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Arnie DL vs VL 340

DL: Dark Fate

Who has won the seven year bet on video laryngoscopy versus the old Mac? Let's find out - with a little help from The Terminator.
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Miller laryngoscope

The Miller laryngoscope is a straight blade designed to obtain a view of the vocal cords by directly lifting the epiglottis. It has useful application in ‘floppy’ airways making it popular within paediatric anaesthesia
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Direct versus Video Laryngoscopy

the advent of video laryngoscopy has led to some experts stating that it should be considered 'standard of care' (a loaded term) or at least best practice, this had led to vigorous and sometimes heated debate, especially in the emergency medicine community
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Direct Laryngoscopy

Direct laryngoscopy is the use of the laryngoscope to visualise the vocal cords (larynx) under direct vision, usually to facilitate endotracheal intubation.

If the lights go out…

If the light on the laryngoscope fails, clean contact between blade and handle, check bulb is screwed in place securely. If this fails, use a spoon