SMACC 2019 Opening Ceremony

The SMACC 2019 Opening Ceremony

The SMACC Opening Ceremony is an integral part of the conference welcoming delegates to an educational experience unlike any other. Inspiration for SMACC Sydney included the inverted triangle: the alchemical symbol for water which is steeped in history and meaning to represent the City of Sydney and a celebration of diversity and resilience.

Retrofuturism influences the design and theming of SMACC Sydney by playing on different aspects of 80’s and 90’s popular culture. Using music as a storytelling medium the show presents a mesmerising and unique soundscape combining elements of classical, electronic and popular music deftly created by Composer and Music Director Jake Meadows.

This year’s opening ceremony echoes the program through four stems and performances each illustrating the unique and essential role we play as critical care professionals: Learning and Culture, People and Planet, Bedside Critical Care and Science and Innovation. The show opens with a spoken word performance by Nardi Simpson, Yuwaalaraay songwriter, storyteller and performer telling an electrifying story of the land and the importance of Country to Indigenous culture. This is then followed by a vocal ensemble performing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, a cheeky throwback to an iconic piece of music and an homage to the importance of humour and levity in our line of work.

A change of scene brings a dramatic dance performance performed by ICU Registrar Khairil Musa and his dance partner Sarah King reflecting on the tragic final moments leading to a cardiac arrest. The finale blends classic 80’s pop with the iconic sound of the synthesiser with a toe tapping performance of Van Halen’s Jump led by vocalist Maya Weiss as an uplifting tribute to creativity and innovation. Performed in the Sydney International Convention Centre Theatre to over 3000 delegates we present to you our best and most memorable opening ceremony yet.

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