The Triage Game

One for all the ED Nurses out there:

The triage game is really tough
You tell us your story and woeful stuff
We listen an take in your ridiculous guff
Youll get category 5 which is really rough.
There’s a chest pain inside whose ahead of you,
The triage nurse gave him category two,
Then at category three, with blood in his poo,
So what do you expect us to do for you?
The old lady there has had a bad smash,
The footballers head, well it’s got a big gash,
Out of your mouth there is nothing but trash,
Your a category 5, mate! Its a 7 week rash.
So you grizzle and swear at your very long wait,
While we fight to save lives and ward off their fate,
With a smile and a shot that will make them feel great,
While you sit in the wait room with your dumb looking mate.
Don’t come whinging and whining that you waited too long,
With a rant and a rave and dance and a song,
Because you’re a category 5 and that’s where you belong
Cos your attitude stinks and you’ve got nothing wrong.

Source: ECT4Health

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