Time is but a quotient

Individuals place varying degrees of pressure on themselves and the laws of physics, light and rational thought…

I was recently involved in an email conversation with one of my LITFL colleagues regarding the intended completion time for a work of medical literature.

Torferson: Hey Kadogjen, when is the new On Call published? I want to advertise it on the ABC GP Course

Kadogjen: When I finish writing it PLUS 6 months

I thought it would be prudent to attempt to mathematically quantify the above statement and calculate the time taken (in ℥ units) for Kadogjen to finish on Call…

Normal man hours (hr)

Publishing time = 6 months = 26.08 weeks = 182.6 days = (assuming an 8 hour day) = 1460.8 hr

Kadogjen hours

When ‘I’ finish it = 9 Kadogjen hours (universally acknowledged as the symbol ℥)

— Since 1℥ = 723 hr x ∏ = 2270.22 hr

— Therefore time (in ℥) to finish On Call =  9℥ + 0.64℥  = 9.64℥

As Kadogjen will be doing all of the work, therefore time to completion is yesterday, as determined by 12℥ out of the Cadogan day, represented by the symbol (∞).

Additional information required to quantify LITFL working time:

1hr = 356 ƛ (Tor hours), ƛ per day = 0.

Euler in 1764 discovered that ℓ^i∏ +1 = ƛ, and therefore closely related to the imaginary numbers. In an illustration (see attached) of this powerful formula it is clear to visualize that the greater the ƛ, the more one goes around in circles.

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