Albert Mason Stevens

Albert Mason Stevens

Albert Mason Stevens (1884 – 1945) was an American surgeon.

Born in Burma in 1884, he was a Rhodes Scholar 1905, surgeon in the trenches in France during WWI and a paediatrician clinician.

Along with Frank Chambliss Johnson (1894 – 1934), is eponymously affiliated with Stevens-Johnson syndrome

  • Born 1884 in Rangoon, India: The son of a Christian missionary
  • 1894 – Moved to the USA
  • 1905 – Bachelor of Arts Degree, Yale University
  • 1908 – Rhodes Scholarship, Balliol College Oxford University
  • 1915 – MD from College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University
  • During World War I served as an assistant surgeon, where he was captured by the Germans and repatriated to the US when the war was over
  • Worked at Bellevue Hospital, New York City
  • 1922 – First documented cases of ‘A new eruptive fever in children associated with stomatitis and opthalmia’ alongside colleague Frank Johnson
  • 1934 – Retired to grow tropical fruit in Hawaii
  • Died August 6, 1945

Medical Eponyms
Stevens-Johnson syndrome (1922)

Generalized eruption, continued fever, inflamed buccal mucosa, and purulent conjunctivitis.

Major Publications

  • Albert Mason Stevens is most commonly recorded as a pediatrician – however, he was a surgeon
  • For his first year of medical school Stevens turned down a scholarship of $125 a year ($4000 US today), asking that it was presented to another student more in need of the money.


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