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Rudolf Adriaan Mees (1873-1964) 340

Rudolf Adriaan Mees

Rudolf Adriaan Mees (1873-1964) was a Dutch psychiatrist and physician. Described Mees lines in acute arsenic poisoning (1919)
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Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic is often used as a rat poison; it causes glove and stocking paraesthesia, scaly skin and garlic breath. I thought it was fun drawing a sexy rat with garlic breath...

Little Willie the Poisoner

The ‘Little Willy‘ is a genre of short poems with an obscure origin but almost certainly inspired by, or inspired, the ‘Ruthless Rhymes‘ of ‘Harry’ Graham.

Arsenic toxicity

Firstly, lets dispel a myth, organic arsenoids found in seafood are non-toxic. Other pathways to toxicity include the chronic exposure usually following the ingestion of artesian water. Subacute from industrial accidents, food contamination or arsenic-containing herbal medicines.
Karl Adolph von Basedow (1799 – 1854) 1

Karl Adolph von Basedow

Karl Adolph von Basedow (1799 – 1854) was a German general practitioner, surgeon and obstetrician. Described Basedow (Graves) disease 1840