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40 year old male attends with acutely painful toe following a weekend DIY incident.

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What is the diagnosis?

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Subungual Haematoma

  • Subungual haematomas occur when there is bleeding beneath the nail. Generally caused traumatically by getting it caught between to hard surfaces.
  • The haematoma becomes trapped between the rigid structures of the nail above and the distal phalanx below.
  • The space occupying mass causes intense pain secondary to increased pressure against the very sensitive nail bed and matrix.

How would you assess this injury?

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Examination should include:

  • Testing extensor and flexor tendons
  • Testing circulation by capillary refill
  • Checking the sensitivity to the area


  • X-rays are generally indicated to rule out crush injury or fracture to the distal phalanx
  • Document the percentage of nail bed covered by the haematoma, surrounding damage to tissues, nail-bed, and nail margins.

What are the potential complications?

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  • Fracture to the distal phalanx
  • Crush injury
  • Nail bed injury
  • Performing trephination on subungual ecchymosis.

If no history of trauma or story doesn’t fit with subungual haematoma consider melanoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and other tumors.

What are the treatment options?

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Wait and See:

Patients who are not experiencing significant pain at rest, should not have trephination performed, and can be treated with simple analgesia, rest, ice, and a protective splint.


Trephination gives good cosmetic and functional result in both adults and children as long as no other fingertip injury is present.

Trephination makes a closed wound open, and introduces the risk of bacteria entering causing infection, once procedure completed and haematoma evacuated no need to further soak digit, and a protective dressing should be applied for 7-10 to prevent infection.

LITFL: Subungual haematoma trephination. Procedure


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