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ECG Case 106

70 y/o male from Case 105 underwent DC cardioversion and this is his post cardioversion ECG. Describe and interpret this ECG. LITFL Top 100 ECG
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Risky Rhythyms

This ECG Exigency serves up 5 different risky rhythm strips. Each tells a story. Can you work out what is happening before its too late?
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Cardioversion in ICU

Cardioversion in ICU: cardioversion is the delivery of electrical energy that is synchronised with the QRS complex in an attempt to revert an abnormal rhythm
American ER doc walkabout Rick Abbott LITFL 340


LITFL's 'American ER Doc Gone Walkabout' Rick Abbott tells us about his personal adventures with 'hands on' defibrillation and cardioversion... Are you ready for CPR with no interruptions?