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Nathan Weiss

Nathan Weiss (1851 - 1883) was a Czech born, Austrian trained physician and neurologist.
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Chvostek sign

Chvostek sign is contraction of facial muscles provoked by lightly tapping over the facial nerve anterior to the ear as it crosses the zygomatic arch.
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František Chvostek

Biography Born 21 May 1835 Frýdek-Místek, Moravia (Czech Republic) Died 16 November 1884 Medical Eponyms Chvostek sign (1876) Key Medical Attributions Controversies Father of Franz Chvostek Jr (1864-1944), known for Chvostek symptom Major Publications Chvostek F. Beitrag zur Tetanie. Wiener…

Franz Chvostek Jr

Biography Born 3 October 1864 Professor of Internal Medicine in Vienna Honorary member of the Viennese Medical Society Died 17 April 1944 Medical Eponyms Key Medical Attributions Controversies Major Publications References