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Pediatric CXR Cases 001

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Radiology Topics, monthly educational, self-guided slides were first published on EMGuideWire.com and peer reviewed by Professor Gibbs and Sean Fox, MD
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ABC of CXR Interpretation

Additional reading from Normal CXRs; Eric Strong Interpretation series; the DRABCDE approach; CXR for the OSCE and of course the Top 150 CXR to try your luck!
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DRSABCDE of CXR Interpretation

Chest X-Rays (CXR) are routine investigation in clinical practice and consequently it is important for medical students and clinician’s alike to know how to interpret them. There are many approaches to CXR interpretation, each trying to ensure that key abnormalities are identified and no area is overlooked.
TOP 150 CXR QUIZ 340

CXR Case 150

A 69 yo lady presents with a fall, productive cough, fever and dyspnoea. LITFL Top 150 CXR