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Ethylene glycol inebriation

A 5 year-old boy is 'off his face' after drinking what looked like a nice bottle of cordial. It was actually radiator coolant. You are called for advice.
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Metabolic Acidosis Evaluation

A metabolic acidosis is a process which, if uncorrected, would lead to an acidaemia. It is usually associated with a low bicarbonate concentration (or total CO2), but an acidosis may be masked by a co-existing metabolic alkalosis.
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Hypernatraemia and Acidosis

A 20 year old male presents with 3 days of lethargy and generalised malaise. He is confused and looks very unwell. Can sort out this metabolic muddle?
Metabolic-Muddle-LITFL-Clinical-340 256

Staph Sepsis Acidosis

You are asked to review a 73 year old lady who is in hospital for treatment of septic arthritis affecting a prosthetic right hip joint inserted 5 years earlier.