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Oncological Quandary 340

Cannon Balls

A 26 year-old male, with no previous history of seizures, was BIBA with status epilepticus. He was intubated to facilitate seizure management
Oncological Quandary 340

Pulmonary Re-expansion

A 45 year old woman with metastatic ovarian cancer is admitted for VATS pleurodesis and drainage of bilateral pleural effusions.
Oncological Quandary 340

Troubling Lab Strife

aka Oncological Quandary 002 A 30 year-old woman presents with abdominal pain and paraesthesiae. She was diagnosed with CML 2 months previously, and was treated with chemotherapy a month prior to presentation. These are her lab results: Questions Q1. Describe…

Oncological Quandary 340

From the Hip

Consider a 16 year old who presents with a 3 week history of severe hip pain followed by increasing breathlessness and left sided chest pain. His admission chest X-ray is shown below: