Toxicology Antidote Hyperbaric Oxygen

In this flashcard I drew my friend and colleague Dr Jawad Kassem, a Board Certified Hyperbaric Medicine doctor.

Hyperbaric Oxygen has a role for the treatment of carbon monoxide (CO) Poisoning and may have some potential benefit in the treatment of cyanide and hydrogen sulfide poisoning.

As a child I learned that hyperbaric oxygen is the treatment of “the bends” and “the chokes” as taught to me on ‘Raise the Flagg’ – Season 2 Episode 20 of the GI Joe Cartoon Series. In this episode members of the GI Joe team and the Dreadnaughts attempted to salvage an anti-matter pod from a sunken USS Flagg. However, their ascent was too quick and everyone experienced decompression sickness and required treatment in hyperbaric oxygen chambers. [Ascent begins around 17:30 and they are at sea level at 18:30 and show signs of the bends at 19:05 treatment initiated at 20:30]

I also turned to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure for inspiration on how I wanted myself and Travis to appear while trapped in the hyperbaric chamber…

Incidentally, I also learned in “The Germ” Season 1 of GI Joe – that apple seeds contain a small amount of poison (cyanide in the form of amygdalin). Cobra invented a super bacteria that morphed into a giant blob that GI Joe killed by diverting it to an apple orchard and bombing it with apples…

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Emergency medicine physician and assistant professor at the SUNY Upstate Medical University and the VA Medical Center in Syracuse, New York | Tox Flashcards | @EM_Pearls |

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