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TOP 150 CXR QUIZ 340
Top 100 CXR
LITFL 100 (150) CXR quiz Clinical cases and self assessment to enhance interpretation skills through various Chest X-Ray problems. Ideal preparation for examinations. Refresh basics with: Labelled Normal Chest X-rays; DRABCDE of CXR; CXR for the OSCE; Monthly CMC Radiology…
Pre-Hospital Immediate Care in Sport course
The Pre-Hospital Immediate Care in Sport (PHICIS) course has been running for 15 years and has now been delivered in 42 different countries. The course incorporates online reading, practical workshops and heaps of simulation training. It has been adopted by…
Pulmonary Puzzler 340
Pulmonary Embolus pondering
A 52 year old bricklayer is transferred from another hospital with an acute episode of dizziness, palpitations and tachycardia. 2 days prior, he had bilateral total knee replacements for osteoarthritis.
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DRSABCDE of CXR Interpretation
Chest X-Rays (CXR) are routine investigation in clinical practice and consequently it is important for medical students and clinician’s alike to know how to interpret them. There are many approaches to CXR interpretation, each trying to ensure that key abnormalities are identified and no area is overlooked.
TOP 150 CXR QUIZ 340
CXR Case 150
A 69 yo lady presents with a fall, productive cough, fever and dyspnoea. LITFL Top 150 CXR
TOP 150 CXR QUIZ 340
CXR Case 148
A 32 year old male presents from respiratory clinic with worsening productive cough.