Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals

Just finished reading Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals by Ray Moynihan an award-winning health journalist and international author, documentary-maker and academic researcher.

Ray teams up with drug assessment specialist Barbara Mintzes to investigate the creation of female sexual dysfunction or FSD, and the marketing machine that promises to “cure” it. Against a backdrop of virtual intercourse, online porn, and burgeoning Viagra sales, Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals reveals how women’s sexual difficulties are being repackaged as symptoms of a new disorder, and the medicalization of ordinary life.

The marketing for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) has already begun in earnest in the USA, with company-linked researchers claiming ‘women’s sexuality is now understood to be “more about the brain” than anything else’. It now appears that female sexual dysfunction (FSD) has arrived in Australia and is set to affect up to 43% of Aussie females

Ray Moynihan is on Twitter and is well worth a follow as we watch the juxtaposition and complex interplay of Big Pharma, medical marketing, the medical profession and the general public unfolds and we investigate how drug companies are bankrolling the next big condition for women

A provocative exposé of the lucrative industry being built around a newly constructed condition

…with its insightful discussion of bedroom intimacy and the impact of ageing on sexual function of both men and women….it will almost certainly become a discussion text for many book clubs across the Western world…essential reading for husbands, and recommended reading for general practitioners, psychiatrists and psychologists… The Spectator

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