veae cavae inferiorisTendon of inferior pyramidal spaceTODARO, FrancescoTendon of valve of inferior vena cava, Tendo spatii pyramidalis inferioris, Todaro-SehnePhysiologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Golgi tendon organOrganum sensorium tendinisTendon organGOLGI, CamilloGolgi-Sehnenorgan, GTO, neurotendinous organ, neurotendinous spindleAnatomist, biologist, pathologistItalian, Italy, italiano
Eustachian muscleTensor tympaniTensor tympaniEUSTACHI, BartolomeoMusculus tensor tympani, Tensor tympani muscle, AnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Nerve of ArnoldRamus tentorius nervi ophthalmiciTentorial branch of ophthalmic nerveARNOLD, FriedrichRecurrent meningeal branch of ophthalmic nerveAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Hassall bodiesCorpusculum thymicumThymic corpuscles (bodies)HASSALL, Arthur HillThymic corpuscles, Hassall-KörperchenPhysicianEngland, English, UK, British
Hassall-Virchow corpusclesCorpusculum thymicumThymic corpuscles (bodies)VIRCHOW, Rudolf Ludwig KarlThymic corpuscles, Virchow-Hassall-KörperchenPathologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Zone of Obersteiner-RedlichZonae transitionis radicum nervorumTransitional zones of nerve rootsOBERSTEINER, HeinrichRedlich-Obersteiner-Zone, Entry area of dorsal root nerve fibreNeuroanatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Zone of Obersteiner-RedlichZonae transitionis radicum nervorumTransitional zones of nerve rootsREDLICH, EmilRedlich-Obersteiner-Zone, Entry area of dorsal root nerve fibrePsychiatristAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Addison's planePlanum transpyloricumTranspyloric planeADDISON, ChristopherAddison-EbenePhysician, anatomist, politicianEngland, English, UK, British
Ligament of BrodieLigamentum transversum humeriTransverse humeral ligamentBRODIE, Benjamin CollinsSurgeon, physiologistEngland, English, UK, British
Ligament of WeberLigamentum transversum genusTransverse ligament of kneeWEBER, Ernst HeinrichTransverse genicular ligamentPhysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Sulcus of BrissaudSulcus parietalis transversusTransverse parietal sulcusBRISSAUD, ÉdouardSulcus parietalis transversus of BrissaudPhysicianFrance, French, français
Theile's canalSinus transversus pericardiiTransverse pericardial sinusTHEILE, Friedrich WilliamTransverse sinus of pericardial cavity, ThielePhysician, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Ligament of KrauseLigamentum transversum perineiTransverse perineal ligamentKRAUSE, WilhelmLigamentum transversum pelvis, Ligamentum praeurethrale, Preurethral ligament of Waldeyer, Ligament of WinslowAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Preurethral ligament of WaldeyerLigamentum transversum perineiTransverse perineal ligamentWALDEYER, Heinrich Wilhelm GottfriedLigamentum transversum pelvis, Ligamentum praeurethrale, Preurethral ligament of Waldeyer, Ligament of WinslowAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Ligament of WinslowLigamentum transversum perineiTransverse perineal ligamentWINSLOW, Jacob BenignusLigamentum transversum pelvis, Ligamentum praeurethrale, Preurethral ligament of Waldeyer, Ligament of Winslow, Ligament of KrauseAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Houston's valvePlicae transversae rectiTransverse rectal foldsHOUSTON, JohnTransverse folds of rectum, Plicae transversales recti, Valves of Houston, Folds of Houston, Kohlrausch's fold middle fold, Houston-Falte, internal rectal foldsSurgeonIreland, Irish, Gaeilge
Chopart jointArticulatio tarsi transversaTransverse tarsal jointCHOPART, FrançoisMidtarsal joint complex, chopart's joint, Articulatio Choparti, Chopart-GelenkSurgeonFrance, French, français
