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Snakebite Envenoming Challenge

How this works: For each of the six types of venomous Australian snake see if you can describe the classic findings for each of the possibly clinical effects listed below – click on the link to show/hide the answer.
Toxicology-Conundrum-340 256

Snakebite versus Stickbite

aka Toxicology Conundrum 005 A 20 year-old male was walking in rural New South Wales (Australia!) when he noticed a brown-coloured snake. He was startled and stepped backwards onto a tree branch which snapped under his weight. He then saw…

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Everything you know about snakebites is wrong.

Well, maybe. The 6 T's though? Testosterone, Tank, Teasing, Tequila, Tattooed, and Tanktop? Yeah, they're not correct. The terms "legitimate" and "illegitimate" as pertaining to snakebites imply a perception of the patient that may cloud your judgement in treating.
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Copperheads don’t cause coagulopathy

Copperheads are common across the southeastern US, and are responsible for a significant number of crotalid envenomations in areas where they are endemic. However, they have the least potent venom of all the pit vipers, and often bites are self-limiting.…

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Denim as snake bite protection?

Denim pants, worn since 1873 by workers, and since the 50s by everyone else, have had a reduction in their use as outdoor clothing due to the emergence of performance hiking apparal. What if it turns out denim protects you from envenomation?

Sophistry and VICC

What is sophistry? This term has evolved much over the years. According to the Collins Dictionary:n Interestingly, in ancient Greece, indeed, pre-Socrates, a Sophist was a teacher using philosophical methods to teach virtue. They were extremely persuasive in argument.  As…