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Cyanide Poisoning

Cyanide poisoning - complete with lamb wearing silk stockings sitting in a cheap polyurethane chair atop a pile of burning tires...

Cyanide toxicity

Cyanide toxicity is usually reserved for the spy movies whereby the villain will bite down on a capsule of cyanide and instantly froth at the mouth and die. Throughout history there have also been some popular examples including the mass…


Dicobalt edetate

Dicobalt edetate was developed as a cyanide antidote based on the known ability of cobalt to form stable complexes with cyanide.
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Smoking is deadly

A 37 year-old man is BIBA to the emergency department following a fire at his apartment. He has a fluctuating level of consciousness (currently GCS 11) and is hypotensive (BP 85/50). He has no evidence of airway compromise, burns or other significant injury.