gyri of HeschlGyri temporales transversiTransverse temporal gyriHESCHL, Richard LadislausHeschlsche Querwindungen, Heschl’s transverse convolutionsPathologist, anatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Kohlrausch's foldPlica transversa rectiTranverse rectal foldsKOHLRAUSCH, OttoTranverse folds of rectum, pilcae transversales recti, Valves of Houston, Folds of Houston, Kohlrausch's fold middle fold, Kohlrausch-FaltePhysician, surgeon, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Koch's triangleTrigonum nodi atrioventricularisTriangle of atrioventricular nodeKOCH, WalterKoch-DreieckPathologist, cardiologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Meckel's caveCavum trigeminaleTrigeminal cavityMECKEL, Johann FriedrichTrigeminal cave, Cavum MeckeliAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Gasserian ganglionGanglion trigeminaleTrigeminal ganglionGASSER, Johann LorenzGanglion semilunare, Semilunar ganglion, Ganglion Gasseri, Ganglion of Gasser, Gasser-GanglionAnatomistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Meckel's grooveImpressio trigeminalisTrigeminal impressionMECKEL, Johann FriedrichImpressio trigemini, Meckel-RinneAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Lieutaud's trigoneTrigonum vesicaeTrigone of bladderLIEUTAUD, JosephTrigonum Lieutaudi, Lieutaud-DreieckPhysician, anatomistFrance, French, français
Eustachian amygdalaTonsilla tubariaTubal tonsilEUSTACHI, BartolomeoGerlach's tonsil, lymphoid, nasopharynxAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Gerlach's tonsilTonsilla tubariaTubal tonsilGERLACH, Joseph vonEustachian amygdalaPhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Gerdy's tubercle Tuberculum tractus iliotibialisTubercle of iliotibial tractGERDY, Pierre NicolasphysicianFrance, French, français
foramen of HuschkeForamen tympanicumTympanic foramenHUSCHKE, EmilAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Rivinus membraneMembrana tympanicaTympanic membraneRINVUS, Augustus QuirinusPhysiologist, botanistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Nerve of ArnoldNervus tympanicusTympanic nerveARNOLD, FriedrichTympanic branch of the glossopharyngeal nerveAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Nerve of JacobsonNervus tympanicusTympanic nerveJACOBSON, Ludwig LevinNerve of ArnoldAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Jacobson's nerveNervus tympanicusTympanic nerveJACOBSON, Ludwig LevinJacobson-Nerv, tympanic branch of the glossopharyngeal nerveAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Rivinus notchIncisura tympanicaTympanic notchRINVUS, Augustus QuirinusIncisura tympanica ossis temporalisPhysiologist, botanistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Jacobson's plexusPlexus tympanicusTympanic plexusJACOBSON, Ludwig LevinPlexus of Jacobson, Jacobson-PlexusAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Guyon's canalCanalis ulnarisUlnar canalGUYON, Jean Casimir FélixGuyon-Loge, Loge de GuyonUrologistFrance, French, français
Uncinate bundle of RussellFasciculus uncinatus cerebelliUncinate fasciculus of cerebellumRUSSELL, WilliamTract of RussellPhysician, pathologistScottish, Scotland
Winslow's pancreasProcessus uncinatus pancreatisUncinate process of pancreasWINSLOW, Jacob BenignusPancreas WinslowiAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Luschka's jointUncovertebral iuncturamUncovertebral jointLUSCHKA, HubertNeurocentral joint, Luschka-GelenkAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Glands of LittréGlandulae urethrales femininaeUrethral glands of female urethraLITTRE, AlexisGlands of Littré, Glands of Littre, Littré-DrüsenSurgeon, AnatomistFrance, French, français
Glands of LittréGlandulae urethrales masculinaeUrethral glands of male urethraLITTRE, AlexisGlands of Littré, Glands of Littre, Littré-DrüsenSurgeon, AnatomistFrance, French, français
Lacunae of MorgagniLacunae urethrales masculinaeUrethral lacunae of male urethraMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaLacunae MorgagniiPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Fallopian tubeTuba uterinaUterine tubeFALLOPPIO, GabrieleSalpinx, salpinges, Tuba Falloppii, Oviduct, Fallopian tube, Botanist, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Ligament of PetitLigamentum rectouterinumUterosacral ligamentPETIT, Jean LouisRectouterine ligament, recto-uterine ligament, ligamentum uterosacrale, Petit-BandSurgeon, anatomistFrance, French, français
Frankenhäuser ganglionPlexus uterovaginalisUterovaginal plexusFRANKENHÄUSER, FerdinandFrankenhäuser-Plexus/GanglionGynaecologistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Valve of VieussensValve between coronary sinus and great cardiac veinde VIEUSSENS, RaymondVieussens valve of the coronary sinusAnatomistFrance, French, français
