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Ejner Sylvest

Ejner Oluf Sørensen Sylvest (1880-1972) was a Danish physician responsible for recording the 1930 viral (coxsackie B) epidemic - Bornholm disease

Will Pickles

Biography Born on March 6, 1885 in Camp Road, Leeds 1914-1918 Surgeon-lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve during WWI 1942 – Milroy lecturer at the Royal College of Physicians of London 1946 – Stewart prize of the British Medical Association, shared with…

William Dabney

Biography Born on July 4, 1849 in Albermarle County, Virginia 1868 – Graduated in medicine at the University of Virginia 1869 – Residency ion Baltimore 1870 – General practice in Roanoke, Virginia 1873 – Dissertation on “The value of chemistry…