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The True Angina

A 44 year-old man presents to the ED 2 days after having an infected left mandibular second molar tooth extracted by his dentist.

Just a sore throat

aka ENT Equivocation 002 A 38 year old male with a background history of type 2 diabetes presents with fevers, rigors and pain on swallowing. There is no sign of impending airway compromise; however, marked trismus is noted. The following…


The Hurty Throat

It's your first day on the job in the ED and first up is a 23 year-old male with a 2 day history of a sore throat. He's had difficulty swallowing and finds it painful to eat and drink.

A Case of Epistaxis

A 34 female presents to ED at 2am, post waking up with blood all over her pillow, and a continuous ooze of blood from her right nostril.