Thebesian valveValvula sinus coronariiValve of coronary sinusTHEBESIUS, Adam ChristianValva Thebesii, Thebesische KlappeAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Eustachian valveValvula venae cavae inferiorisValve of inferior vena cavaEUSTACHI, BartolomeoEustachian valve, Valvula Eustachii, Valvula venae cavae caudalis, Eustachische KlappeAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Guerin's valveValvula fossae navicularisValve of navicular fossaGUÉRIN, AlphonsePlica fossae navicularisSurgeonFrance, French, français
Volkmann canalCanalis transversusVascular canals in boneVOLKMANN, Alfred WilhelmVolkmann-KanalPhysiologist, anatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Haller's circleCirculus vasculosus nervi opticiVascular circle of optic nerveHALLER, Albrecht vonCirculus vasculosus Hallerianatomist, physiologistSwiss, schweizerisch, Switzerland
Sattler's layerLamina vaculosaVascular layer of choroidSATTLER, HubertVascular lamina of choroid, Haller's layerOphthalmologistAustria, Österreicher, Austrian
Vidian veinsVena canalis pterygoideiVein of pterygoid canalVIDIUS, VidusGUIDI, GuidoAnatomistFrance, French, français
Von Gudden's commissureCommissura supraoptica ventralisVentral supra-optic commissureGUDDEN, Bernhard Aloys von Commissura GuddeniPsychiatrist, neuroanatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Tegmental area of TsaiNuclei areae tegmentalis anteriorisVentral tegmental nucleiTSAI, ChiaoAnterior tegmental nuclei, Dopaminergic cell group A10, Serotonergic cell group BB, Ventral tegmental area of Tsai, Cai Qiao, 蔡翘, 蔡翹physician, physiologistChina, Chinese, 中国, 中國,
AtlasVertebra cervicalis IVertebra C1ATLASVertebra cervicalis I, Vertebra C1, Vertebra C1, Os atlanticum, Atlas boneTitan of endurance, strength, and astronomyAncient Greece
Cruveilhier's nerveNervus vertebralisVertebral nerveCRUVEILHIER, Jean Cruveilhiersympathicus, Nerve of CruveilhierPathologistFrance, French, français
Cruveilhier's plexusPlexus vertebralisVertebral plexusCRUVEILHIER, Jean CruveilhierVisceralis, Plexus of CruveilhierPathologistFrance, French, français
Hydatid of MorgagniAppendices vesiculosaeVesicular appendicesMORGAGNI, Giovanni BattistaPhysician, anatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Graafian follicleFolliculi ovarici vesiculosiVesicular ovarian follicles GRAAF, Reinier deFolliculi vesiculosi ovarii, Folliculi oophori vesiculosi, Folliculi Graafi, Graaf-Follikel, Reijnerus de GraeffPhysician and anatomistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
Scarpa's ganglionGanglion vestibulareVestibular ganglionSCARPA, AntonioGanglion of Scarpa, Ganglion vestibuliAnatomistItalian, Italy, italiano
Reissner's membraneMembrana vestibularisVestibular membrane of the cochleaREISSNER, ErnstVestibular wall of cochlear duct, vestibular surface of cochlear duct, membrane reissneri, Reissner-MembranAnatomistLatvia, Latvian
Huschke's cartilageCartilago vomeronasalisVomeronasal cartilageHUSCHKE, EmilHuschke's cartilage, Jacobson's cartilage, Cartilago Jacobsoni, Huschke-KnorpelAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Jacobson's cartilageCartilago vomeronasalisVomeronasal cartilageJACOBSON, Ludwig LevinHuschke's cartilage, Jacobson's cartilage, Cartilago JacobsoniAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Jacobson's cartilageCartilago vomeronasalis Vomeronasal cartilage JACOBSON, Ludwig LevinHuschke's cartilage, Cartilago Jacobsoni, Jacobson-AnastomoseAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Jacobson's organOrganum vomeronasaleVomeronasal organJACOBSON, Ludwig LevinOrganon vomeronasale, Organon Jacobsoni, Jacobson's organ , Jacobson-OrganAnatomistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Ruysch veinsVenae vorticosaeVorticose veinsRUYSCH, FrederikVenae chorioideae majores, venae chorioideae oculiAnatomist, botanistDutch, Holland, Netherlands, Nederlands
substance of ArnoldSubstantia reticularis albaWhite reticular substanceARNOLD, FriedrichPetrosal foramenAnatomistGerman, Germany, Deutsche, Deutschland
Hannover's canalSpatia zonularia (lentis)Zonular spacesHANNOVER, AdolphLentis, Spatium apparatus suspensorii lentis, Hannover’s canal, Hannover’s spaces, Petit’s canal, Petit’s spacesPathologist, HistologistDanish, Denmark, Dansk
Canal of PetitSpatia zonularia (lentis)Zonular spacesPETIT, Francois Pourfour duLentis, Spatium apparatus suspensorii lentis, Hannover’s canal, Hannover’s spaces, Petit’s canal, Petit’s spaces, Petit-KanalOphthalmic surgeon, anatomistFrance, French, français



