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Léon Clément Le Fort (1829 – 1893) 680 3

Léon Clément Le Fort

Léon Clément Le Fort (1829 – 1893) was a French surgeon. Eponym: Wagstaffe-Le Fort fracture (1886); Le Fort Operation for uterine prolapse; Le Fort amputation; Le Fort Male Catheter; and Le Fort sound. Godfather of FOAM 'Liberté de l'enseignement'
William Warwick Wagstaffe (Sr) (1843-1910) 340

William Warwick Wagstaffe

William Warwick Wagstaffe (Sr) (1843-1910) was an English General surgeon and anatomist. Eponym: Wagstaffe-Le Fort Fracture (ankle fracture)
Wagstaffe-Le Fort Fracture 340

Wagstaffe-Le Fort Fracture

Wagstaffe-Le Fort Fracture: avulsion fracture of the medial aspect of the distal fibula due to avulsion of the anterior tibiofibular ligament attachment