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Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 092

A 38 year old patient with diabetes and end-stage renal failure presents with arm pain and sepsis. You are asked whether there is a drainable collection.
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 086

A 75 year old man with a history of fibrosing alveolitis, on home oxygen presented with chest and neck pain, a strange and altered voice and itchy sensation in his throat, and swelling of his neck. It had gradually worsened over 10 days prior to presentation
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Subcutaneous emphysema Case 1

An elderly patient with a history of mild COPD presents after falling onto a chair and hitting their chest. The presentation is with chest pain and shortness of breath. What does this scan demonstrate?
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 066

A 47 year old man falls 4m onto a wall, hitting his left chest wall. He is complaining of chest pain and you wonder whether there is a pneumothorax. Describe and interpret these scans
Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Ballooning Up

A 36 year-old immunosuppressed male was infected with swine-origin influenza virus requiring mechanical ventilation. Overnight the inspiratory pressures needed to maintain his tidal volume had progressively increased and his face had become markedly swollen.

bubble of trouble…

the case. 76 year old male presents to your Emergency Department via ambulance with right hip pain and a fever of 38.1*C.

a swollen face…

The Case. A 36 year old male presents through your sub-acute area with increasing facial pain & swelling. He reports a simple trip and fall 18 hours earlier (no alcohol on board, recalls all events), where his right cheek struck…