the names behind the name

MBBS (UWA) CCPU (RCE, Biliary, DVT, E-FAST, AAA) Adult/Paediatric Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainee in Melbourne, Australia. Special interests in diagnostic and procedural ultrasound, medical education, and ECG interpretation. Editor-in-chief of the LITFL ECG Library. Twitter: @rob_buttner

UK trained doctor currently working in Emergency Medicine in Perth, Western Australia.

BA MA (Oxon) MBChB (Edin) FACEM FFSEM. Emergency physician, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.  Passion for rugby; medical history; medical education; and asynchronous learning #FOAMed evangelist. Co-founder and CTO of Life in the Fast lane | Eponyms | Books | Twitter |


    • Thank you Mark, we appreciate your contribution.
      A balanced review of the issues surrounding the gradual reduction in the use of eponyms in anatomical terms, as we trend towards global consensus, requires much thought and deliberation.
      Your erudite contribution is greatly valued.

  1. Nope. I don’t support the idea of “de-eponymising” anatomical parts.
    Why can’t medical/anatomy students learn both the eponymous and English names, as they have done for Centuries? Eponyms teach a bit of history, and even make the subject of anatomy more interesting. Who can forget the “critical Artery of Adamkiewicz”? Or “the accessory duct of Santorini”? Even after leaving medical school for almost three decades, I still remember those names with fond memories of those struggling days.

    These early anatomists earned the honor; we should not deny them. I bet if they were Americans, we are less likely to call for “de-eponymisation”. We still use “Watson and Crick” to describe the DNA structure, and we love it.

    And, no, using eponymous names does not perpetuate colonization. We were never colonized by Germany, France or Italy.

    And, please let’s not even mention misogyny. Some of the greatest scientists of all time were women. The list is too long to include, but here is a link to a few:

    America is full of eponyms. Many federal buildings in America are named after someone. Many airports, and even many laws (e.g. Lilly Ledbetter law, etc) are named after people, and we like it that way.

    It is a mistake to rob medical students a sense of history because of political correctness.

  2. You mean the Watson and Crick whose DNA work was largely based of that of Rosalind Franklin who didn’t receive the Nobel prize with them (or it seems the recognition) only because she died of ovarian cancer 4 years prior? You claim to enjoy the history but don’t even know it properly.

    And I wouldn’t be holding up America as the gold standard here. Eponymous names can be problematic at best of times.

  3. Great work folks. Very interesting to learn about the history of surgery, anatomy, medicine etc. but eponyms just cause confusion, not to mention issues around structural racism, misogyny, colonialism…

  4. De-eponymisation of anatomical terminology will just be the first step in de-eponymisation of medicine in its entirety. One of the editors of the “Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine” (my boss at the time) once told me that they opposed medical eponyms and wanted to phase them out. I then prepared an “A to Z of Orthopaedic Eponyms” PowerPoint for the trainees (from Achilles to Zimmer) as a way of thumbing my nose at this preposterous suggestion. It was well received by the Registrars, and provided them with a bit of a history lesson too. Where would we be without the Valsalva manoeuvre or the Doppler effect? And how will the medical students recall the path of the lingual nerve if it wasn’t for Thomas Wharton and his duct? Henry Gray will be turning in his pox-ridden grave.

  5. Great work! Anatomists are banding together to uphold the Terminologia Anatomica. Want to learn about who got to claim it first? Go do a history course. In anatomy, we’ll teach you the correct anatomical term which is descriptive to help your learning.

  6. No matter how much you try, i will keep using eponyms and teach them to my students. Stop whining about misoginy and other ridiculous complains and accept the fact that eponyms are great, more practical and they also uphold the memory of the great men of science. I am really sorry that you lost time doing this useless list.

  7. I would like to rename Müllerian glands that occur in Müllerian ducts in some male ranid frogs. It is confusing when labeling the glands and the ducts at the same time; one has to state Müllerian glands within the Müllerian ducts. I think it would be fitting to assign an eponymous name here for these simple tubular glands. I know a living person that I could name these glands after giving her extensive work on these ducts in male caecilians.

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