Tag Weil disease
eponym LITFL 340

Adolf Weil

Adolf Weil (1848-1916) was a German physician. Eponymous affiliation with Weil disease (1886); discovery of an alpha-amino acid known as norleucine 1913
Louis Théophile Joseph Landouzy (1845 - 1917) 340

Louis Landouzy

Louis Théophile Joseph Landouzy (1845-1917) was a French neurologist.. Landouzy-Dejerine syndrome and Landouzy syndrome
CCC Critical Care compendium 340


Leptospirosis is an infection caused by the spirochaete genus of Leptospira. Severe forms may result in critical illness, including Weil disease and severe pulmonary haemorrhage
Hans Conrad Julius Reiter (1881 – 1969) 340

Hans Reiter

Hans Conrad Julius Reiter (1881-1969) was a German physician and social hygienist. Associated with Reiter Syndrome - known now as Reactive arthritis