Top 10 ways to WIN at MedTwitter

winning at MedTwitter

Ever wondered where to start on Twitter? How to become an ‘expert‘ at MedTwitter? Josh Mugele lends a helping hand with the Mugele MedTwitter Top 10 rules of engagement

Mugele rules of engagement

  1. Badmouth hospital administration
  2. Say how much you love nurses
  3. Talk about what a shitty day you’re having
  4. Weight in on political/public health hot topics like gun violence or kids in cages
  5. Use your powers of science to refute antivaxers and other quacks
  6. Promote women in medicine
  7. Badmouth EMRs
  8. Jokingly badmouth other specialties
  9. Talk about depression and suicide among providers
  10. Post actual medical teaching points

Note: Winning = doing the best Twitter; You know, the one who wins the prize at the end

Mugele Rules

I am sure there are more rules to be added and the list will grow…

  • Use gifs & pop culture references liberally! (@mmteacherdoc)
  • Post pics you took with your phone from each slide of someone’s PowerPoint lecture. Bonus points if they’re crooked, blurry, and too dark to read. (@mahoneyr)
  • Be @DGlaucomflecken (@DanielleP_MD)

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