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John (Jack) Handyside Barnes (1922-1985)

Jack Barnes

John (Jack) Handyside Barnes (1922-1985) was an Australian medical practitioner and toxinologist. 1964 the first specimens of the small stinger Carukia barnesi (Irukandji)

Irukandji Jellyfish

Irukandji Syndrome - originally a mystery was solved by some self experimentation of Dr Jack Barnes, his nine-year old son and local surf lifesaver. He proved that the thumbnail sized carybdeid (or four tentacled box jellyfish) could cause Irukandji syndrome but placing it on all three of them.
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Irukandji Syndrome Territory-style

You are working as a locum doctor in the Northern Territory. Your patient is a 32 year-old Indonesian man who says he was stung while hauling in a net on an offshore fishing vessel.
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Stung Inside A Stinger Net

It's Christmas, and you're called by a doctor who has recently arrived in Australia from the UK. He is in North Queensland looking after a 23 year-old female swimmer who doesn't look at all well...

RAGE Session Four

RAGE Session 4: Getting the right side right, humans in the resus, Jack Barnes, Irukandji Syndrome, & Guy Martin's 'Words of Wisdom'