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Palpable Excitement

A 76 year-old man presents with a florid spreading violaceous rash over most of his body - Palpable Purpura - What is your differential diagnosis?
Eduard Glanzmann (1887-1959) 340

Eduard Glanzmann

Biography Born 12 April 1887, Luzern 1909-1912 Studied medicine in Zürich, Berlin, and Berne 1914 – MD, Berne 1915 – Postgraduate studies at the paediatric clinic in the Charité, Berlin 1929 – Privatdozent in paediatrics, Berne 1932 – Professor and Director…

Eduard-Heinrich-Henoch-1820-1910 340

Eduard Heinrich Henoch

Eduard Heinrich Henoch (1820 – 1910) was a German Paediatrician. Student of Johann Lukas Schönlein, he extended the clinical features of childhood purpura and is eponymously affiliated with Henoch-Schönlein Purpura
Paediatric Perplexity 340 256

Horrible Spots and Pain

A 4 year-old boy is brought to the emergency department by his parents with a history of increasing numbers of red spots on his legs over the past 6 days.